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Keep Them Clean and Pristine: The Best Hearing Aid Cases
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Keep Them Clean and Pristine: The Best Hearing Aid Cases

Published On: June 19, 2019

Keep Them Clean and Pristine: The Best Hearing Aid Cases

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Did you know 15% of adults age 18 and above have some trouble hearing? 2 to 3 of every 1000 children born have congenital hearing defects. This is why hearing aids are a crucial tool of the modern century.

With how valuable a hearing device is, it’s important to protect them with hearing aid cases.

That said, which one do you choose? With so many brands out there, which ones are the best hearing aid carrying cases?

Don’t fret, we’ve done the work for you. We listed some of the best hearing aid storage case units you can use.

Whether you’re going out or keeping it off for the night, these are the best to protect your hearing aid devices. Let’s take a look:

1. Hard Hearing Aid Case

Many hearing device brands sell soft pouches that come with the unit by default. Those can’t provide enough protection. One of the hearing aid case brands out there is ADCO, which provides waterproof hard cases.

Why would you choose a hard case? First, it prevents any chances of damaging the hearing aid by sitting on it. There are cases where small items like hearing aid devices break apart from crushing.

A hard case helps people feel the hearing aid storage case before they sit on it. This prevents any long-term damage from happening.

In addition, ADCO provides cases that are waterproof up to 24 meters underwater. With the extra dust proofing and foam lining inside, you can rest assured that your valuable investment has ample protection.

Waterproofing is great if you go to the beach or pool to relax. Even if you drop it in water or dip in the pool and forgot the case, it won’t damage your $1000 hearing units. It’s also small enough to fit in a purse or latch on your belt loops.

The foam lining cuts any possible chance of scratches, wear or tear on the surface.

2. Soft Resound Hearing Aid Case

If you’re the type who can’t live with lugging around the harder hearing aid carrying cases, you have options. Soft cases are available to people who prefer portability than protection. One of the best ones is the Resound hearing aid case.

Resound’s neoprene protective case with microfiber lining offers as little protection as you can find. It’s neoprene, so it’s not crush-proof or waterproof. It sounds like a hassle, but it has its niche benefits.

For one, a Resound hearing aid case still gives a decent amount of scratch proofing. It can also fit on your front pocket or purse, so it’s easy to carry. The microfiber lining keeps the device fresh and easy to access.

This is great for older people who don’t like fiddling around with hard cases. A hearing aid case needs to provide ample access when you need your hearing aid. With almost no bulk, you may like soft cases if space is a premium.

3. Semi-Hard Hearing Aid Case

Some people like something between a soft Resound hearing aid case and a full hard case. These types, called semi-hard cases, are a great choice for people who care about portability but want some more protection than neoprene.

Most semi-hard hearing aid carrying cases comprise of EVA material, which is a soft and flexible plastic textile. The general toughness of the product is high, though not as much as a hard hearing aid case. Even then, something that is stress-crack resistant like EVA should have ample protection for everyday use.

Also, most EVA cases will have nylon mesh pockets to prevent the device from rattling around. This is a great extra, allowing you to secure smaller parts like extra batteries and buds.

A semi-hard EVA case is a good balance between a hard case and a soft case. It provides the modicum of protection that comes with a hard shell, which means fewer chances of crushing your valuable investment. Even then, it’s still pliable enough to fit in your pocket or small purse when you need to.

4. Hard Shell Custom Hearing Aid Carrying Cases

For those who want to go full rugged, a hard shell custom hearing aid storage case is the way to go. If you’re going to a farm or out adventuring, a Resound hearing aid case may not be the best one to carry with you. What you want is a special case for different hearing aid types like BTE, CIC, ITE or ITC.

Some of the strong hearing aid cases with the best durability have hard plastic shells to protect your hearing aid from external damage. Most of these specialized cases have custom clasps to hold the hearing devices in. Some may even have a plastic cushion to stop any sudden movements that lead to shock damage.

Many of these custom hard hearing aid storage cases will have enough room for a battery and some smaller accessories. Sure, they’re not true waterproof cases like legit hard cases. Even then, they’re resistant enough to stop the rain from going in.

If you plan on looking for a custom hard case, make sure it has enough room for your type of hearing aid. You want to pick something that can accommodate your hearing aid’s full-size without too much fiddling.

Pick Your Hearing Aid Cases By Lifestyle

When it comes to hearing aid cases, you want to pick one that fits both your comfort and lifestyle.

Hard cases are great for rugged environments. Soft cases are fantastic for convenience and portability. Semi-hard hearing aid storage cases are a good combination of both.

When it comes to hearing aids, you need experts who can give you the best reviews for the right hearing aid.

We provide in-depth reviews of anything and everything about hearing loss and hearing aids. With the aim of making sure you get the most from your investment, we know we can point you in the right direction.

For starters, check out these new types of hearing aids and see how you can make the best out of your investment!