Why Hearing Aids Cost So Much
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Why Hearing Aids Cost So Much

Published On: July 15, 2019

Why Hearing Aids Cost So Much

Depending on what you need, hearing aids can be a significant purchase.  While you may be able to cover them via healthcare or insurance, the prices expected for aids has inflated over the years.  As a result, many people are very careful about the choices they make!

But why are people expected to pay upwards of $1500 per hearing aid?  With prices escalating upwards to $4000 on average and sometimes beyond, why are households expected to spend so much to remedy their hearing loss?  In this article, we will explore the main contributing factors.

Why Hearing Aids Are Expensive

There are a few reasons why some types of amplification devices may have increased in price over the past decade.

  • Behind the Ear hearing aids or BTEs, have notably increased in price. That is because they are among the most capable of devices.  In some cases, BTE prices have more than doubled in the past few years!
  • The advance of technology used in digital hearing aids is mostly behind price increases.
  • Some may feel that modern hearing aids possess too many features! Additional technology such as Bluetooth and smart connectivity comes at a price.  Many hearing aids arrive with this capability built-in.
  • Hearing aid technology is now primarily built around customer Hearing aids molded to your ears will cost more in research and development to produce.
  • Research and development, on the whole, costs a lot of money! While analog hearing aids may only have cost a few hundred dollars at most, modern hearing devices can cost thousands as a result of technology evolving.
  • Around $500 million is thought to be invested year on year in terms of research and development in hearing aids. That’s across major brands.

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Why Are Hearing Aids Good Value

Despite the relatively high price of hearing aids nowadays, they still provide incredible value.

  • The cost of hearing aids may head into the thousands depending upon fit and model. However, most people will find that the units will pay for themselves in years to come.
  • Modern hearing aids are built to last. A general life expectancy of up to seven years per model can mean that, with hearing aids worth $3500, you are paying $500 per year.  That equates to just over $40 per month.
  • What’s more, reliable, functional hearing aids can make a world of difference for working people. Some people unable to earn regularly can find new opportunities for increased income with enhanced hearing.
  • You may even be able to save money up front with certain It is always worth consulting with your audiologist regarding costs, as certain coverage, repeat visits and consultations may also be included with the price of your aids.
  • All things considered, this extends the value of hearing aids even further.

Help Available

Don’t worry about the cost of hearing aids. Let our team at Best Hearing Aid help you find the perfect fit for your budget.  Call (800) 376-6001 today to learn more.

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