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Hearing Aid Use

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids make a significant difference to the lives of millions.  Not only can they help to transform the way you listen to the world around you, but they can also reduce background noise.  However, while many people wear aids...

Hearing Aid Use

How to Get Comfortable with Hearing Aids – A Guide

Adjusting to wearing hearing aids can take time.  For some, it can be an overnight adjustment; but, for others, it takes longer to become comfortable.  That is perfectly normal, as getting used to your new aids isn’t just a case...

Hearing Aid Care

5 Quick Hearing Aid Care Tips for Beginners

Okay, you’re a new hearing aid user and you’re getting adjusted to your device fittings.  That’s great!  But do you know how to get the most out of your hearing aids for years to come? These little pieces of technology...

Hearing Aid Use

How Long Does It Take to Adjust to Hearing Aids?

Just like anything new, hearing aids can take some getting used to! How long to adjust to hearing aids? With this in mind, it’s to be expected that it may take a while for you to fully acclimatize to your...

Hearing Aid Use

10 Tips for New Hearing Aid Users

Have you just recently received your new hearing aid device? For the first time in years, you find yourself rediscovering new or long-forgotten sounds and basking in wonderful auditory experiences. But at the same time, you’re most likely feeling a...


Hearing Amplifiers & Hearing Aids: Top 5 Hearing Amplifiers & Hearing Aids Of 2019

The links in this article are NOT affiliate links. We are not compensated for items purchased through links from our site. This is our annual Hearing Aids & Amplifiers Review: The Top 5 Hearing Aids & Amplifiers Of 2019....


Hearing Aid Reviews: Top 5 Hearing Aids Of 2019

The links in this article are NOT affiliate links. We are not compensated for items purchased through links from our site. This is our annual Hearing Aid Review: The Top 5 Hearing Aids Of 2019. Searching for the right...


New Hearing Aid For Seniors Cuts Price By 95% – Device Beats A $5,000 Pair of Traditional Hearing Aids For 1/10th The Price

[caption id="attachment_148" align="alignright" width="293"] David Richards and His Wife Lisa Happily Saved Over $5,782 On Hearing Aids By Purchasing On[/caption] This new hearing aid for seniors is changing the industry. "You Don't Need To Spend $5,000 On Expensive Traditional...


Why You Don’t Need A Hearing Evaluation Or Hearing Test

For decades, hearing loss has been expensive to deal with. When faced with hearing loss, seniors have had to visit hearing centers to get a hearing test from an audiologist. [caption id="attachment_2693" align="alignright" width="270"] Change Is Coming In The Hearing Industry[/caption] Which...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in Children: Everything You Need to Know

3 out of every 1,000 children in the US have a detectable level of hearing loss. As adults, we consider hearing to be an invaluable part of our lives. It’s one of the main senses that we rely on to...

Hearing Aid Problems

Safety First: The Top Tips for Driving Safely With Hearing Loss

It's upsetting but inevitable: hearing loss is incredibly common among people over 60. The odds of your hearing going in your later years is fairly high, and it's important to accept this instead of fight it. Hearing loss can affect...


The Average Price Of Hearing Aids In 2019

The average price of hearing aids has been incredibly high for decades... until this past year, when everything changed. Average price of Hearing Aids For years, the average price of a pair of hearing aids has been around $4700.  Taking...