Inexpensive Hearing Aids that are Available on Amazon – How to Buy Them
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Inexpensive Hearing Aids that are Available on Amazon – How to Buy Them

Published On: July 15, 2019

Inexpensive Hearing Aids that are Available on Amazon – How to Buy Them

Most people that reach the older stages of life are more likely prone to suffer a loss of hearing. Fortunately, the continuous innovation and adaptation that comes from mankind’s technological advancements has already led to one of the most useful and helpful devices invented—the hearing aid.


These hearing aids are available on various stores today. With the internet being one click away, it is also easier to buy almost whatever you need, even medical apparatuses such as hearing aids. One famous shopping website, Amazon, just happens to have hearing aids that are effective and also cheaper than their usual range of price.


However, before buying yourself a hearing aid, it is best for you to know a little look at the history and the different kinds of hearing aids that you could get.


What is a hearing aid?


A hearing aid is an electronic medical device that is typically worn around the ear. This medical device was invented with the purpose of helping those who suffer from hearing problems.


It usually enhances their hearing by making sound louder; hence making it more audible and perceivable for the person.


When you have noticed some symptoms of hearing loss, it is best to schedule an appointment with an audiologist or otolaryngologist. An audiologist is a professional when it comes to hearing health.


Your hearing loss will be measured and identified by an audiologist in order to ensure if your condition is real, which is proven through a hearing test that can also determine the degree of the hearing loss. An otolaryngologist is a physician that specializes in the   field of nose, ear, and throat disorders. Otolaryngologists are also capable of investigating the type of hearing loss that you are experiencing.

Kinds of Hearing Aids


After consulting an otolaryngologist or audiologist, they may give you the signal to get a hearing aid. Before buying a hearing aid, it is important to know that not all hearing aids are the same. There are various types that have different looks, mechanisms, and builds. These different variations mostly include:



  • Body-worn hearing aids


Harvey Fletcher was the inventor of the very first hearing aids that were both electric and portable. These hearing aids were called “Body-Worn”. Despite being one of the older versions of hearing aids, body-worn hearing aids are still used today due to its low price.


A body-worn hearing aid primarily consists of very notable parts such as the earmold, which is attached to the case through a wire. The main loudspeaker is located at the earmold while the controls, battery, and other electrical components are found inside the case.


The case part of the hearing aid is the size of an average wallet, and is typically worn around the waist area with a belt or kept inside a pocket. Unlike the more recent kinds of hearing aids, body-worn hearing aids are less portable due to its wire and case. However it generally provides a longer battery life than the latter.



  • Behind the ear hearing aids


When it comes to hearing aids, there are two main types that are differentiated by how and where the hearing aid is supposed to be worn.


These two types are the “Behind the ear” (BTE) hearing aids, and the “In the ear” (ITE) hearing aids. Behind the ear hearing aids are more commonly used by people who have major hearing loss problems, or by children because of the BTE’s durability


As its name suggests, behind the ear hearing aids are usually worn behind the ear. This kind of hearing aid includes a case that is basically hanged behind the pinna. A wire attaches the hearing aid case to the earmold.  


The loudspeaker can either be attached to the earmold, or in the case itself. The controls, battery, microphone, and other electronics are also found inside the case of the hearing aid.


Behind the ear hearing aids generally have different sizes that depend on the amount of the amount of output needed. This kind of hearing aid is known to be used for the more severe cases of hearing loss, due to its capability of supplying more output to the user’s ear.


  • In the ear hearing aids


This kind of hearing aid is usually more expensive than its counterpart, the BTE. In the ear hearing aids are usually made to be custom-fitted to the user’s ear.


Unlike behind the ear hearing aids, ITEs are usually more portable and less noticeable because it is typically placed directly to the outer part of the ear canal without hanging the device onto the pinna.


This type of hearing aid is used in mild up to some kinds of severe cases of hearing losses. ITEs are usually not recommended for the use of children because the custom-fitted hearing aids could easily be outgrown by the children and would likely require multiple replacements as time passes by.


Feedback is a whistling sound that is usually caused by a high frequency sound that is a very big factor that can contribute to hearing loss. In the ear hearing aids have circuits that will provide control and balance or even cancellation of feedback.


  • Invisible in-canal hearing aids


This hearing aid gets its name from its very subtle appearance. Invisible in-canal hearing aids (IIC) are made to fit the ear canal completely, giving it a camouflaged, “invisible” look.


It is usually fitted deeper in the ear canal, which makes the sound it collects become more natural as it comes through the normal shape of the ear and travels as if there is no hearing aid present.


Some models of this kind of hearing aid are even capable of being controlled by other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. IICs are recommended for adults, but are not recommended for the elderly.


  • Bone-anchored hearing aids


Bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) are hearing aids that are specially designed for people that are unable to wear the usual in the ear hearing aids and behind the ear hearing aids.


This type of hearing aid requires a surgical procedure which involves the hearing aid being attached to skull area nearest to the ear. When compared to other hearing aids, the BAHA is usually more expensive, due to the surgery and uniqueness of the device.



  • Eyeglass hearing aids


Eyeglass hearing aids were hearing aids that were built into the cases of eyeglasses. This type of hearing aid was popularized during the 1950s up to the 1970s. During this time, behind the ear hearing aids weren’t that common. This kind of hearing aid however, isn’t very versatile for its various users.


Being built in, it is impossible to use the hearing aid without using the glasses, and vice-versa. The types and styles of eyeglass frames were also very limited, most of which were thick framed eyeglasses, which were popular at the time.


Compared to BTEs and ITEs, eyeglass hearing aids aren’t that conventional for the average user in terms of flexibility. Despite it being unconventional, it still fulfills its purpose to enhance hearing as a normal hearing aid would do.


Inexpensive hearing aids available on Amazon


Hearing aids usually have very high prices. The usual price of an average hearing aid ranges from $1000 up to even $4000. Fortunately, there are a few hearing aids that are affordable for people that don’t have a big budget.


Before buying any hearing aid, always keep in mind to consult your audiologist first to ensure that you would get a hearing aid that is suitable for your personal case of hearing loss.


Now that information about what a hearing aid is and what are it’s different variations, it’s time to look at some inexpensive hearing aids available on Amazon that you could get.


There are a lot of low priced hearing aids located on amazon. Listed below are just a few of the most effective examples of the various cheap but efficient hearing aids that are available on Amazon.


Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier by BHA-220

Price: $58.00

This hearing aid is one of the most popular models available that has a very affordable price tag. Its features include:


-Super Efficient Battery Power Consumption

-All day comfort

-Easy one finger operation

-Active digital noise reduction

-Modern and stylish design and ready to wear

-500+ hour battery life


Britzgo BHA-702

Price: $74.00

This hearing aid is equipped with noise cancelling, and its amplifier is designed to reduce unwanted amplification which gives the user to have proper focus when it comes to sound. Its features include:


-Full digital circuitry

-Small modern design

-Left and right tubes available for either ear

-Air conductivity

-Ambient noise reduction

-High and low tone control

-2 frequency modes

-Battery current drain: <1.8mA


MEDca BTE Behind the Ear Sound Amplifier Super Mini Size Sound Enhancer

Price: $9.49

This device is an example of a BTE. This hearing aid is capable of amplifying sound up to an amount of 40 decibels.


It has a volume control that is adjustable which has a total of 6 volume levels. It also has a unique noise reduction technology that clears your hearing. This BTE has a very low price and is available and ready at Amazon


MEDca TM High Quality Rechargeable Ear Hearing Amplifier Sound Amplifier with Rapid Charger

Price: $19.99

Another example of a BTE, this hearing aid features a noise reduction feature that gives you better hearing overall. Its charger is very portable as well as its amplifier. Unlike most hearing aids, this BTE is rechargeable and doesn’t require disposable batteries. This hearing aid can be worn on either ear, which makes it very convenient for the user. It also comes at an inexpensive price.


These are just a few examples of inexpensive hearing aids that you could avail on Amazon. While there are some hearing aids that are expensive, there are some that are affordable and available in the market.


Hearing loss and the use of hearing aids isn’t something to be ashamed of. In fact, most people who turn old will most likely suffer hearing loss, which means that hearing problems are just a part of life.


With the different varieties of hearing aids available today, along with the inexpensive alternatives that can be found on Amazon, getting a medical hearing aid should be no problem once needed.


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