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New Year’s resolutions and hearing health

Like the majority of Americans who will make at least one 2018 resolution, Healthy Hearing survey reveals health is their number one area of improvement and most acknowledge hearing health as important.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and the holiday blues

Hearing loss can contribute to the holiday blues. We have some tips and resources to make your season merry and bright.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss statistics at a glance

If you wonder about the prevalence and impact of hearing loss, check out these quick facts and statistics.

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Advocacy increases the availability of loop systems

The availabilty of hearing loop systems is on the rise. Find out what you can do to bring this life-changing technology to a venue near you.

Hearing Aid Facts

Discreet and small hearing aid design battles stigma

Small hearing aids disappear when worn. Battle hearing aid stigma with discreet accessories that ensure your hearing loss is not what others notice.

Hearing Aid Facts

Healthy Hearing holiday gift guide

Check out the official 2017 Healthy Hearing holiday guide for gift suggestions for the hard of hearing and those who love them.

Hearing Loss

The dangerous link between smoking and hearing loss

Whether you smoke or live with someone who does, your hearing health is at risk. Learn why smoking is dangerous to your hearing health and get advice on kicking the habit for good.

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Healthy Hearing conversation | D.J. Demers

Comedian D.J. Demers uses his gift of humor to shatter stigmas and raise awareness about hearing loss on cross-country college campus tour.

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Hearing loss and listening fatigue

Do you have nagging fatigue or low energy? You may be surprised to know the culprit could be hearing loss.

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A Thanksgiving feast for your ears

Thanksgiving can be the most indulgent and anticipated meal of the year. If you do it right, you'll also nourish your sense of hearing with the proper nutrients while you give thanks.