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Hearing Aid Facts

What New Hearing Aid Technology Can You Expect in 2019? No ratings yet.

The first hearing aids were conceptualized almost 400 years ago. We've got Francis Bacon to thank for that. He was talking about ear trumpets to help the hard of hearing as far back as 1627. Technology has developed considerably since...

Buying Hearing Aids

6 Affordable Hearing Aids That Seniors Can Rely On No ratings yet.

Over the age of 70, two out of three Americans have meaningful hearing loss, but only 20% of people who need hearing aids end up buying them. Hearing aids can offer support to those who are hard of hearing--and treatment...

Hearing Aid Use

Hearing Aid Problems: 9 Signs Your Hearing Aid Isn’t Working Properly No ratings yet.

The ability to hear is one of the greatest gifts any human has ever been given. But it doesn't always go smoothly for everyone. Nearly 28 million adults in the United States alone would benefit from using hearing aids. While these...


Twelve Signs That You Need Your Hearing Checked No ratings yet.

This might be you. A suspicion has been growing louder in your mind. It nags at you but you’re denying it. And you could be right – maybe you don’t have hearing loss. Maybe it’s just wax. Maybe other people...


Do You Need Your Hearing Aids to Drive? No ratings yet.

An Unexpected Question In several states, we will need to upgrade our driver’s licenses to a federal Real ID by October 2020. Since my license was up for renewal, I decided to get a jumpstart on this and made an appointment at...


Why I Finally Decided to Buy Hearing Aids No ratings yet.

The damage is done I recently learned that the average age of first-time hearing aid wearers is around 70. I’m a good deal younger than that, so how did I get here? While it’s impossible to know the exact cause,...


New Hearing Aid Lets Users Program It Themselves No ratings yet.

FDA approval of Bose self-fitting device expands options for people with hearing loss Alamy Stock Photo The FDA has approved a hearing aid that consumers are able to program themselves. The Bose Hearing Aid, devised for adults with mild to...


Hearing Aid Sticker Shock? Here’s Why Millions Of Americans Can’t Afford To Hear Better No ratings yet.

Hearing aids are expensive, and they're not covered by Medicare or many private insurance plans. (Joern Pollex/Getty Images) More than three-quarters of Americans older than 60 have some kind of hearing loss, but only a fraction use technology that would...


Why I Finally Got Hearing Aids After 10 Years of Procrastination… 2.75/5 (4)

A former skeptic with tinnitus explains why he's now a fan of Nano's new RX2000 rechargeable hearing aids... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="551"] Neil Wertheimer with his guitar, pictured above. He's wearing Nano's nearly invisible RX2000 hearing aids but you can't...

Hearing Aid Facts

Hearing Aid Information: The Truth About Hearing Aids No ratings yet.

 Approximately 20% of the American population have some degree of hearing loss.  While nearly 30 million of those people could benefit from hearing aids, less than 30% has ever used them. So how exactly do healing aids work and what...


Discover The Shocking Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Hearing Loss And What You Can Do About It… No ratings yet.

New Research Shows Hearing Loss Could Lead To Alzheimer's... [caption id="attachment_2194" align="alignright" width="332"] David and his wife are happy customers of NanoHearingAids.com a revolutionary new hearing company.[/caption] Do you have a loved one with hearing loss that should have purchased...


EXCLUSIVE – Secrets of Audiologist – The Shocking Truths About Hearing Aids That They Don’t Want You To Know About No ratings yet.

Plus, Discover How To Get New Hearing Technology for 1/10 The Price of Traditional Hearing Aids! Read On... Dear Reader, My name is Sam Knight. [caption id="attachment_2164" align="alignright" width="285"] Sam Knight, Audiologist, Shares His Story[/caption] And you deserve to pay...