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Are there Any Waterproof Hearing Aids?
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Are there Any Waterproof Hearing Aids?

Published On: June 19, 2019

Are there Any Waterproof Hearing Aids?

A hearing device is a health instrument that helps a person with a hearing disability. Hearing disability means a person with an impaired hearing or unable to hear things clearer. It may be due to many different factors like underlying illness, old age, genetic, medication or trauma.

A hearing device is prescribed to them if a hearing problem is detected. It is not only recommended for people with mild cases but more with a severe hearing problem. It’s a tool that used to help them hear things clearer and louder.

It comes in different form and size and it was manufactured by many respective brands on the market now a day’s. But not every brand has the same kinds of features. Some are ordinary and some are waterproof or water resistant and if you are wondering if there is any waterproof hearing aid available in the market today and what brands?

The answer you’re looking for is yes but not many as the regular hearing aid. There are only two brands in the market that release a special feature that can be used even in the water.  

The first one is the Siemens Aquaris this is one of the best brands you can find in the market today, that offer this type of features. This company has been operating now for over 100 years and they are one of the leading companies in the hearing device industry. They are also one of the most customer trusted brand. But today Siemens hearing device change its brand name into Signia since they now owned by another group called Sivantos group. The new owner promise to keep improving their product and commit to using only the newest advanced technology in able for them to move more forward. Like what they did they kept their promise and create a wonderful waterproof device and not just water resistant product.

There is a difference between waterproof and water resistant feature when we say water resistant hearing product means it can be used in the water but in a very limited time and not more than an hour. But waterproof hearing device means that the device can last long even underwater in more than an hour. Aside from Siemens aquaris, there is another one brand that creates a hearing device that can survive underwater as well and it is none other than Phonak.

Phonak is also one of the leading companies that operate for more than 70 years now. But unlike Siemens aquaris, Phonak model spice + h20 is an only water resistant device meaning it can’t last long in the water, not more than what Seimen model can do. This device can only use for a very limited time not exceeding one hour, but it can still be survived when it gets wet. This brand produces any type of hearing aid you can find it the market today they are even one of the supplier of Costco hearing aids. They have many affordable products on the market release. They also use and apply the newest advanced technology when it comes to their device.


Product Features

Siemens Aquaris is the most advanced technology when it comes to waterproof feature; since it’s the only one in the market today. It can even be used for everyday life or while you’re in out of town trip on the beach. This device creates to make the hearing sound of affected person very clear and loud. It even adjusts automatically depend on the place or the activities you are doing.

With the help of its advanced technology, it even had its own noise reduction; it helps the user through speech improvement. It also comes with Bluetooth remove to help you improve and understand a sound voice very well.

This product is highly recommended for athlete swimmer or just a person who loves to swim. It can be used in mild to severe hearing loss. Also one of its advanced features is, it can be connected to your phone and serve as an earphone whether you like to listen to music underwater. It’s a wireless type of hearing device that can be worn without any hassle. This product comes with two modern designs one is a slim tube and the other one is Ear hook.  

Slim tube is used with the help of a slim tube itself connected to amplifiers and microphone of the device.

The ear hook is used with the help of its hook that known as the elbow, that connected to the hearing amplifier and microphone of the device.

Phonak spice H2O is also one of the great products to consider even if it’s just water resistant. Its features are also outstanding with new advanced technology.

It enhances the sound to make it easier and clearer for the user to hear the surrounding sound. It even improves your speech since it’s also connected through a Bluetooth device that helps you monitor hearing status through a mobile application.

It can also be used for every day even outdoors activities but make sure not to use it underwater for more than an hour. It has its own noise cancellation and adjusts its volume and sound automatically depend on the situation. This type of device is also supported mild to severe hearing loss problem. It’s a wireless product means you can move freely without worrying that it might hindrance your moves.

This device is also created to make the hearing sound more natural whether you’re in the office, malls or just at home with your family. You can now enjoy endless talk to your loved ones. It comes with a different variety of colors to choose from.

Why choosing these type of features?

Unlike ordinary hearing device, this feature can assure you that it is a more heavy duty to use since it can resist or more proof when it comes to water.

Although we know that waters are one of the enemies of many electronic devices since it can easily destroy them. But since it has this newly advance feature we can now assure that it is now protected even through wet and can last for a really long time with a proper care.

Choosing this type of features will give you lots of advantage and benefits. The advantages you can have are the special features like being waterproof than the ordinary one.

Using it through the water while enjoying chatting with your friend is really a good choice and an advantage to you if you avail one. You can be worried free if the rain suddenly falls and you forgot to bring your umbrella thinking it’s a highly modern product that even water can go through it and break it.


Who benefits from this type of feature?

If you are an extrovert and love going out with your friends on a holiday, spend time at the beach or water then this feature is a big plus for you. If you are a professional swimmer then you will surely benefit from this feature.

Having a job that involves being in a water-like lifeguard, etc. then this product is a must-have.

In able for you to do your job very well, you need one product that will not let you down even if the rains pours down. The benefit that you will surely love about this product is the quality time with your loved even during a beach vacation, you won’t even feel left alone or embarrass since you can hear them loud and clear. You can have a good time while communicating with them really well.

Final Thought!

It’s a truly modern technology today since the purpose of these brands is not just to sell and earn money from it but their purpose is to help other especially our brother and sisters who suffered from it.

The improvements they make surely focus for the good of their customer. They keep on improving their product from time to time to make them feel more natural and help them improve their everyday lives that they won’t even feel they are different from us.

Their disability shouldn’t stop them to enjoy and do what makes them happy. Like these brands that keep on doing and producing a product to help them remain positive even having ear problems.

We can never tell when we get older if we will still be the same or have the same hearing volume as we have today, but being able to support and show them respect, that they are not different from us is a good start too.

Let’s take this opportunity to make them feel love and there’s nothing wrong in wearing one even ordinary or waterproof hearing device. Let’s make them feel that the world is a happy place for everyone whether you have a disability or not. Stop making them feel embarrassed because of their hearing loss, Let’s make the world equal to everyone. Spread the love to anyone especially for those who need it the most.