What Are Hearing Aid Domes?
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What Are Hearing Aid Domes?

Published On: 18th December 2018
Last Updated On: 19th December 2018

What Are Hearing Aid Domes?

Hearing aid domes is a disposable material that is placed in the tip of the hearing aid earpiece or speaker. It is put inside the ear canal and serves as a filter for the sound to create more high quality and block the unnecessary feedbacks and frequency. It even prevents the skin from irritation due to everyday use of the hearing device. It is made from a flexible, soft silicone or plastic material that has a different size to choose from. It looks like a tiny bell shape with a hole in the middle or everywhere. It is made to make the hearing device more comfortable to wear and easy to place in the hearing aid. The hearing dome has 4 different types.


Types of hearing aid domes

Open domes- are advisable for people who suffer from mild to severe hearing loss with a high-frequency problem. The open domes look like a tiny bell with many numbers of holes. The holes help the low-frequency sound pass inside the ear through hearing aid to control or minimize the high-frequency level. It also serves as ventilators to the ear to minimize the background noise as well. It is also ideal for hearing loss that does not use an amplifier.

Closed domes – are also ideal for mild to severe type of hearing problems. It looks the same as the open but with a less number of holes in it. It helps to stop the feedback noise and controls the high-frequency level or stops it completely with the help of the occlusion effect.

Plus domes – are another type of hearing domes that known as the stopper of high frequency. It works more than the open domes when it comes to stopping the high frequency but this type of domes is hard to find and avail. One of the features of this dome is to reduce the amount of unwanted noise or act as a noise reduction. It looks like a small V shape with no holes on it. It looks more appealing than other types of domes but with only one size that fits all. This type of hearing domes is ideal for mild to severe type of hearing loss,

Power domes – are the last type of hearing aid domes this one is ideal for moderate to severe type of hearing loss. This one has the most occlusion effect or blocking all the high frequency, feedbacks and background noise.


Advantages of hearing aid domes

  1. It makes the hearing aid comfortable to wear – since it is made from the soft material we can be sure that it will not cause any discomfort in the ear instead it will make the hearing aid more wearable for every day.
  2. It helps the quality of the sound to improve – it acts as a filter that reduces the background noises to improve the quality of the sound and make it even clearer.
  3. It protects the ear skin from irritation – since it is made in a high-quality material we can be sure that it is hypoallergenic and cause no harm in the skin of the ear.
  4. It helps reduce the unwanted noises or feedback – the domes filter all the feedback with its design and make sure to stop it from entering in the ear canal.
  5. It has an occlusion effect that stops the high frequency – one of the most benefits you can get from it is the occlusion effect it works as a blockage of the frequency to improve the works of the hearing aid better.
  6. It protects the earpiece or speaker of your hearing aid – the tip of the hearing aid becomes secure since it was inserted inside the domes and become protected.
  7. It’s very affordable – you can avail this not more than a $100 dollars and you can now make sure that it works perfectly with its budget-friendly price.

The disadvantage of hearing aid domes

  1. One hearing dome type is hard to find – some are highly available in the market but the plus style domes is the only one that’s hard to find.


List of brands of hearing aid domes

Hearing aid domes is now available in the market or through online most of the brands we can find are also the same brand as the hearing aid devices. Since it’s highly recommended by the audiologist some manufacturers decided to make another product that can help improve the hearing device while protecting it. And most of the products are highly available at online shops like Walmart or Amazon where they made it easier to find and avail.


GN Resound hearing domes are sold for not more than $30 – it offers different model and style that will surely fit any types of hearing device. It is made of high-quality material that won’t hurt your ear. It improves the quality of the sound in a hearing device and reduces background noises. It has the open or close type of hearing aid domes that protect your ears and filters the high frequency that might hurt your ears. Its occlusion effects are said to be very effective and top rated. It is very comfortable to wear in the ear and won’t irritate your skin. It is ideal for mild to severe cases of hearing loss. This hearing dome will surely fit in any ear canal and works like wonder. This brand is one of the most trusted and highly recommended when it comes to hearing aid products.

Oticon hearing domes are sold for almost $17 that will surely fit your budget but really effective. It is made it a high-quality plastic that fits every ear canal. Most of the hearing aid domes styles are available in this brand. It helps to protect the hearing aid and improves the quality of the sound. It is ideal for every hearing aid types and hearing loss cases. It is said to be comfortable in the ear and works perfectly. It helps reduce the feedback and filter all the high frequency and let the low frequency to take place to balance the sound. This brand is one of the most trusted and top rated in the market today.Their dehumidifier is surely a great deal with its affordable price.

Phonak hearing aid domes are sold for almost $15 – it offers a different type of style and sizes to choose from. It is highly recommended and said to be effective. It will perfectly match to any Phonak hearing aid device or any brand. It aims to protect and filter the sound and frequency level. It also helps in to reduce the background noise or feedbacks. It is recommended for mild to severe type of hearing loss that fit in every ear canal. It is made from high-quality silicone that is really comfortable in the ear. It has a flexible and soft feeling in the ear that won’t make you feel any discomfort. Its price is surely on the budget depending on the sizes you choose from. Phonak is one of the most leading brands and well known it the market, having their humidifier will surely work just like how their hearing aids work.

Siemens hearing aid domes are sold for $16.00 – this brand is one of the oldest brands in the hearing industry, they made almost all the product that can improve the hearing of the affected person. Most of their product is ideal for mild to severe type of hearing loss. Now that they made their hearing aid domes it is sure to be effective and very efficient. All the types of hearing aid domes are available with this brand, from open, closed or even the one that’s hard to find. They make this product to protect the ears of the user of hearing aids and reduce the feedbacks and the background sound. The occlusive effect of their domes is really effective in stopping all the high frequency to enter from the ear canal. It is said to very comfortable in the ear and will surely improve the quality sound of your hearing device.

Starkey is sold for $ 14.00 – just like the other; they offer almost every style of hearing domes. They make the product to improve the sound quality even more while reducing the noises and unwanted feedback. It is made in a high-quality product that won’t hurt your skin in the ear. Since it is placed inside the canal they made the variety of sizes for more options to try.  It is very comfortable to wear and easy to put in the tip of the hearing aid. It has an effective occlusive effect that filters the high frequency and replaces it with low frequency to balance. It is one of the most highly recommended brands to try.

Unitron hearing aid is sold for 8.95 – this brand is the most affordable but quality hearing aid domes you can find today. It is made of high-quality materials that are very comfortable to use.  The effects of their domes improve the quality sound of every hearing aid device. They offer different sizes and style that will surely fit every ear canal. It helps to reduce the noise of feedback of the hearing device.


Final Thought


Whether you choose this brand or not, finding the right hearing aid for you still depends on you. You can only tell the benefit of having one with the way it changes your life. The hearing device will bring lots of good benefits to the person who is now experiencing hearing loss. Hearing loss affects people not just physically but most of all mentally, which they can feel sometimes alone and no one could help them. But hearing aid can help you boost your confidence, help you socialize with your friends and different people you want to meet. A happy life is a choice we made in life so finding the most perfect, comfortable hearing solution is the key for people who are suffering from hearing loss. And this brand promises gives you most of the benefit you are looking for.

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