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Published On: July 15, 2019


The Liberty Hearing Aid Company is a well-known brand of electronic devices, which assist in hearing, and has gained a lot success in the recent years. It has now seen so many successes over the past years that it ranks among the leading brands of Hearing instruments.

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The hearing products offered by the Company in discussion are one of their kind and are the best-known products so far.


The famous company that has a worldwide network of manufacturing the best hearing aids for quite a number of companies all over the world is none other than General Hearing Instrument’s incorporation, which has its headquarters in New Orleans within the premises of Los Angeles.

The Company provides quite a number of products, which are designed and manufactured according to the wills, demands and needs of the customers, as well as the recommendations of the Audiologists. The Company is quite well recognized and trustworthy.

The hearing products for Liberty are also built up at the Bristols, Pennsylvania.


The major suppliers of the Hearing Aids of the Liberty Company are the Sam’s Club. They are the world famous suppliers whose products are considered unique. They are well known, as they sell their hearing aids online too and also offer a great variety to choose from.


The Sam’s Club provides a number of facilities for its customers who happen to visit it occasionally or on regular basis. Some of them are mentioned below:


The Sam’s Electronic store offers a large variety of Hearing Aids, which can be tested in order to the suitability according to one’s own needs. They are in fact the largest distributors of this hearing equipment.


The Sam’s Club offers the online sale and distribution of the hearing aids of Liberty Company at quite affordable prices. They may be available at a price as low as $700 and are comparatively very cheap.


One of the salient features of Sam’s Club is that they offer a free checkup for testing that what type of hearing disorder the patient is facing and how can it be effectively cured. Whether it is mild, medium or severe, it can be tested free of cost. Apart from that, they also offers the free testing of different instruments, in order to determine the suitability of the product with the customer according to his hearing loss and shape of the ear.


Different kind of hearing instruments are available at the Sam’s Club, which are the famous products of the Liberty Company and are available exclusively. They not only offer the hearing instruments of Liberty but some of the instruments of some other companies, which are at par with Liberty. Therefore, it is the most trusted supplier of the hearing instruments.


The Liberty Company is well reputed and promising as, it has always chosen the best hearing instruments and has played a leading role in deciding what might be the best option for the people suffering from hearing losses.

Following are the two latest products that have recently been launched by the company by a number of innovations just according to the choice of the customers and are supervised and passed by the expert Audiologists. Their details are given as follows:

  1. ENGAGE 32:

This is comparatively an older model but it has excellent features. It costs about $999 and is highly adaptive and easy to fix and use. It removes all kind of noise and help the users to fit in their respective environment by listening to the sounds at normal level. The Sam Club also provides 1-year warranty for it and some additional warranty on paying some nominal extra charges as well.

  1. ENGAGE 64:

The advancements in the newer version of the hearing aid in discussion has increased its widespread demand and now people usually prefer it. The Sam’s Club at a fixed price of $1499 is selling it and its salient features include the reduction and overall removal of all sorts of unwanted noises and creation of a serene environment for the users to feel satisfied and enjoy the best experience. The model is portable and easy to set.


Following are some of the advantages given by the Liberty Company via Sam’s club:

  1. In case the customers are not satisfied, 100 percent refund is given to the customers.
  2. The free testing service is quite a beneficial option for the people who want to check the instruments and buy the suitable one.
  3. Prices are quite affordable.
  4. A variety of products are available which are durable and long lasting.
  5. There is a warranty and 90-day trial option for the customers in order to be completely satisfied.
  6. Those who are far away and cannot reach the stores can buy the hearing aids online at affordable prices.


  1. Their hearing aid products are not rechargeable.
  2. They are not compatible with the modern devices like IPhones, Ipods, Android sets and the like.
  3. Some customers also find them quite expensive and feel reluctant to buy them…
  4. They also lack the important accessories like the remote control devices and some sort of streamers, for the television as well.


Although Liberty hearing Aid Brand is one of the most famous and best company for providing a wide collection of hearing Aids but there are some innovations, which need to be done in order to be at par with some other leading companies.

There are many companies, which can give it a tough competition, but with a few things that can easily be sorted out, Liberty can become the world’s bestselling company and would win the race with excellence within a few years. If the customers are satisfied, there will not be any trouble in doing so.

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