Is Wearing a Hearing Aid Classed as a Disability

Is Wearing a Hearing Aid Classed as a Disability

Published On: 21st March 2019
Last Updated On: 22nd March 2019

Is Wearing a Hearing Aid Classed as a Disability

The hearing is one of the sense from the five sense that a person us to live a comfortable life. These all five sense serves the human for living a better life. These all combine together and work for a person to identify an object like a person uses the sense of smell. By using the sense of smell a person is able to identify the object from its smell e.g a person smells the food and identify the name of the food what this food is.

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When we talk about the other senses like the sense of taste e.g through the sense of taste the taste buds that get activated due to the entrance of food in the mouth, identify the food. From these given examples we get to know that these all sense collaborate with each other and work for a person. When we go further we see more senses like the sense of touch.

Due to the sense of touch a person make himself able to identify the object and its appearance and the fourth sense that is the sense of sight it is the sense in which a person uses his eyes to see the object and then identify it. From these entire examples, we again conclude that these all sense not only serves a person but they also serve each other.

They work together and with coordination. After these, all four sense we know talks about the last and the fifth sense known as the sense of hearing. I

n this sense, a person uses his ears for the identification of the voice. These are the five main and basic senses that a person use in his life.

There are some other senses are also present and important for the person and also for these five basic senses for the completion of their task. Like if we talk about the identification of an object by using any sense from these five basic senses we need the other unnamed senses that a person use to complete the task of identification. These unnamed senses are also gifted by God to a person to make his life easy.

The hearing is one of the senses from these all five basic senses. This is the sense that a person uses to identify the voice by using ears for the listening person.

With the help of all these five senses, a person can easily communicate with the world and live a better social life. If a person loses any of the senses from this five basic sense a person caught into a big problem. If we talk about the loss of the sense of hearing means a person is no more able to listen to the voice completely or the person is partially deaf. A partially deaf person means that he is not able to listen to some of the voices that are below to the pitch that he wants to listen.

Types of Hearing Loss:

There are three main types of hearing loss.

  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)
  • Mixed hearing loss
  1. Conductive Hearing Loss:

Conductive hearing loss is the type of hearing loss that is related to the problem with the ear means the problem with the whole ear system.

  1. Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL):

Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is the problem that can be defined as the problem related to nerves. It is the problem present in the inner ear.

After the above to hearing loss problem the third hearing loss problem is:

  1. Mix Hearing Loss:

Mix hearing loss is the problem that is the combination of both the conductive hearing loss and the sensorineural hearing loss. This is the problem that can be in the outer ear, middle ear. The problem in the outer ear and middle ear refer that the problem is the conductive hearing loss. This problem can be in the middle ear or the problem in the auditory nerve. This problem point towards sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) problem.

There is some other hearing loss problems are also present that we can often see. Those hearing loss problems are as follows:

  • A bilateral hearing loss or a single-sided hearing loss
  • A sudden hearing loss
  • A hidden hearing loss
  • A bilateral hearing loss or a single-sided hearing loss:

In bilateral hearing loss both ears are not able to hear the sound and in single-sided hearing loss, only one ear is not able to hear the sound.

  • A sudden hearing loss:

From the name of this hearing loss we can understand its type. In this, a person can suddenly lose his hearing sense.

  • A hidden hearing loss:

To identify this loss is difficult. You can identify this when you are not able to listen to the background music.

Wearing Hearing Aids are Disability

When a question comes in a daily life “is wearing the hearing aids is the disability”? in commonly we get the answer ” yes” wearing the hearing aids is count as the disability. A person wears the hearing loss small tiny device when he was not able to listen to the voice means a person is partially deaf.

Hearing aid is the device that uses to amplifies the produced sound as enough that a user of hearing aid can easily listen what the other person had said. When a person himself not able to listens the produced sound due to the loss of sense of hearing a small tiny electronic device known as hearing aid comes into the use of the person.

With the help of which a user listens the loud sound that he is not able to listen without it. Wearing the hearing aids classed as a disability because it acts as the sign that a person is not able to listen what I try to say without this small and tiny electronic device. A person wearing the hearing aid tells the other person that he is not fit in the social circle or in the society or in the gathering without the use of these tiny small electronic device known as snoring.

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