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Interton Hearing Aids: A Full Review of Their Hearing Aids
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Interton Hearing Aids: A Full Review of Their Hearing Aids

Published On: June 19, 2019

Interton Hearing Aids: A Full Review of Their Hearing Aids

interton hearing aids

Nearly half a billion people in the world suffer from some form of hearing loss. And the majority of those individuals have trouble finding and affording good hearing aid devices.

Interton is a hearing aid company with an Essential Hearing Focus. This means the company’s mission is to help people with hearing loss by providing high-quality products at an affordable price.

Interton devices are touted to improve speech understanding in a discreet way, to offer ease of use, and are priced fairly. They seem to offer everything hearing aid wearers want– and more.

But are these hearing aids all they’re made out to be? Keep reading for a review of Interton hearing aids and I’ll tell you whether these devices are worth your time before you buy.

Overview of Interton Hearing Aids

Based in Denmark, Interton has been crafting hearing aid devices for over 40 years and consistently come out with some of the best new hearing aids on the market.

Their goal is to create custom hearing aids that serve customers at the highest level. The global company strives to bring humanity back into the industry, which is why their focus is on helping people like you live better lives.

Interton has a wide range of hearing aids ranging from basic impairments to profound impairments. They divide these into categories: the Share– for mild to moderate hearing loss– and the Gain– for severe to profound hearing loss.

Interton Share

Interton’s basic hearing aids come in different styles, colors and power options. Highly affordable, there are three Share models at different price points to choose from.

These aids work for most day-to-day situations and are easy to use. With feedback control, these hearing aids control whistling to offer a better listening experience.

The Share offers clear and natural sound quality that imitates natural sound processing. Wearers can change the directionality options to help understand speech even in a noisy space.

Styles come in beige, medium blonde, dark brown, or black. The devices are nano-coated to protect the electronics from moisture.

Interton Gain

The more powerful option, Interton’s Gain is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for all-day wearers.

Despite their assistance for extreme hearing loss, these devices are easy to use. They feature volume control with a numeric indicator and a push button for changing settings with ease.

With the Gain, you can hear high-frequency sounds like chirping birds while also controlling feedback to cut down on whistling sounds. And like the Share, this device works in noisy spaces.

Protected with nano coating, you can choose your device in black, beige, or grey.

Hearing Aid Styles

Both the Share and the Gain come in multiple wearing styles to fit your needs. Receiver in the ear (RIE), behind the ear (BTE), and custom styles are all available.

RIE hearing aids are best for mild to moderate hearing loss and pair well with the Share. With a combined in- and behind-the-ear approach, the RIE can be better hidden.

The BTE version is the better option for severe to profound hearing loss, which works well with the Interton Gain. Featuring high amplification capabilities and multiple ways to customize, behind the ear styles are all about the power.

For wearers who want the most comfortable fit, you can order a custom device molded to the unique shape of your ear. Where you want your device completely in the canal (CIC) or placed in the ear (ITE), Interton devices are customizable to your unique needs.

Review: The Best Hearing Aids from Interton

Interton hearing devices are in fact different from the competition and have some of the best hearing aid reviews out there.

With strong product lines and high levels of customer support, this company and their devices are all about you. Finding the device to fit your unique needs is easy. Their power instruments are for people with extreme hearing loss and high-value devices are for those on a budget.

Here are my top two picks for Interton hearing aids.

The Best Value

If you’re on a budget and have moderate hearing loss, the Share models are an excellent choice.

The Share may be inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it’s low quality. With the features and capabilities of far more expensive devices, the Share models are the best value.

Check out the Interton Share Power BTE 1180 if you want a 30-110 dB range that supports standard ear mold, telecoils with both T and MT modes, and a size 13 battery.

This device also features:

  • Classic configuration
  • Integrated on/off switch
  • Direct audio input
  • Standard and mini hook configurations

If you like the low price but want more power, consider looking into a slightly more expensive but totally worth it Gain.

The Most Powerful

Marketed as a device to hear sounds you may have forgotten about, the Interton Gain holds true to its promise.

The Gain is featherlight at only 191 grams but it more than makes up for size with power.

The Interton Gain 290 BTE and 390 BTE offer over 86 dB amplification with a size 675 battery. Like the Share, this device supports T and MT modes and has standard earmold support.

What’s more, the 290 and 290 BTE models offer:

  • A standard configuration
  • Integrated on/off switches
  • Direct audio input
  • Standard and mini hooks plus a hook with damping filter configuration

While these devices can be pricey, they are absolutely worth it if you want to hear as close to normal as possible.

The Bottom Line

Interton’s goal is to bring humanity back to the hearing aid industry. But what’s the bottom line: Have they achieved their goal?

With their straightforward marketing, easy to use and customizable devices, low prices, and unparalleled customer service, it seems Interton has achieved its mission.

If you want to compare Interton hearing aids to other devices on the market, head over to our news blog for more hearing aid reviews.