A Complete Review of the Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

A Complete Review of the Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

Published On: July 15, 2019

A Complete Review of the Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

hearing aids for seniorsHearing loss has more repercussions than missing out on conversations and not being able to hear the TV. For seniors, it can cause far more serious issues like depression and other mental health disorders. That’s why it’s so important to have a proper hearing aid.

There are several different types of hearing aids available depending on the type of hearing loss you are experiencing. You should be able to get a recommendation from your doctor before you start shopping.

But, don’t just choose any company that advertises hearing aids for seniors.

When it comes time to find a hearing aid, you need to do your research. And, we’re glad you’re here! We’ve got a comprehensive list of hearing aid reviews to help you find what you actually need.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Hearing Aids for Seniors

Hearing devices for the elderly range in price and specifications depending on the maker. Some are designed to amplify sound while others have noise cancellation technology. Still, some do both.

It’s important to have a conversation with your doctor when you begin experiencing hearing loss so that he or she may diagnose it properly. This visit will determine if you need a hearing aid and what the best hearing aids are for your particular type of hearing loss.

Here is a breakdown of our favorite hearing aids for the elderly.

Unitron Ziel P

The light, easy fitting, and easy to use Unitron Ziel P is affordably priced.

Consider what it will feel like to hear clearly again for the first time. With this simple BTE hearing aid, you will be able to hear family and friends with absolute clarity. Never miss a joke or reminiscent memory again.

Otofonix Hearing Amplifier

The Otofonix Hearing Amplifier is one of the least expensive and discreet hearing amplifiers for seniors. It’s easy to use and designed for efficiency with a long battery life. The instrument was designed by a professional physician to be simple to use and comfortable to wear.

You will find that this hearing amplifier is ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss. It is easy to adjust the volume and listening programs on the device for ultimate control. You will also enjoy the noise cancellation feature for unwanted background noise.

Zyon Digital

If you are concerned about wind noise, feedback sounds, whistling, rest assured that the Zyon Digital hearing aid will reduce if not eliminate these sounds. It uses a digital processor to compress a wide range of sounds as well as amplify the ones that are the most difficult to hear.

You do not need a prescription for this device and it has been designed to fit comfortably without the need for sizing or fitting. It’s easy to operate and batteries will last up to seven days.

Sentire Med SM-300 BTE

The Sentire Med SM-300 is a ‘behind the ear’ digital enhancement sound amplifier. You will enjoy the noise cancellation technology which drowns out background noise so you can clearly hear the conversation in front of you. It’s a comfortable fit for both left or right ears with a stylish design that is also discreet.

Perhaps the most desirable thing about this hearing aid is the ability to charge them. You will have up to 12 hours of use on just a two-hour charge.

LifeEar Cutting Edge

No longer feel left out of conversations and frustrated when you don’t hear something important. The LifeEar Cutting Edge digital noise reduction hearing amplifier is just what you need to get involved in conversations again. You will enjoy crystal clear sounds at a fraction of the price.

This device is both discreet and comfortable. It comes available in three colors to blend with your hair and skin. There is also a convenient carrying case and eight batteries included.

Pro Ears Pro Hear IV

For another budget-friendly hearing aid option, consider the Pro Ears Pro Hear IV. It’s considered a value costing hundreds less than most with a low-profile, BTE design.

The amplifier will boost up to 17 decibels of audio on one channel and 22 decibels on its second channel. It also features adaptive feedback canceling and a noise reduction microphone.

Audicus Uno

The Audicus Uno is often noted as one of the most discreet hearing aids available. It will be a customized fit which ensures that it has a good seal within the ear canal. This will not only maximize sound but also keep it hidden from view.

The technology on this device will automatically adapt to your environment and also has a noise control filter. You’ll enjoy eight channels with feedback management for the best audio quality.

Simplicity Hi Fi EP

The Simplicity Hi Fi EP hearing is designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. It’s easy to use with two control settings and the batteries last up to three weeks. You will feel comfortable wearing this device because it is virtually invisible.

This is an over the ear device that features a micro poly tube which connects to a vented soft dome. It then fits securely in your ear canal. This design is meant to prevent failure caused by a build-up of ear wax so you can comfortably wear it all day.

Hi BTE Power Plus

If you’re experiencing severe hearing loss, have no fear, there is an option. It’s the Hi BTE Power Plus. This BTE option is customizable to your specific type of hearing loss.

Perhaps the most incredible feature on this device is its ability to automatically adjust the volume according to the environment you are in. And, of course, it comes standard with a directional processor that amplifies sounds and reduces background noise.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best hearing aids for seniors doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Just keep this list in mind when you begin your search for the hearing aid that will satisfy your needs. You can rest assured that there is one that will work for you.

If you found this article helpful, we encourage you to visit our page for other news and resources like this article about Alzheimer’s and hearing loss. We strive to provide you with the resources that you need to hear better.

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