Reasons to Own a Hearing Aid
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Reasons to Own a Hearing Aid

Published On: July 15, 2019

Reasons to Own a Hearing Aid

own a hearing aid

Hearing aid tech has come a long way.

In fact, Francis Bacon was the first person to conceptualize them, way back in 1627. From there, it’s all been upward progress.

However, they don’t come cheap. A single hearing aid can set you back thousands of dollars.

How can you justify the expense? Well, there are significant benefits to keep in mind. The obvious one is improved hearing! The advantages of hearing aids go far beyond that though.

Struggling with your hearing? Keep reading to discover exactly why you should own a hearing aid.

8 Reasons to Own a Hearing Aid

Here are some additional hearing aid advantages to keep in mind.

1. Earn Higher Salaries

One lesser known impact of hearing loss is the hit to your earning potential.

However, there’s a reasonable amount of evidence to suggest the link. For instance, this study found links between hearing loss and lower educational achievement, lower employment rates, and lower income (compared to ‘normal-hearing’ individuals).

It suggests that there’s a very real socio-economic impact of poor hearing. That’s undoubtedly unfair and discriminatory. But ethics aside, utilizing hearing aids could, therefore, arguably reverse the misfortune.

2. Avoid Cognitive Problems

No matter the cause, hearing loss is said to contribute to cognitive decline when left untreated.

There’s a higher likelihood of things like dementia, and all-around lower cognitive functioning. Supposedly, hearing aids can reduce the possibility of this occurring. That’s thanks to the slowing of atrophy in the auditory areas of the brain.

No-one wants to experience cognitive decline. It may be a natural part of aging, but it makes sense to take steps to minimize the likelihood of it wherever possible.

If hearing aids can do that, then surely it makes sense to invest in them.

3. Feel More Independent

Being able to hear is a key component of personal independence.

To put it another way, being unable to hear makes independence that bit more difficult. Tasks that you’d normally take responsibility to become harder. For instance, getting out and about to the shops, to the park, or anywhere else may require support.

After all, there’s a level of danger to being unable to hear.

Imagine a fire alarm going off in your home. Being unable to hear it may have disastrous consequences. The need to adjust your living situation in line with additional needs becomes paramount.

Using hearing aids will ensure you remain independent for as long as possible.

4. Temper Tinnitus Trouble

Tinnitus is a common bugbear in the hard of hearing.

It’s the cherry on top of an already challenging situation. The low, background whine of tinnitus can be frustrating, distracting, and downright annoying.

A nice side effect of utilizing hearing aids is the reduction of tinnitus. You hear everything in your environment better and reduce annoying tinnitus symptomology too. It’s a nice double-whammy of goodness.

5. Improve Your Social Life

The social life of hearing impaired people can suffer.

Without a hearing aid, it gets harder to engage with people. Following conversations and contributing to social situations feels more challenging. That may lead to feeling alienated and ostracised. Anxiety may even develop around proceedings.

Being unable to communicate can be desperately isolating. The easiest thing to do? Stay at home, and avoid gatherings in favor of your own company.

6. Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue

Intense periods of concentration are tiring at the best of times.

When senses become diminished, it requires heavy focus to compensate for the problem. The hard of hearing must strive to hear things in their environment. It becomes an effortful process. Lip reading can also require an extra layer of concentration.

Tiredness and fatigue can quickly become a problem. It’s a vicious circle too. When you’re tired, the ability to concentrate becomes harder, which makes comprehension more difficult, and requires greater concentration.

Obviously, hearing aids are designed to make it easier to hear. The reduction in effort required to hear properly can help restore energy levels.

7. Improve Your Mental Health

Poor hearing can have a negative impact on mental health.

We’ve already noted how it can be harder to socialize. People sometimes turn inwards, spending more and more time by themselves. It can be particularly hard to cope when poor hearing develops later in life. The contrast between then and now can leave people feeling depressed.

Loneliness and sadness can be common burdens for the hard of hearing. It’s like being cut off from the environment at large.

Restoring that hearing can reverse these symptoms and improve mental health in the process.

8. Improve Physical Health

Being hard of hearing can make people less inclined to get outside and active.

The outside world can seem a dangerous place when you can’t hear the danger coming. Crossing roads, being in crowded situations, crossing paths with bad people…It all seems a risk worth avoiding.

Similarly, there’s a link between poor hearing and falling over. People opt to lead a sedentary life in order to avoid a fall. That may be especially true in the elderly, who can be unsteady on their feet anyway.

Being able to hear can restore confidence in partaking in physical activity.

Time to Wrap Up

Hearing loss is no laughing matter. Of course, a high quality of life is absolutely possible. However, there are undeniable challenges associated with poorer hearing ability. As we’ve seen, among other obstacles, our health, social life, and independence are all affected when we can’t hear properly.

Thankfully, if you own a hearing aid, you have a solution. Millions of people who struggle with their hearing around the world can benefit.

It’s true that they don’t come cheap. However, the renewed ability to hear what’s going on has a whole host of positive effects. Hopefully, the information here has highlighted the main ones, and persuaded you of their value!

Are you looking to purchase hearing aids for the first time? Click here to read about a breakthrough in technology that might be of interest.

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