Types of Hearing Aids: Which One to Choose?
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Types of Hearing Aids: Which One to Choose?

Published On: July 15, 2019

Types of Hearing Aids: Which One to Choose?

In the digital age, there are many different choices to pick from when it comes to hearing aids.  Choosing the right model for you depends on functionality as well as comfort!  Some hearing aids fit inside your ear canal, while others fit, to the outside.  The best fit and function for you will be explored with you by an audiologist.

However, it is also a good idea to know a little bit about the different types of hearing aid available, and which ones may appeal to your needs and comfort levels the most.  In this article, we will take a quick look at the most common types of audio amplification devices, and what benefits they may bring.

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Styles of Hearing Aids

Most hearing aids can be split up into the following styles of manufacture:

  • In Canal
  • Completely in Canal
  • In the Ear
  • Behind the Ear
  • A receiver in Canal or Ear

No matter which additional features or functions you may need, the above are the most common fits available.  However, each type of fit comes with positives and negatives depending upon your needs.

In Canal Hearing Aids

  • These custom-mold hearing aids are popular as they can fit a lot of features into an otherwise tiny device.
  • However, they will need regular cleaning as they are fitted directly into your ear canal. Here, moisture and wax can build up.
  • It is also a popular choice as it is one of the least visible of all aids.

Completely in Canal Hearing Aids

  • These aids are extremely hard to spot!
  • They are fitted directly inside your ear canal.
  • They are extremely capable and resistant against background noise.
  • However, like in canal aids, these types will need to be regularly cleaned and have short battery life.

In the Ear Hearing Aids

  • These hearing aids are custom-made, too – either to your full ear shell, or half shell.
  • These aids are known for being very user-friendly!
  • They also possess extensive battery life.
  • However, they too can suffer from wax build-up and are susceptible to wind interference.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

  • These aids hook back and reside behind your ear for a comfortable fit.
  • These are the most visible of all hearing aids, but are among the most capable, offering maximum amplification.
  • However, this means that they may also be the most susceptible to interference and wind.

Receiver in Ear / Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids

  • These hearing aids offer a similar level of comfort to behind-ear models, apart from that the aid’s receiver sits either within your ear or within your canal.
  • These models are preferred by many to behind-ear models as they are less visible.
  • However, they are again at risk of wax clogging.

What is Right for You?

The right hearing aids for you will be those which offer maximum comfort and functionality for your needs.  If you need help in finding your perfect fit, Best Hearing Aid is here to support you!  Call (800) 376-6001 today.

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