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Shocking New Hearing Technology Breakthrough – We Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between These New Hearing Devices And Traditional Expensive $5,752 Hearing Aids…

When I put Nano’s new device in my ear, what I heard I couldn’t believe. Nor will you… 48 Million Americans need hearing aids right now but can’t afford them. Nano Hearing Technology just invented the world’s smallest, most powerful hearing...


Discover The Shocking TRUTH About Hearing Aids “THEY” Don’t Want You to Know About — And Save Over $5,782 on Hearing Devices…

Hearing aids are “too expensive”… Most seniors average spending $3,500-$7,000 on traditional hearing aids… That’s too expensive for over 48 MILLION Americans that currently have hearing loss and need hearing aids but can’t afford them… That is, until now… Our...


The role of hearing care in hospice

Hearing loss can affect a hospice patient's quality of care and the connections that are so important with family, medical professionals and caregivers.


The link between migraines and hearing loss

Having an annual hearing evaluation is a good idea no matter how well you are hearing, but if you suffer from migraine headaches it may be even smarter to keep close tabs on your hearing health. Studies show that those...


How to talk to your spouse about hearing loss

Communication is key when hearing health is at stake. Set the stage for a productive discussion about hearing health, whether it's about your spouse's hearing or your own.


The Super Bowl and hearing loss

The Super Bowl has several connections to hearing loss, including potential threats to hearing health and inspiring stories of success.


The best smartphone apps to measure noise levels

Today's mobile technology means you can always know when you're in a hazardous noise environment. Here are some great smartphone apps for measuring noise levels.


Spider silk could offer breakthrough in hearing aid microphones

Binghamton University researchers take a cue from nature to improve upon current hearing aid microphone technology.


Temporary hearing loss causes

Even temporary hearing loss can be alarming. Here's why it can happen and what you can do.


Tinnitus spikes: solving a difficult problem

Glenn Schweitzer of Rewiring Tinnitus shares his tips and tools for dealing with tinnitus spikes and identifying your personal tinnitus triggers.


Seven reasons to stop putting off hearing health

Procrastination when it comes to your hearing loss can be mentally, physically and economically unhealthy. Of all the things you avoid doing this year, make sure tending to your hearing health isn’t one of them.


Brain training may help seniors understand better in noisy places

New study suggests brain can remap itself to help people with hearing loss deal with background noise.