Hearing Loss & How Hearing Aids Can Help
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Hearing Loss & How Hearing Aids Can Help

Published On: April 23, 2019
Last Updated On: April 23, 2019

Hearing Loss & How Hearing Aids Can Help

Have you ever struggling to hear someone’s voice? Even if that person is close to you? If so, then probably you are suffering from a hearing disorder known as Hearing Loss.  

Hearing loss is not a simple problem that you can easily overlook. Why? There are some cases that hearing disorder can affect not only in your lives but rather on your health and relationship as well.  


On the other hand, if you suffered from hearing loss, don’t feel sad, you are not alone in this kind of a hearing problem. Indeed, there are about 38 millions of Americans have suffered from hearing loss. Hearing loss can be often occurs at any age, thus whether you are a childhood, teenage, or old, you can be affected by this hearing problems.  


So, in that case, no one is exempted from hearing loss, since this can mostly occur as we age. Yes, it’s true. Age-related hearing loss or also called as Presbycusis are slowly appears as people grow older. And yet, perhaps, we are still not aware that our ability to hear clearly becomes weak.  


What is Hearing Loss?


We all know that ears are essential parts of the body. It play roles by producing the brains and central nervous system sound information, therefore you can act as you hear.


However, what if your ears have been damaged? Do you think you can easily work without the sense of hearing? Probably No right? Suffering from hearing loss is not a joke. Why? When you have problems with your hearing, there are several things that you can’t work on comfortably. And yet the worst scenario is you are more prone to accident which can lead to death.


But how hearing loss happens?


When one or numerous parts of the outer and inner layer of your ears become impaired, you will be experiencing loss of hearing. Hearing loss is when your hearing becomes weak or lessening. This cause by often exposure to extreme noise, injury, illness or even several medicines. On the other hand, there are certain symptoms of hearing loss that needs to pay attention with and this are:


  • Having difficulties to understand speech
  • You probably ask someone to repeat what they are saying, or say it more clearly.
  • Hard to hear consonants
  • Leaving from conversation
  • Losing social life
  • Muting the speech and sounds.


And this are the following negative impact of hearing loss not only in your health but rather in your life as well. This are the following effect of hearing loss that you might probably encounter:


  • Fatigue
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Withdrawal to social life
  • Irritability
  • Decreasing overall health
  • Prone to accident
  • Being Isolated
  • Lessen the performances


Therefore, hearing loss is not just a problem by some old ages. It can also strike any ages, no matter what your age is, you are also at risk of hearing loss. Furthermore, in youngsters, if their case of hearing loss is mild or profound, it can also bring impacts to their lives such as difficulties in speech and learning, loosing their interpersonal skills and self-esteem.


Thus, in case you have the symptoms of hearing loss, don’t ignore it. Nowadays, you can find several treatments in hearing loss such as using hearing aids. For that reason, it can not only improve your hearing level but bring back your social life too!



The Hearing Aids


If you are struggling from hearing loss, then perhaps using hearing aids will help you to improve your hearing. Hearing aids are one of the common treatment for hearing loss. It is a small battery-operated device that you can wear on the back of your ears. Hearing aids help people with hearing impaired to hear the sounds louder and clearer. So, they will be able to communicate, listen and most importantly, they can now take part in certain activities. What’s more is, with the use of hearing aids, they can hear the sounds both muted and boisterous circumstances.  


How Hearing Aids Works?


Hearing aids have three primary parts which are the amplifier, microphone, and speaker. This parts bring the sounds from the surroundings into the ears and produce louder sounds.


Hearing aids works to get the sounds through microphones which transfers the sound waves via electrical signals to the amplifier. On the other hand, the amplifier boosts the power signals and delivers to the ears through the speaker. In this case, the hearing aids will determine and balanced the sounds depends on your hearing loss, hearing requirements and most especially, the sound levels around you.


How hearing aids improve my hearing problems?


Indeed, hearing aids do not cure the hearing loss, but it will improve your ability to hear clearly. Hearing aids give benefits to those who suffer from hearing loss. With using hearing aids, it will help them to improve their hearing and speech understanding. Most of us know that hearing loss is the result when the small sensory cells in the inner ear become damage.


This damage is the effect of aging, disease, excessive noise, and medicines. Moreover, hearing aids enhance the vibrating sounds coming into your ears. On the contrary, the remaining hair cells find the vibrations and transfer it into the sensory signals that go by near to the brain. Again, if the hair cells have a higher damage, they will experience severe hearing loss problems which need a larger hearing amplifier.



Tips in Choosing the Right Hearing Aids


Treating hearing loss has a lot of options, thus hearing aids are the most familiar devices that you can wear comfortably behind your ears. However, with so many choices, how will you know if you pick the right one for you? Learn from the list below to for you to find the right hearing aids that will fit for your hearing needs.



  • Choose the right size for you: Hearing aids has a lot of different sizes. So, better yet to pick the one will fit for you and you can handle comfortably.
  • Select the one that suitable for you: As mentioned in the above, hearing aids has a lot of sizes. In that case, when buying a hearing aid, choose the one that will suit inside your ears. If your preferred hearing aids are fit to your ears, it can be covered and hard to look at.
  • Visibility: Most people find that wearing hearing aids is quite embarrassing. Probably, it’s true. But today’s there are certain features of hearing aids which can be hidden while wearing. Ask your audiologist, so they will search out hearing aids that will suitable for your ear canal and at the same time unnoticed by someone.



The Best Hearing Aids to Try For!


If you are looking for the best hearing aids, well, you are in the right place to discover it here in this content. Here are the list of the best hearing aids that worth trying for!



This company is one of the most trustees when it comes to hearing care. Because of its remarkable named in the health industry, the Opticon is one of the most familiar brands in hearing aids. Oticon Hearing Aids offers types and features with regards to their hearing products. Their device is using technology to give their customer satisfaction in their innovative hearing aids which provides comfortability and custom-built hearing aids.


Eargo Hearing Aids


This hearing aids device help people with hearing loss to comprehend speech clearer, and adjust the auditory to medium to high frequency. Before the production of this hearing aids, this was tested by the hearing professional and audiologist to give their customers the benefit of hearing aids.


LifeEar CORE


This hearing device is quite affordable compared to the customary hearing aids of inside-and-behind ears variation. This hearing device is ideal for those people with mild to moderate hearing loss. However, although this item is cost less and comfortable to wear, the drawback is, customers, want custom-fitted services and continuous readjustment from their hearing professional and audiologist. Additionally, since this hearing aids are programmed with Android iOS, this is accessible over the smartphone.


Hearing Amplifier.com’s PSAPs


If you’re hearing loss is mild to moderate and yet, you are looking for budget-friendly hearing aid then, this hearing device is ideal for you! Although this hearing aids are not made to cure your hearing loss, it will create a milder level for a hearing problem.


Final Thought


Although experiencing hearing loss is quite alarming, and yet you can find some treatment for hearing loss like hearing aids. Although hearing aids are not able to cure your hearing loss problem, yet it will help you to improve your hearing while wearing this device.


On the other hand, if you are struggling with hearing loss, don’t ignore it, otherwise, it can lead to more severe hearing problems.


Therefore, the most important thing you can do is to visit an audiologist. The audiologist will guide you in choosing the right hearing aids for your needs. So you can improve your speech comprehension, communication and bring back your self-esteem as well.


And though it may take time to adopt wearing hearing aids, yet, frequently using it, you will enjoy a better hearing than its usual.

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