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What Are the Costco Hearing Aids?
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What Are the Costco Hearing Aids?

Published On: June 19, 2019

What Are the Costco Hearing Aids?

When we heard the word Costco the first thing that comes to our mind is shopping. Costco is a place where you can find different brands on the market that sold in one area. The price is cheaper than other malls since most of their product was selling for wholesale. A product like electronics, grocery, clothes, shoe and many more. But did you that they even have health materials or tools that are available at Costco to be a specific product like a hearing device.

The hearing device is a product that used to help a person with hearing loss. Its function and features help them communicate better with another person. Having hearing device will not just help them communicate but more to connect especially to their love once. By having one, they can able to hear voice, sound or noise much clearer and louder.

Hearing devices have lots of brands to choose from but Costco hearing aids are only composed of five brands such as Phonak Brio 3 or also known as Phonak, ReSound Forte, Bernafon Zenera 9, Kirkland Signature 8.0 and last but not the least Rexton legato. Let’s see what Costco brands can offer.


Phonak Brio 3 – is a hearing device with new advanced technology that’s created to make hearing easy for those who have hearing impaired. It automatically adjusts to its environment and adapts to a different volume or surrounding noise. It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth or connect to your TV while enjoying watching your favorite movie.

It is the best use from mild to severe type of hearing loss. It so easy to use and comfortable to wear. It comes in three different colors of your choice. Mobile Application is also available in this device so you can monitor you hearing status while enjoying hearing things clearer.

ReSound forte – is one of the top rated hearing device products in the market today, design to make it easy and comfortable to wear anywhere you are.

The sound quality is super clear and loud that it almost feels like a natural. Like Phonak, it also automatically adjusts to a different environment and its sound volume as you walk around. It can also use as headphone if you want to listen to music. It also comes with its own application where you can monitor your device. Since it is wireless you can now move freely without thinking that you have something in your ear. The signal is strong and reliable that you won’t even miss even one noise.

Bernafon Zenera 9 – is a wireless hearing device works via Bluetooth, this hearing product is advance with innovative technology features. It automatically switches its own volume so you don’t have to worry whether you’re in a crowded place or having a one on one conversation with someone.

It comes with its own noise reduction and even enhances the human voice of the user. You will almost feel that you are now free from any miscommunication because of this product. Like other brands, it is also wireless works via Bluetooth that can be converted as earphone that can be connected to your mobile phone while playing music.

Kirkland Signature 8.0 – is a premium hearing device with a large variety of colors to choose from. It’s designed from mild to severe hearing loss. The features of this product are best for everyday use. You can enjoy chatting with your love once without worrying that you might not hear them.

You can even hear your own voice clearer and louder because of it advance technology.  This product can even be set with your very own background music if want. Having this device make the customer life easier.

You can even enhance the sound and volume depends on your surroundings. It is one of the powerful hearing devices to choose from; with its modern look, you can now enjoy life every day while staying connected to your loved ones.

Rexton legato – its main goal is to become your partner in life, provide better hearing for you whether you’re at the office, market or at home with your loved ones.

Like all other devices, it also made automatically adjust to its surroundings and make it clearer to hear. It’s a wireless device that easiest to put in the ear without too much attention land they won’t even notice you are wearing them. It comes with two classes.


The legato iX and legato Li

Legato iX – is more easy to use and super comfortable to wear, this one has no modern variety of color to choose from but instead, it’s a transparent design.

Legato Li – is almost the same as iX model but this one is a rechargeable device.

These brands are not just some brand but they were all leading and strongest brand in hearing industry today, what they offer is not only the best product you can find in the market today but a very effective with high end features that’s all newly advances technology to. Costco made it possible for us to shop for anything we want in a very convenient way.

Having Product like a hearing device is a big help especially for those who have no clue where to go or where to buy this product. Costco made it possible to have not just one product to choose from but five that is well known in the market. The partnership with these brands makes the lives of people suffering from hearing loss easier since they made it more accessible and fast to avail one.


Benefits of Hearing Devices

Having hearing aid for people with hearing problem is really a must; it can help them a lot in any happenings or situation in their life. Like the relationship with their love once, since communication is the key to misunderstanding being able to hear them right and responsibilities proper to the situation can ease any problem and might end up being happy while having a conversation with them.

During work time having hearing aid can help you participate and build your confidence since you can now communicate to them loud and clear. You can even join them in the meeting, parties or event in the office.

You might up being promoted since you can now do your job much better because you can now able to hear thing well.  

Time for yourself since its new advanced technology sometimes you still want to be alone and listen to music while relaxing because of its new function and feature you can now use your hearing device as your earphone while listening to a relaxing music and unwind, you can even connect it through your television to enjoy watching movies, sport, or drama.

One important thing why having the hearing device is a must for people with hearing loss is the features were it even help you improve your speech or voice In that you can practice by every day chatting with someone and you will little by little all your improvements. So having hearing aid whatever brand you choose will help people with hearing disability to live a normal life where you can enjoy and celebrate life.



All the brands under Costco, supply only they’re best and advance model or product in the market. They all have one thing in common it’s their desire to achieve a much better hearing for their customers.

They focus on how to make it more comfortable to wear and easy to use. Their functions are all almost the same since its all under newly advanced technology. The automatic adjustment for the product only show how modern and advance it is nowadays. They are all recommended from mild to severe cases and all can be supervised under mobile application.

They all made it louder and clearer to use for the person with hearing loss. Being wireless made it possible for them to move freely while doing any activity. It’s even flexible and can adapt to different surrounding depends on their situation. These entire brands even set background music to help people with hearing loss to relax while doing something.

What a wonderful and super effective brands to choose from. Their willingness to help people with hearing problem, push them to create a product based on their condition is really amazing. All of the products these brands focus only on one goal to improve the lives of people with hearing impaired.

This disease is no joke since it can affect not just your physical aspect of life but more on their personal behavior, social awareness, relationship with loved once and more their emotional stability. All of these aspects affect them that’s why showing some support to them is really important.

You can try giving them a hearing device as a present. Or simply join to in Costco will looking for one. Having a hearing device for them will surely change their life; it will also help them big to improve their outlook in life.  We shouldn’t let them feel its embracing to have one or look at them like there are different, instead be happy for them as they make an action against their disease.