Instructions For Maintaining Hearing Aids

Instructions For Maintaining Hearing Aids

Published On: May 22, 2019

Instructions For Maintaining Hearing Aids

Using hearing aids is a headache for new users and sometimes for old when it does not work properly, you cannot communicate with people if your hearing aids are not maintained there are few steps to maintain hearing aids for new and old users.

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There is a list given by the Phonak and other hearing aids manufacture companies to maintain your hearing aid at home.

  1. Batteries
  2. Earwax
  3. Ear molds/ venting
  4. Moisture
  5. Corrosion and dirt
  6. Telephone use

Batteries issues

When using any electronic which is powered by batteries so, there are issues like short battery life, batteries dead rapidly and safety issues with batteries.

Battery life

In the hearing aids, people are dissatisfied when battery life is going to die and you cannot hear people and do not communicate with your family and friends. The wearer of hearing aids is frustrated when they cannot hear properly and more struggle to listen to another person point of view.  The hearing aids batteries are the combination of two component the size and the amount is stored in the battery or know as for how much battery power.

But, the battery life depends on hearing aids that how much they consume in a one hour if, hearing aids are not smarter and is in a large size so, the battery life decreases rapidly. Large hearing aids take more power to convert the message because the amplifiers get the larger amount of current.

The study on increasing battery life going on from last 10 years to reduce the size and increase the efficiency, now battery life in any electronic device work long.

Anticipating the dead battery

If we discuss in the context of hearing aids so, the weak battery cause weak the hearing aids and his decrease the efficiency of the hearing aids and the person who is wearing hearing aids do not listen properly and this cause people get frustrated with hearing aids.

The change hearing aids cells are important for those who get aggressive and do not work properly even the handwork. This is a time to change the hearing aids battery.

You can buy the battery tester for hearing aids that are not expensive much and you will check batteries life every day or weekly basis.  When you insert new batteries, the voltage is in full strength and your hearing aids work properly.

Batteries in backward

Batteries in the backward means if you have behind the ear hearing aids so, the battery place in the backside of the hearing aids and it is easy. One point is important when replacing the battery that when you close the lid of the battery if it’s not close easily so, it’s a sign that your battery is not fitted this is also known as batteries backward movement.


Secondly, the earwax interrupts in hearing aids if the hearing aids cover with earwax so it is not working properly and you cannot communicate properly with another person. Earwax generally produced in the one-third area of the ear canal.

Earwax helps to save your ear or any type of insects not going in your ear and it’s a natural phenomenon of earwax produced in an ear canal. Usually, in man, production of earwax is higher than women because the temperature of the body varies one person to another person. Earwax cleaning helps to hear aids works properly and you can hear easily without any struggle.

Preventing wax build up

Commonly preventing the earwax by an audiologist, you visit him approximately 3-4 days in a week or regular basis. However, this cost high if you do not go to an audiologist you can use cotton buds to remove the earwax and it’s less cost. However, this is important note that using cotton buds is very sensitive so, when you cleaning your earwax it is important to do with very efficiently and then clean your ear with some sanitizers, which are especially for, ears.

The use of wax guard tape with hearing aids are good it’s easy to use but in summer they cause itching because the hearing aid is fixed into your ear canal and most of the person has high temperatures this cause extra earwax and you do not hear properly while using hearing aids.

Use special kits for removing earwax from the ear as well as from the hearing aids because the hearing aids are not clean for long its give infection in your ear. Remove wax from the hearing aids vents is more important which is placing just from the speakers it also knew earbuds.

Moisture problem

The moisture problem is depending on hearing aids style and type of hearing aids. The uses of water make moisture in hearing aids. However, the environment moisture also affects hearing aids because the moisture is a big enemy of any electronic devices but recover this moisture by wiping with a dry and soft cloth or use of tissue in the only way to hearing aids moisture.

Another way for cleaning moisture is that use the dehumidifier for hearing aids that is available to outlets of hearing providers its high but for cleaning your hearing aids is important to buy these type tools to get rid of moisture of your hearing aid. Its sucks the moisture and hearing aids are dry within 5-10 minutes.

Corrosion and dirt

Corrosion and dirt because of moisture and the cleaning is more important because its cause infection in the ear use chemicals to clean the hearing aids corrosions and dirt. The use hearing aids case helps to save your hearing aids from the moisture its decreases the chances of corrosions and it increases the life of hearing aids.


Using hearing aids is not an easy task because person face difficulties in every part of life if you are good in face to face talk so, the talk on telephone is not good because you do not hear properly and the speaker do not deliver the message clearly to you because you cannot hear properly while using hearing aids. You can use telephone mode while talking on the telephone it helps to reduce some restriction on the telephone.

Telecoil circuit

Telecoil circuit helps the person when he is talking on the telephone. However, the receiver of the phone is in the right direction of the hearing aid and the coil catch the single of the other person and send to the speakers with an increase in volume and this help to talk easily in the phone.


Finally, the use of hearing aids and their maintenance is more important for those who are work in the fields and they have a high-temperature body. So, the use of different methods for cleaning and maintaining the hearing aids the cost I less but the results are good enough its help to increase the hearing skills and you are not frustrated if your hearing aids are totally maintained and work properly.

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