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Hearing Loss and Depression in Adults and Seniors

Hearing loss is no fun for anyone – that much is true.  However, for many Americans, the condition can be linked to both mild and severe depression.  It is a sad fact that both hearing loss and mental health issues...

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The Hearing Loss and Heart Disease Connection

Hearing loss can arise as a result of a number of associated conditions. It can also lead to some conditions and illnesses occurring on their own, too. Research has shown that heart disease may be one of many factors linked...

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Why and How Untreated Hearing Loss and Dementia Are Linked

Hearing loss, when untreated, can lead to a number of other difficulties that can affect sufferers greatly in later life.  It is, of course, always recommend that you seek treatment or advice if you are struggling to hear.  It has...

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How to Clean Ears Without Damaging Them

When they were first introduced in 1923, cotton swabs were aimed at the beauty market. The packaging has always warned against sticking them in your ears. It's 2018 and people are still using them to "clean" their ears. Most of us...

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss: Is There a Connection?

Hearing loss can arise as a result of a number of different ailments and long-term conditions. Unfortunately, for many Americans, those who may be at risk of diabetes may also be at risk of losing significant hearing ability. Diabetes is...

Buying Hearing Aids

Are Nano Hearing Aids a RIP OFF or SCAM? Don’t Buy Nano Hearing Aids Before Reading This!

[caption id="attachment_148" align="alignright" width="293"] David Richards and His Wife Lisa Happily Saved Over $5,782 On Hearing Aids By Purchasing On NanoHearingAids.com[/caption] We've been hearing a lot about a new hearing company called Nano Hearing Aids, so we decided to do...

Buying Hearing Aids

A Complete Review of the Unitron Hearing Aid

There are more Americans dealing with hearing impairment or hearing loss than one might expect. In fact, approximately 2% of people in the 45-54 age gap are dealing with hearing loss. That number increases to 9% among those 55 to 64...

Hearing Aid Care

How to Clean Hearing Aids

Did you know that nearly 30 million adults in the United States could benefit from wearing hearing aids? If you're interested in experiencing the benefits that hearing aids have to offer, it's important to also understand how to maintain them...

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Best Foods for Hearing Health

Over 37 million adults currently suffer from some form of hearing impairment or loss. If you're among them - or if you want to get proactive about protecting your hearing - then we know that you're always looking for ways to improve your...

Hearing Aid Care

What to Do if Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet

Nearly 17% of American adults have some degree of hearing loss. Imagine yourself at the sink. You're brushing your teeth--there's water sitting in the sink. You remove your hearing aid to get ready to clean it. It slips out of...

Hearing Aid Problems

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last: Understanding the Lifespan of a Hearing Aid

Much like our hearing, hearing aids don't last forever. When you invest in a hearing aid, you want it to work for as long as possible. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), around 28.8...

Hearing Aid Facts

Your Complete Guide to the Different Types of Hearing Aids

Over 37 million Americans struggle with some form of hearing loss. If you're among them, then we know that you're anxious to learn more about your hearing aid options. Although some people who are hard of hearing might think that...