The 11 Best Hearing Aid Clips to Keep Yours in Place
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The 11 Best Hearing Aid Clips to Keep Yours in Place

Published On: May 25, 2019

The 11 Best Hearing Aid Clips to Keep Yours in Place

Have you ever lost a hearing aid? If so, you know how annoying it is. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this!

One way to keep track of your hearing aids is using hearing aid clips. They’ll make sure your aid stays in place so you don’t have to worry about it.

How do you know which ones are best, though? There are so many to choose from!

To help you in your search, we’ve created this handy list. Here are 11 of the best hearing aid clips you can buy.

1. SafeNSound Strapz

These are perfect if you’re looking to keep track of both hearing aids and glasses. This one device holds both things in place!

SafeNSound Strapz are adjustable, so you can find your perfect fit. And they don’t attach to clothing, making them perfectly non-cumbersome.

These clips come in multiple colors, so you can choose whatever you like. They’re perfect for people on the go, or those who tend to lose their hearing aids often.

2. BTE Monaural OtoClips

OtoClips are great for keeping track of BTE hearing aids. They’re available in clear or fun colors.

Do you want a purple hearing aid clip? How about orange? No problem!

If you’d rather not have a flashy hearing aid clip, though, you can choose a plainer color instead.

These are designed for use with one hearing aid, so if you need to keep track of two, you should look for something else.

3. ADCO Hearing Aid Clip

These clips are great for use with BTE and ITE hearing aids. They come in two different setups so they can work with either hearing aid type.

They come in several colors and a carrying case is included. These clips are meant for binaural use, so they’ll keep both your hearing aids in place.

4. SafeNSound Duo

If you wear glasses and want to go without a behind-the-head or to-the-shirt strap, check out SafeNSound Duo clips. These hold your hearing aids in place by attaching them directly to your eyeglasses.

You’ll still get great sound clarity, and your hearing aids will stay exactly where you want them! They won’t even interfere with your glasses.

5. Ear Gear Hearing Instrument Protection

These Ear Gear clips offer optimal protection for your hearing aids. Things like dirt and moisture will no longer be a problem. They connect to two hearing aids and secure them to the shirt at the back of the neck.

They’ll also help with wind noise, so if you’ve had an issue with that, try these clips! Four sizes are available, so you can make sure you have the perfect fit.

6. Oticon SafeLine

This option also secures your hearing aids to your shirt collar. They keep two hearing aids in place so you always have them with you.

These are great for active movers of all ages. You can confidently do your thing without worrying about keeping your hearing aids in place.

Do you like to go on walks with your grandchildren? How about a bike ride? All these things are possible, thanks to these hands clips.

7. SafeNSound Clipz

Just like the other SafeNSound options on this list, these will work great, no matter your situation. They hold two hearing aids in place, and they’ll secure glasses too, if you wear them. Glasses aren’t required for these to work well, though.

These are like the SafeNSound Duo, but the hearing aids and/or glasses are secured thanks to a strap that goes behind your head.

8. BTE Binaural OtoClip

These are like the monaural clip from OtoClip we’ve already listed, but this clip secures two hearing aids instead of one. These work with BTE aids and they’re friendly on the budget.

This setup includes a clear cord which attaches to both hearing aids. In the center, you’ll find a clip, which attaches the cord to the user’s clothing. So if your hearing aids fall out, they’ll never be able to go very far.

9. ITE Monaural OtoClips

These clips work great for ITE hearing instruments. Each one holds a single hearing aid in place, attaching it to the user’s shirt or dress. A full 8.5-inch cord ensures you won’t feel restricted, so you can still look around as much as you like.

These come in multiple colors, from bright to subdued, or you can choose the clear option.

10. Ear Gear FM Corded Monaural

Do you like to tune in to the radio on occasion? Well, if you do, and you only need to secure one BTE hearing aid, this option may be your perfect choice.

This corded clip option holds both an FM receiver and a BTE hearing aid! So you’ll be able to keep tabs on the news, and hear everything around you, all without worrying about losing your devices.

To make these even more fun, they come in several colors, including lipstick pink!

11. Loopum Hearing Aid Connector

This clip from Loopum eliminates the need for bands or straps by simply clipping your hearing aid to your eyeglasses. These work with BTE hearing aids and are inexpensive!

If you don’t wear corrective eyewear, no worries! These work with sunglasses too.

These conveniently come with three different size connectors, so you know you’ll get a great fit.

Order Hearing Aid Clips Today!

There are plenty of hearing aid clips on the market, so take advantage of them! You didn’t let hearing problems slow you down, so don’t let the fear of losing your hearing aids get in the way either.

Hearing aid clips bring peace of mind and greater life enjoyment, so find a pair that’s right for you and order it today!

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