LifeEar: Have You Heard About This Brand? Well if Not Then Here Are the Things You Need To Know
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LifeEar: Have You Heard About This Brand? Well if Not Then Here Are the Things You Need To Know

Published On: 17th February 2019
Last Updated On: 18th February 2019

LifeEar: Have You Heard About This Brand? Well if Not Then Here Are the Things You Need To Know

“Hearing Fine, Tuned For Life”-LifeEar those quotes define how much this hearing aid brand want to give so much life to those people who are in need. This brand is now one of the best hearing aids in the market and offers the most convenient way for you. They believed that buying hearing device should be easier, less hassle for the users. They even make it more affordable and more accessible for anyone through online. And their main advocacy is to tell everyone that Life sounds better when you’re in control.


Have you heard about this brand? Well if not then here are the things you need to know:

This hearing brand operates for more than years now, their main core is to give only the best hearing device in the industry of hearing aid.

The experience they went through made them dedicated to level up and innovate the world of people suffering from hearing loss. What made them different is they use the newest technique with the help of the newest smart technology. The lack of innovation made them frustrated to build the simplest hearing solution with smart designs.

Using their product made the life of people with hearing loss problem more positive to keep living and made the most out of it. They even tell everyone that this product is the right fit for anyone who wants to improve their hearing problems and providing the best solution for them.


The following list is the solution and technique they are offering to anyone who consider buying this hearing device:

They used advanced smart technology that is data-driven and self-learning to continually improve their customers’ lives.

They develop the best hearing solution that is easy to use for the user, comfortable to wear, intuitive and simple.

They exert so much effort that they want to exceed their customers’ expectations by offering them the superior customer care service from trained hearing specialists at the convenience of their home.

They provide a high-quality hearing device designed for high-quality sound whether the customers are at home, at work, or doing an activity outside.

The hearing aid devices they developed made from the values of life, they intend to improve the lives of the people suffering or experiencing hearing problems. As they promised to continue producing this innovative and smart device to create a solution that supports the freedom of the customers.

What made them different?

With the help of the advanced technology, they created an application online to test your hearing skills. You can personalize this application through your mobile device while at home. They made it unique for everyone since everyone is unique, and no one is exactly the same. The applications they build allow you to customize the core for your ear based on your response to a series of tones. All you have to do is to create your profile, personalize settings.

This mobile application they created is for the comfort of the customer made them unique, you can even adjust the default settings whether in your car or somewhere else to obtain quality sound.

All you have to do is simply tap on your mobile device you can now set your setting frequency levels and noise reduction. You can also change the direction of your sound input as well. If you don’t want to adjust it by yourself you can also select the automatic programs that manage the sound for you. It adjusts itself and identifies whether you’re in office or important meeting.

About the Product?

The hearing aid they offer is clear in color or transparent. This beautiful device is the pack of great technology that delivers the sound you want. It has a noise reduction technology, and able to adjust in the volume that you want. The tip of this device is an ear-shape, thin and clear that they wouldn’t even notice that you’re wearing one. It is comfortable that even you wouldn’t mind wearing it always. The technical features are especially for hearing loss that accommodates from mild to severe level of hearing problem. The battery life lasts up to long eight days depends on the usage. Dimension height is 1.375 with the width of 0.2 and depth of 0.5. You can partner it in any mobile device you have Ipads, Iphone ios version 9.3 above or Android phones version 4.4 higher with the use of Bluetooth.

How much about the product and where to buy?

This hearing device is cost 1599 dollars for per set and 799 dollars for single aid. You can purchase it online just go to their website and click the shop button. Purchasing one device comes with a freebie of open and closed comfort tips, cleaning tools, hearing aid case, thin tubing and 13 plus tubing with an ear hook and last but not the least it’s Free shipping all around United States. They also offer protection plan and one-year battery supplies for as low as 200 dollars.

Here is some Customers’ Review about the product:

This device costs less than most traditional hearing aids of both inside-the-ear and behind-the-ear varieties. This is because customers buy their units directly from the company and customize their unique specifications with their Android or iOS smart devices at home.

The product is appropriate for those with mild, moderate to severe hearing loss. Some of the product’s upsides are that it comes to the great MEDShield Protection Plan and a year supply of batteries. Also, it is relatively inexpensive with the financing options that are available. The downside is that, although it is a convenient process, some users may want customized fitting services and ongoing adjustments from a hearing professional or audiologist. After-purchasing one which is only available over the phone.

Hearing Aid is a very helpful and useful device, especially for people with hearing disability, having one perfect device for you will give lots of benefits and here are some of the positive results in wearing one.

  • Get a better relationship with your loved ones or family- there are no other greater feeling in love and feeling loved, especially with the help of hearing aid there is no stopping you to bond with them.
  • Feel better about yourself- you can now be happy at most since hearing is so much clearer for you.
  • Get better mental health- you are now emotional satisfied, connecting to different people in your life.
  • Feel less tired or exhausted-since you are now mentally happy the negative feeling you have will now be replaced with energy to your body.
  • Be more able to participate in social gatherings- talking to anyone becomes your hobby since you now hearing them so much clearer.
  • Be able to increase your number of friends- social gathering can lead to having lots of friends.
  • Be able to do better in your job- performing and hardworking is your key to your work, having this device motivate you to do better and participating is no longer problem for you.
  • Improve your physical well being- The outcome it can because you will give you the dedication to live your life at most.
  • To concentrate better – hearing them is a big help to analyze problems and think of the solution.
  • Feel more independent and secure- hearing aid will make you feel that nothing is now impossible.

Final Thoughts

This particular hearing device is very much affordable and useful for you. Unlike other brands choosing this hearing aid can save you not once but twice the price. The other pros of choosing this product can help you do things in an easy way. They made it more convenient for their customers’ to avail this product at home or wherever you are. The online application shows the advance technology we have nowadays. Another pros they offer are the easy access in buying their product through online without going outside to set an appointment for hearing aid checkup. The time you can save can be used in a much more important thing like spending it with your family or loved ones. The cons in purchasing this item are that the transaction you made is only through online no other person or audiologist can help you adjust your hearing device you will do it for yourself.


Whether you choose this brand or not, finding the right hearing aid for you still depends on you. You can only tell the benefit of having one with the way it changes your life. The hearing device will bring lots of  good benefits to the person who is now experiencing hearing loss. Hearing loss affects people not just physically but most of all mentally, which they can feel sometimes alone and no one could help them. But hearing aid can help you boost your confidence, help you socialize with your friends and different people you want to meet.  A happy life is a choice we made in life so finding the most perfect, comfortable hearing solution is the key for people who are suffering from hearing loss. And this brand promises gives you most of the benefit you are looking for.

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