5 Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids
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5 Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

Published On: July 15, 2019

5 Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

If you’re interested in buying hearing aids for the first time, you may have heard a few stories about what to expect!  In this day and age, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.  Any audiologist will be able to put any fears you may have to rest.

However, there’s never been a better time to look at some of the most common myths about hearing aids.  In this article, we will aim to break down some of the most popular misconceptions.

MYTH: Hearing Aids Don’t Work

This one may sound a little odd, to begin with, but it’s relatively common for people to turn down hearing aids based on word of mouth.  Some may be swayed by friends’ experiences.  Just because hearing aids haven’t worked well for others, doesn’t mean they won’t work well for you!

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We all have different hearing experiences.  Therefore, your hearing loss may be different from the next person’s.  It is all about finding the best fit for you!

MYTH: You Don’t Need Two Hearing Aids

It’s a common misconception that just one hearing aid will fix hearing loss full stop.  In many cases, pairs of hearing aids are required to supply a balance to both ears of a given patient.  Many audiologists will recommend binaural fittings.

Again, one person’s hearing loss is different from the next person’s.  Therefore, while you may only need one hearing aid, you may find that two offer you more significant support.

MYTH: Hearing Aids are Ugly

While the analog hearing aids of old may be clunky, things have more than moved on!  Modern hearing aids are designed to be comfortable, discreet and easy to manage.  Technology has advanced to the point where hearing loss support can be offered in the smallest of devices!

Audiologists and hearing aid developers understand that hearing loss can be embarrassing.  Therefore, there have been more and more steps taken over the years to make things less unsightly.  You don’t have to make your hearing loss obvious.

MYTH: Hearing Aids Can Completely Fix Your Hearing Loss

Can hearing aids fix hearing loss full stop? Unfortunately, no.  They can, however, be provided to help enhance the power of your hearing.  They can also be used to ensure that you can easily and freely talk with others around you.

Hearing aids are fantastic at restoring hearing quality.  However, they do not offer a catch-all cure.

MYTH: Hearing Loss is Just Part of Getting Older

While many of us suffer with our hearing as we get older, that doesn’t mean it is inevitable!  Hearing aids are widely used by young and elderly alike, prescribed and customized to specific needs and comforts.

What’s Real and What’s Fake?

There are lots of questions and concerns surrounding hearing aids.  Here at Best Hearing Aid, we’re here to break down the myths and to help people from all walks of life find their perfect fit.  Call us today on (800) 376-6001 to learn more.

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