[Exclusive] Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2020 Finally Revealed…
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[Exclusive] Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2020 Finally Revealed…

Date: January 6, 2020

[Exclusive] Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2020 Finally Revealed…

“Smartphone-Controlled Hearing Aids Are Finally Here — And For a Price 80% Less Than Traditional $5,000 Hearing Aids”…

Do you know what the average price of traditional hearing aids is?

It’s over $5,000 per pair!

Hard-working Americans are fed up having to pay such ridiculous prices!

Fortunately, there’s new affordable technology allowing savvy shoppers to buy hearing aids online (with great sound quality) but for 80% less than traditional hearing aid prices!

This leads us to reveal our #1 pick for 2020.

Drumroll, please…

Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2020

After researching different hearing aid models we picked the Nano Hearing Aids New Wireless Model “Sigma” as the #1 rated hearing aid of 2020!

1.) Nano Hearing Aids

NanoHearingAids.com is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing hearing aid companies in America. Why?

Nano just released a new smartphone-controlled hearing aid named “Sigma” and it’s going absolutely viral.  

You control your entire hearing aids experience directly from your iPhone! 

Customers are raving about how incredibly easy it is to use the Nano Hearing Aids mobile app on their smartphone.  

This breakthrough technology even lets you take a hearing test directly from your iPhone and with a click of a button your hearing aids will automatically adjust based on your hearing test results!

Now you don’t need to drive to an audiologist and spend $7,000 on traditional hearing aids!

This technology is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry as we know it!

How does it work?

Simply enable your Bluetooth settings and pair your hearing aids with the Nano Hearing Aids mobile app (available in the apple app store).  

Pair Your Device With Bluetooth

Take A Quick Hearing Test!

Choose Between 4 Sound Environments!

1. Conversations and all-around sound

2. Restaurants (more noise reduction)

3. TV 

4. Outdoors

Adjust Specific Frequencies!

Easy Volume Control!

Imagine going out to eat with your family and friends at your favorite restaurant, and when you arrive, you simply pull out your iPhone, click the “Restuarant Mode” button, and your hearing aids instantly adjust to focus on reducing background noise! 

Your friends will be jealous and your loved ones will be impressed! 

Here are even more incredible benefits of the Nano Sigma:

✅ Nearly Invisible, Extremely Discreet (fits even if you wear glasses)

✅ Noise Reduction Technology

✅ Extremely Easy To Use

✅ Directional Microphone Technology (Enhances Sound Quality)

✅ Incredible Pricing (80% Less Than Traditional Hearing Aids)

✅ 45-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee 

The design is as thin as a pencil!

No one will even know you’re wearing hearing aids!

Nano also includes 4+ different earbuds to fit the most common ear sizes, so it’s guaranteed to fit your ear size even if you wear glasses!

But it gets even better…

We convinced Nano to do a limited-time new year 2020 super introductory sale but only for the next 500 of our readers like you who take action before this sale ends. 

Limited Time Offer (Only 500 Available)

Buy 1 Ear Get 1 Ear FREE!

(Get 2 Hearing Aids For The Price of One!)

Plus, when you order today, you’ll also get the following 3 bonuses completely free! 

Bonus #1 = FREE 1 Year Elite Protection Plan! ($129 Value)

Bonus #2 = FREE 6 Month Supply of Size A13 Batteries! ($97 Value)

Bonus #3 = FREE USA Shipping! ($15 Value)

Claim your special offer today before this sale ends.  


Your order comes with everything you need to easily operate the hearing aids yourself even if you’re not “tech-savvy”

  •  4+ Earbud Sizes To Fit Your Ear Canal Size Properly
  •  Directions Manual
  •  Cleaning Supplies
  •  FREE Mobile Phone App Connectivity
  •  FREE Professional Phone Support

If you aren’t satisfied with your Nano hearing aids, you can get a refund for up to 45 days with Nano’s 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Nano has live, friendly, U.S. based hearing specialists available to talk with you and help you pick the best device for your individual needs.


Here are just a few online reviews about Nano.  

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “So good I bought 2 pairs” James M.

“After visiting the audiologist and a 3 day test with $5,000 pair, I did research and found Nano. Bought the set with the batteries and very pleased. I bought a pair of the X2R Nano recharge so I had both types. All just as good as the high end pair the Audiologist recommended. I like the way Nano does business; their customer service was helpful when I had questions. I am a writer, storyteller, mentor, musician and entrepreneur. I want to hear like I was 20. Now I can. Thanks Nano!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Happy with Nano” David M.

“I am very pleased with Nano. I am able to hear what I need to hear. At 71 I was told I needed hearing aids costing $5,000. Well the Nano cost far less and gets the job done.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Nano is a life-changer! WOW!!!!” Larry B.

I started with $2000 per ear for a pair of hearing aids and audiologist costs about 7 years ago. Had them adjusted several times but still always had trouble. Bought a pair of hearing aids on-line about 3 years ago, hoping they might be better without being as costly. They were pretty useless and got lost. Bought the Nano and WOW!!! I am hearing the radio in the car clearly at low volume (haven’t done that in years), am enjoying conversations again in restaurants (again, haven’t done that in years) and have finally turned off the subtitles on the TV. The Nano is a life-changer for me —–an absolute life-changer. Have no idea what they might do for anyone else, but for me – WOW!!!

Claim your special offer today before this sale ends.  


2.) Nano Model X2

A non-Bluetooth, yet powerful model from Nano Hearing Aids is the X2

The X2 benefits are as follows:

  • Pristine Sound Clarity
  • Nearly Invisible Design
  • 4 Environment Modes
  • Noise-Reduction Technology
  • 2 Directional Microphones Per Device (most hearing aids only have 1)

3.) Beltone

Beltone is winning the “techie” game. This is one of the only hearing aid companies that offers app compatibility linked to your hearing aid device.

Despite the fact that this technology comes with a high price, Beltone products are a great fit for those wanting this type of connectivity.

4.) Ovation Hearing

Another popular over-the-counter brand, Ovation, excels in behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids.

These hearing aids let you select hearing levels and situations where the device adjusts depending on where and what you are doing. Why didn’t we pick Ovation over Nano Hearing Aids?

Nano also offers behind the ear hearing aids with great sound quality.

Nano has exponentially more positive reviews than Ovation which counts for a lot.

For example, the Ovation Excel Digital Hearing Aid (at press time) only had a few dozen reviews compared to hundreds for the Nano version.

Ovation does compete at a very affordable pr[ice point which is why they made our top 5 list.

5.) Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a great hearing aid option, especially for children who need hearing aids.

They offer innovative options designed for young people allowing them to excel and hear in situations school-age children find themselves in.

Another great feature of Phonak options is that many are re-chargeable eliminating the need for batteries.

We also like the design of Phonak’s hearing aids over most of its competitors.

For the style-conscious who have both the funds and the desire for a variety of color options, turning their hearing aid into an accessory, Phonak is a great option.

However, like many of the big hearing aid brands, you must visit an audiologist to purchase Phonak in a physical store.

We couldn’t find any way to purchase Phonak online.


Our overall top pick for 2020 is the Nano Sigma

Advertising Disclaimer. This is not medical advice. We recommend you consult with your audiologist before purchasing if you believe you have severe hearing loss. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nano Hearing Aids owns this website.

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