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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Remedies That Really Work

Thirty million American adults have hearing loss in both ears. And hearing aids could help over 28 million of those people. Hearing loss left untreated is a huge health issue costing the U.S. over $130 billion dollars per year. Yet...

Overall Health

What Your Ear Wax Color Says About Your Hearing Health

Did you know that earwax buildup in older ears can pose serious problems for over 2 million people that live in nursing homes? It's no wonder that as people clean their ears if they notice a different color they want...

Overall Health

Help, My Ears Feel Clogged: 9 Remedies When Your Ears Feel Full

Have you ever gotten off a plane and realized you couldn't hear well anymore? And no matter what you did, you couldn't seem to pop your ears? Or have you ever had a cold that turned into an ear infection?...

Overall Health

A Glass of Wine Keeps the Audiologist Away?: The Link Between Hearing Health and Wine

The health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation are well-documented. Certain compounds in wine can offer protection from damaging free radicals and inflammation. But is there a link between hearing health and red wine? Red wine consumption may help...

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