Teen Hearing Aids: What are the Best Hearing Aids for Teens?
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Teen Hearing Aids: What are the Best Hearing Aids for Teens?

Date: April 29, 2019

Teen Hearing Aids: What are the Best Hearing Aids for Teens?

In the US alone, there are currently 600,000 people who are legally deaf. While of course deafness presents unique challenges in a world where communication is predominantly verbal, there are a lot of great technologies out there that can help those who are hearing impaired.

Lots of hearing people think that deafness is something that comes with old age, but this isn’t true at all! In fact, many American teenagers are hard of hearing or need additional hearing support.

It can be difficult to choose the hearing aid that’s best for yourself as a teenager or your child as the parent of one. But don’t worry! Here, we’re going to tell you the best hearing aids for teens on the market.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Traditional hearing aids often need battery replacements, and these replacements come with a steep price. In fact, buying a new battery for your hearing aid can cost upwards of $50.

As a teenager- or the parent of one- this is a huge sum of money. After all, what teen wants to spend money on batteries that could be spent on a night out with friends, some manga, or a new makeup kit?

This is why rechargeable batteries in hearing aids are perfect for teenagers. All that has to be done is plug them in before you go to sleep, which most teens probably are used to doing with cell phones, anyway.

Another advantage to rechargeable hearing aids is longer battery life. Because the batteries are of a much higher quality than traditional hearing aids, you’ll never have to worry about them dying in the middle of the school day or sports practice.

NANO Hearing Aids

NANO hearing technology is perfect for people of all ages. These devices are great because they selectively amplify the sounds that you want to hear while cutting background noise that you don’t. Even though lots of hearing aids can do this, NANO does it for a tenth of the cost!

Another great feature of NANO technology is that it works actively to stop some of the lesser-known dangers of hearing loss- namely, the risk of dementia later in life and the risk of depression right now.  It does this by making sure that you can hear the hustle and bustle of daily life around you. This way, you won’t miss out on anything!

NANO is also fully adjustable to any hearing needs. This ranges from the way it fits into your ear to how much sound you need amplified. It’s simple, but it works to help you personally hear as best you can.

Colorful Hearing Aids

A huge trend in hearing aids right now is to get funky and fashionable colored devices. These molds are trendy conversation-starters, perfect for teens who want to be popular with classmates.

The logic behind making hearing aids come in a variety of colors and styles is simple: people with visual impairments can get glasses in all colors and styles, so why can’t people with hearing aid make them into a fashion statement, too?

These cool hearing aids can range from simple bright blue or hot pink to being filled with shining gold glitter. An addition to any cool teen’s wardrobe and especially ideal for younger teenagers, these colored hearing devices are a must-have.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Some teenagers might choose to go the entirely opposite route and want their hearing aids to be as discreet as possible. Whether this is to fit in with the crowd or to feel more discreet, this is equally valid as embracing your identity with fun colors!

If you’re one of these kids, invisible hearing aids might be for you. These are small and discreet, making it easy to go unnoticed by your peers and fit in with any crowd.

Invisible hearing aids can also feel more natural because of how small they are. They also can impact the way that you hear your own voice as well of the voices of others, making it easier to hear how you naturally sound.

Another pro of these hearing aids is that they’re really effective in having natural sound quality. Unlike a lot of hearing aids, they won’t choose what to amplify and what not to amplify. While a lot of people like this selective hearing, it’s also understandable to want to hear the world as it is to a hearing person. That’s what these hearing aids let happen.

Tech-Savvy Hearing Aids

As a teenager- or, really, as any human being- you probably love to watch shows off streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu. You probably also love to rock out to your favorite music and gab on the phone for hours with your friends.

There are tech-savvy hearing aids that let you stream audio directly into your ear. They connect to your smartphone and amplify the sounds much like earbuds might do for a hearing person. By using this technology, it will make it easy to talk on the phone or listen to the music you love.

You can also stream shows from any streaming site! Whether you want to watch the new episode of Brooklyn 99 or a YouTube tutorial, you’ll love the quality of audio that these hearing aids will give you when watching your show.

Hearing Aids for Teens

There are a ton of struggles that come with being a deaf or hard of hearing teenager, but luckily there are a wide number of hearing aids that can help with these problems. Whether you choose to go rechargeable or traditional, colored or invisible, the perfect hearing aid is out for you as a teenager.

Now that you know the best hearing aids for teens, check out this page to learn about some cool accessories to spice up your hearing devices and become even more of a trend-setter.

Have fun!

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