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This New 2-Minute Hearing Test Video Is Going Viral! Over 95% of People Age 65+ Can’t Hear The Sounds In This Video. Can You? No ratings yet.

  Fact: 48 million Americans currently need hearing aids, but don't have them. Why? The #1 reason people put off buying hearing aids is because they don't know they actually have hearing loss! You're probably wondering "How do I find out...

Hearing Aid Use

Hearing Aid Donation: Can You Donate Hearing Aids? No ratings yet.

Right now, there are millions of Americans who say that they can't afford the hearing aids that they need. They can't hear the laughter of their children, their boss's instructions at work, or even the sound of an approaching car....

Overall Health

A Glass of Wine Keeps the Audiologist Away?: The Link Between Hearing Health and Wine No ratings yet.

The health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation are well-documented. Certain compounds in wine can offer protection from damaging free radicals and inflammation. But is there a link between hearing health and red wine? Red wine consumption may help...

Buying Hearing Aids

What are the Most Comfortable Hearing Aid Styles? No ratings yet.

When you are needing to wear a hearing aid for over 12 hours a day, finding the most comfortable style will no doubt be of great importance to you. But does comfort necessarily give you the most benefits overall? In...

Hearing Aid Problems

Features to Look for to Avoid These 6 Hearing Aid Issues No ratings yet.

As technology develops, hearing aids are including better features to increase our hearing potential and cut out some of the problems that we’ve dealt with in the past. Whether you are purchasing a hearing aid for the first time or...


EXCLUSIVE: “When I put this new “Nano” hearing device in my ear I couldn’t believe what I heard… and nor will you” No ratings yet.

  When David called me last week about his new “hearing discovery” I couldn’t believe my ears. What he told me changed everything. I’ll tell you exactly what it was in just a second. You see David is a patient...


Don’t Buy Hearing Aids From Hearing Assist Before You Read This… No ratings yet.

The links in this article are NOT affiliate links. We are not compensated for items purchased through links from our site. Searching for the right hearing aid can be a frustrating experience. First, there are so many options: from expensive...

Hearing Loss

Strength in Numbers: The Benefits of Joining Hearing Loss Support Groups No ratings yet.

Are you among the 30 million American adults who struggle with some form of hearing loss? If so, then we understand that you may sometimes feel isolated. Hearing people may feel nervous about communicating with you to the point that...

Hearing Aid Use

Charging Up: What to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries No ratings yet.

Looking to maximize battery use for your hearing aids? Wondering about how long a hearing aid battery should last on average? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s partial or disabling, hearing aids are an important tool for...

Hearing Loss

I Think I Have Hearing Loss: Now What? No ratings yet.

Around the world, approximately 466 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. Do you feel that your hearing is starting to go? Do you find yourself turning up the volume on the TV or asking for comments and questions to...

Buying Hearing Aids

5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Hearing Aids No ratings yet.

There are no two ways about it.  Hearing aids can be expensive!  Some of the more advanced models can cost up to $4000 each – meaning that for most people, there will be a need for a savings pot or...

Buying Hearing Aids

10 Questions You’ll Need to Ask Before Buying Hearing Aids No ratings yet.

Buying hearing aids can be a little nerve-wracking!  However, providing you ask your audiologist the right questions, there are no reasons why you should need to panic.  Here are ten questions you should ask your specialist before buying. 1. Do...