Oticon Hearing Aids – Everything You Need To Know
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Oticon Hearing Aids – Everything You Need To Know

Published On: 21st March 2019
Last Updated On: 22nd March 2019

Oticon Hearing Aids – Everything You Need To Know


Oticon is a person who manufactured hearing aid based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans Denmark founded Oticon hearing aid in 1904. Hans Denmark’s wife was hearing impaired. The company uses a management style known as Spaghetti Organization and this company claims to be the world’s second-largest manufacturer of hearing aid. Spaghetti organization was introduced by Lars Kollind in between the leadership of 1988 to 1998.

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Oticon hearing aid has branches in several countries with more than 3000 employees worldwide. Oticon hearing aid has also production plant in Poland.

A brief history of Oticon hearing aid

The Oticon hearing aid company has rich history and background. Following dates are the important Oticon milestones: in 1904 the company was established in Denmark by Hans Denmark to treat his wife’s hearing problem.

In 1910 Hans son William after his death continuous his father’s work and began to develop the vision for the company. In 1940 William made hearing device known as acoustic.

In 1977 Oticon introduces discreet. In 1996 Oticon released Digifocus, it is first fully digital hearing aid. In 2010 Oticon releases Epoq, it is first hearing aid wireless capability.

Features of Oticon hearing aid

At Oticon people come first is more than a tagline. It shows that how hearing is important to our quality of lives. Hearing and communication are important for connecting people. The most important thing about Oticon is that it shows innovation.

This device shows the high-end technology to make the most of your relationships as important as possible. Oticon offers state of the art hearing aids and a wide variety of hearing health products.

Oticon’s tinnitus features

There are three models Alta, nera, and RIA may be upgraded to include a tinnitus features. These consist of soothing ocean sounds that help better to manage their tinnitus. This feature is consistent with Oticon’s philosophy of personalization. The company strives hard to provide the patient with the best and appropriate technology. The best features of their lifestyle and specific hearing needs. It also provides the flexibility to the practitioners.

Hearing aids made by Oticon

Hearing aids made by Oticon provides in all sizes. Their latest model came in spring 2017 and it is called opn. It is available in 3 levels opn 1, opn2, and opn3. Opn 1 is premium and fully featured. These ranges make the product beneficial and available to the wide range of users. These opn were designed in such a way so as to reduce the voice all around the wearer to increase the comfort of the wearer. It also helps to enhance the brain’s natural ability to do its work efficiently and pick out speech signals.

Oticon hearing aid is rechargeable

Oticon hearing aid has the extra benefit of recharge ability.  These are:

  •    It is convenient and easy to use.
  •    there is no need to recharge batteries.
  •    Charge the batteries so that you can use it for a full day.

If you are suffering from tinnitus you can also use alta2 along with hearing loss, alta2 has features that provide tinnitus relief sounds. It can also be used as a part of a tinnitus treatment plan.  Nera2 is a most advanced technology that gives your brain what it needs of natural listening experience. Ria2 is very good technology that gives your brain a better sense of sound.

What are the benefits?

  • More reassuring

If you will charge an Oticon hearing aid overnight quickly than it will become a routine. Its ability is to give an overnight home. Then you can check on a full charge in the morning, now you are ready for your day to enjoy.

  • More convenient

The most important benefit of Oticon hearing aid is that there is no need to replace batteries. There is no need to open the battery drawer.

  • More efficient

It is very efficient, environment-friendly of buying hundred of batteries each year, time-saving and money saving.

What if I forget to charge?

If you are in emergencies you can use standard batteries that are disposable.  Opn rechargeable has a plenty of power for the day. By using open rechargeable hearing aid you are very confident that your hearing is not interrupted if you forget to charge. It is very smart to backup. It is rechargeable as well you can use a standard battery.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a type of sound that is generated inside your head which you can only hear. Tinnitus has many causes. Tinnitus has a major impact on people’s life it can lead to stress, anger, anxiety, and sleeplessness. By treating tinnitus with hearing loss can reduce the impact of tinnitus of many people. Due to tinnitus, more than 80 percent people got hearing loss they even did not aware of this.

What causes tinnitus?

Tinnitus is often associated with:

  •    Exposure to loud sounds
  •    Natural aging process
  •    Sudden impact noises
  •    Injuries to the head and neck
  •    Emotional stress or distress
  •    A lifetime of daily traffic sounds, noisy offices
  •    Factory work
  •    Construction work and loud music
  •    Heart disease and stroke
  •    Head injuries
  •    Tumors and viruses
  •    Bacteria and even certain medicines
  •    Changes in the circulations of the body
  •    Hearing loss can also happen with age

How did it happen?

Many people have a much age-related hearing loss. One by three people older than 60 and half of the older than 85 have tinnitus. There is a disorder called sensor neural disorder that is caused by deterioration on the nerves of your inner ear.

Other hearing aids made by Oticon

When you have a result on hearing aid, you may find a legacy Oticon hearing aid models manufactured by Oticon. These Oticon hearing aid models include Alta, Nera, RIA, and Chili, safari, intiga, agil or ino. Each year Oticon releases new hearing aid models each year. If you want to compare the features between legacy and hearing aid models you should to your hearing care professional.


From these kinds of the facts, we can easily make a conclusion that the Oticon hearing aids are considered as the great kind of the device that is used by the people in order to improve the hearing ability of the person.

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