What Are the Best Digital Hearing Aids?
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What Are the Best Digital Hearing Aids?

Published On: May 22, 2019

What Are the Best Digital Hearing Aids?

A digital hearing aid is a device that receives sound, and then it digitizes that sound before amplification. On the other hand, a typical analog hearing aid makes the sound waves bigger to the amplification sounds.

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Similar to the analog devices, digital hearing aids are also present in a wide variety of prices, shades, and shapes. Each type of digital device has its particular capabilities.

One of the best quality digital hearing aids has the built-in intelligence that enables them to distinguish amid soft and loud sounds along with desirable and unwanted noise. These devices can easily amplify the sounds early whilst neutralize the latter sounds to work better in range of environments.

A digital device can be easily programmed to regulate itself according to the present environment numerous times in every second. The digital technological innovation makes it probable for the technicians to make personalized programs that can deal with every person’s particular hearing problems.

Types of digital hearing aids

The digital hearing aids vary in size, shape, and colors. Due to this reason, you can choose the one that fulfills your needs and suits your style in the best way.

  • Invisible hearing aids – These hearing devices are not visible at all. They easily fit inconspicuously into the ear canal.
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids – These hearing devices are of slim design. They sit perfectly behind the ear.
  • In-ear hearing aids – These are small in size devices, and they can be personalized easily according to one’s needs.
  • CROS hearing aids – These devices are designed to help with hearing loss in only one ear and typical hearing in the other.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids – These devices can stream music as well as make calls wirelessly from your phone.

The invisible hearing devices range includes the latest and advanced digital technology. Due to this reason, they can easily be fitted into the ear canal.

They can work better with the natural acoustics of the individual’s ear to provide him/her the clear and natural sound. The individual can easily control the volume. Speed distinction is incorporated in these hearing aids as well.

The in-ear hearing and behind-the-ear devices are slim in design and are lightweight. They are comfortable to wear and subtle. They incorporate top quality receivers and microphones to offer clear hearing.

They come in a wide range of styles that contain distinct work features. These devices can be individually tailored to an individual’s requirements.

The BICROS and CROS hearing devices are custom-made for the individuals who have a greater hearing loss in one ear as compared to the other one.

These hearing aids are excellent in performance and are finely tuned according to the user needs. Wireless transmitters are present in these devices.

The Bluetooth connectivity in the hearing aids makes them able to connect to the mobile phones as well as audio players.

With the help of telephones, the audio players and headsets used to remove the hearing aids, yet Bluetooth enabled devices to become the user’s headset and provide interference-free connectivity.

Benefits of digital hearing aids

The digital hearing aids usually have a digital signal processor. They come up with similar features of analog hearing aids. Nevertheless, there are some things different in the digital hearings aids like the following:

  • They convert the sound waves into digital signals
  • They generate an accurate duplication of each sound rather than amplifying it directly
  • Computer chips are incorporated in these devices to analyze the sounds
  • They can be programmed with the help of in-noise reduction algorithms
  • These devices are entirely programmable for numerous hearing environments.
  • They are perfectly adjustable and flexible for particular individual’s requirements.

Now, it will be easy for you to know that how much the digital hearing aids are better than the analog ones. No doubt that each has its pros and cons, but digital devices are more efficient and stylish.

What are the best digital hearing aids?

If you are interested in the digital hearing aids than you need to know the top quality digital hearing aids first. After that, it will be easy for you to judge the best one that suits your needs and wants.

Nonetheless, the price, features, and style of each DHA vary from the other one. At the moment, we are going to tell you about the best digital hearing aids that are readily available in the market and online stores. Have a look:

  1. Audicus Dia

It is a digital hearing aid that has a behind-the-ear design. It is quite similar in design to the hi-BTE, yet it increments hearing loss amid 55 to 80 decibels which are considered suitable for a severe hearing loss. This device comes in a range of shades which include silver, tan and black. It fits perfectly at behind-the-ear.

The sound amplifier is quite small in this Audicus Dia. It is available in a range of sizes of earbuds so that people of different ear size can make use of it. The earbud of Audicus Dia connects easily to the amplifier with the help of small cord.

  1. Audicus Uno

It is a digital hearing aid that has a completely-in-canal design. It offers a personalized fit. This hearing aid provides natural sound. It has been specially designed for soft to restrained hearing loss with the range of 0-65 decibels.

This device has an invisible design. It is available in total six diverse-sized domes. Therefore, you can easily get the one that sits perfectly in your ear. It has wax guard features that stop the ear wax from getting into the device and damage it.

  1. HCX Hearing aid

The HCX is that sort of digital hearing device that is small in size and has a tan sound amplifier. It has the behind-the-ear design just like the hi-BTE as well as Pro Ears Pro Hear.

The user can easily use either one amplifier or 2 for the severe hearing loss. The amplifier links to the earbud with the help of clear cord as well as provides a comfortable fit.

  1. Hi-BTE power plus

The hi-BTE power plus is one of the latest digital hearing aids. It has the behind-the-ear model. The power plus device has been designed and planned to become accustomed instinctively to the user’s environment. This is done with the help of digital algorithms.

It is a device that features directional handling and processing to assist localize sound as well as eradicate background noises. Due to this reason, the user can concentrate on his/her conversations without getting disturbed.

  1. Pro Ears Pro Hear IV

Last but not the least, Pro Ears Pro Hear IV is that hearing aid which easily fits behind the ear of the user. This digital hearing aid incorporates an earbud that sits into the ear perfectly. The earbud links to the amplifier with the help of thin clear cord.

This hearing device can go over and behind the ear. It has an amplifier that comes in two shades, i.e., black and tan. The user can easily adjust this hearing aid according to his/her suitability. Every amplifier of Pro Ears Pro Hear IV has only one directional microphone.

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