EXCLUSIVE: New Invention By Married Doctors Improves Hearing by 87% Or More — Without Clunky Devices Or Spending a Fortune.
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EXCLUSIVE: New Invention By Married Doctors Improves Hearing by 87% Or More — Without Clunky Devices Or Spending a Fortune.

Published On: May 22, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: New Invention By Married Doctors Improves Hearing by 87% Or More — Without Clunky Devices Or Spending a Fortune.

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Want to know 3 shocking hearing facts?

  • Hearing loss is the #3 cause of dementia…
  • In a recent study from Johns Hopkins Institute, hearing loss was linked to early cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Hearing loss can damage relationships with friends and family, and in some cases even lead to depression…
Our editors interviewed Megan and James Spencer, inventors and founders of NanoHearingAids.com, in response to the hundreds of reader requests we got for “how to fix hearing loss” and “affordable hearing aid” topics…

Founders of NanoHearingAids.com Julie and David with their 2 super cute (and shy) children 😀

Megan (a psychologist) and her husband James (a hearing doctor) are a married couple with two super cute (and shy) youngsters 😀.

Together they teamed up to solve one of the biggest epidemics in America right now — HEARING LOSS!

We wanted to eliminate hearing loss without making people wear clunky hearing aids or pay $5,000 or more for a device, which is what they can cost on average today, with prices only increasing…” Megan said.

“So we invented the first and only hearing device on the market that is guaranteed to increase hearing ability, at only 1/20th the cost of traditional hearing aids.”

The system also includes their revolutionary new nano technology that is getting lots of attention on social media.

“Want to know the real secret to improving your hearing? Being able to afford it!”

James and I worked on designs for 7 years and did clinical tests with our patients for another 5 years.

We finally got our patents approved on our hearing device in 2017 and released it to the public a couple months ago,” Megan said.

The results have been shockingly amazing — now we’re officially the fastest-growing hearing company in America!

It’s finally available to the public for sale online and they are the only science-based hearing device available online and with 100% results guaranteed.*

The company is called Nano Hearing Technologies and you can visit their official website by clicking here.

The Nano Hearing Aid includes the revolutionary, patented, invisible hearing technology that fits right in your ear canal.

The Nano device works by amplifying the sounds you hear, without being too obstructive or difficult to use.

The Nano Hearing Aid has been on the market for only a few months when a recent review of more than 57 brands of hearing aids listed Nano as the “#1 Rated Hearing Device of 2018”.

The pace of growth was so rapid that back-order waits grew to as long as four months. But people continued placing orders regardless of the wait…

IMPORTANT UPDATE Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 

We just received an urgent phone call from Jessica (a Nano team member) saying that due to a viral Facebook post that got shared today, over 1,000+ people per minute are currently visiting the NanoHearingAids website, and mountains of orders are flooding in…

Because Nano is running out of stock too fast, ALL coupon codes have already been shut off and ALL online sales will be ending tonight and for the rest of 2018.

Fortunately, we convinced Jessica to allow the next 100 fast-acting US Medical Times readers take advantage of Nano Hearing Aids’ last and only active online sale but only for the next 30 minutes through this special link she gave us:

CLICK HERE To Save $450 OFF Nano Hearing Aids’ Ultimate BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE! (no coupon code required)

At the time, Nano Hearing Aids had only one warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has since expanded into a factory in Las Vegas and three more in Florida, New York, and California…

Now families can finally interact with each other like they used to.

It’s an honor to create a solution that both doctors like Megan and James and regular Americans love so much and can afford,” Nano Hearing Technologies CEO Jerry DeWolf said in an interview with U.S. Medical Times.

In January, we were finally back in stock — and then the rate of buying went up by 7x. People are buying 2-3 pairs for home, travel and gifts for friends.” *

For the time being, the Nano Hearing Aid is available online without a prescription. Because of its unique design, there are no side effects to using the product.

What’s so great about this hearing device, anyway?

Our editors did the research and found why Nano Hearing Technologies‘ hearing device is so revolutionary…


For starters, it appears to perform as well as programmable hearing aids and other devices that cost nearly $5,000 more.

The unique design, which is formulated to significantly improve hearing, while barely being able to feel like you’re wearing anything, works the very first day…

Invented by hearing experts, it was created after the founders realized there were few affordable options available for hearing devices.

Custom programmable hearing aids work, but they cost $5,000 or more. So, we wanted Nano Hearing Aids to have the same effectiveness but for the price of less than a nice watch.” *

Customers appear to love the results, calling it “shockingly effective” and “absolutely fantastic” in hundreds of reviews across the web and on Nano Hearing Technologies’ website.*

This hearing device is seriously worth the wait, and unbeatable for the price, too. I’m considering ordering more to stock up and to give out as gifts to my older friends,” one reviewer wrote.*

Another said:

“Once you try it for yourself, the results really do take you by surprise. It’s unlike any other hearing device, behind the ear, etc. — I’ve purchased every imaginable product to try and help my husband’s hearing, and he hated every single one…until now!”

An equal — if not even bigger — draw to Nano’s over 5-star customer ratings is that it’s all sold in the USA to support the local economy.*

The company advertises that it’s “bringing back American jobs” and pledges to never outsource jobs overseas.

It can afford the higher labor costs in the US because it is a direct-to-consumer business and therefore avoids expensive overhead associated with brick-and-mortar stores and expensive hearing centers.

The company also chooses to market mainly on the Internet, avoiding the high-cost of television ads and billboards.*

Looking ahead, Nano Hearing Technologies said they plan on sticking to what works: 100% results guaranteed, fast & free shipping, and the best snoring kits available.

“Our goal for this year is to try to stay in stock and not sell out every month like we have been. I’ve been amazed at how many hearing specialists are recommending our product to treat patients instead of using traditional hearing aids.”

The word-of-mouth and testimonials sent in have been very motivating knowing that we’ve created a truly life-changing product,”  the CEO of Nano Hearing Technologies said.

Learn more about Nano’s new hearing device by visiting their official website and send in your feedback to our editor.

***UPDATE Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 — We just received news that the Nano Hearing Aid is finally back in stock today after a 3 month waitlist BUT due to a viral post that got shared on Facebook today, orders are flooding in so fast their website can barely load and Nano Hearing Technologies is forced to END their super Buy One Get One FREE sale and shut off ALL sales tonight and for the rest of 2018.

Our editors convinced Nano to let US Medical Times readers use this special link to ensure they can take advantage of this opportunity before it goes away forever. The product is currently only available on their official website.

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