How To Clean Hearing Aids At Home?

How To Clean Hearing Aids At Home?

Published On: May 22, 2019

How To Clean Hearing Aids At Home?

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People who suffer from hearing loss problems need to wear hearing aids throughout the day in order to carry out conversations and interact with others. Wearing hearing aids helps them in overcoming their hearing problems and as a result they can carry out their personal as well as professional activities with ease. Hearing aids are worn after prescription from your audiologists and you can chose which type you want to wear depending upon your hearing loss problems severity and comfort level.

Hearing aids are quite expensive so care must be taken and you must keep them clean and maintained so that so can use them for a longer time span and various hazards such as infections, irritation etc. can also be avoided due to dirty and unhygienic hearing aids. A variety of tools are also available in the market which can help you in keeping your hearing aids clean and tidy and you can also follow a number of other tips in order to maintain the health and efficiency of your hearing aid devices. These tips and tools include:

Hearing aid cleaning tools

Hearing aids are available on high prices and in order to avoid investing too much on them you must try to maintain their cleanliness and hygiene by cleaning them on regular basis. A number of cleaning tips and cleaning tools can be applied in order to achieve this purpose. The few best hearing aid cleaning tools available in the market are listed below:

  • 5-in-1 Hearing aid cleaner kit

This hearing aid cleaning kit contains five items including a brush, wax removal pick, tube or vent cleaning tool, battery door opener and a battery magnet tool. These tools help you in cleaning your hearing aid easily which results in an extended life span of your hearing aid.

  • Nano Clean Hearing aid cleaners

This hearing aid cleaning kit is amazing for cleaning hearing aids and avoiding any kind of health issues due to bad hygiene. This kit contains 20 brushes made up from nylon brush floss strands which make it easier to clean the tubes and pipes associated with the BTE hearing aids as well as other wearing style hearing aids.

  • Hearing aid cleaning brushes

This kit is also very helpful in successful cleaning if your hearing aid devices on regular basis. It contains a multi-purpose tool with a brush and magnet on one end and the other end contains a wax pick so that the wax on the hearing aid can be easily removed and the volume level of the device does not get affected.

  • Audio wipes Disinfectant Towelettes

This hearing aid cleaning kit is well-equipped with 100 small sized individually wrapped disinfecting Towelettes so that you can clean your electronic devices easily without needing to use any damaging or harsh chemicals.

  • Hearing aid disinfecting spray

This kit contains a spray which is really helpful in disinfecting your hearing aid devices .The small bottle contains 4 oz. spray and you can use it by applying it on a paper towel or tissue paper and clean the ear molds with it.

  • Jodi-Vac hearing aid vacuum cleaner

Some people have naturally more earwax than others so in order to clean their hearing aids and avoid clogging due to wax one must use this small electronic vacuum cleaner so that your devices can be frequently deep cleaned and a good hygiene can be maintained.

Cleaning tips for differing wearing styles of hearing aids

The built of hearing aids varies in different wearing styles and different methods can be adopted to clean these which are mentioned below:

Cleaning tips for ITE, ITC, CIC and IIC wearing style hearing aids

Tips for cleaning up the above mentioned types of electronic anti-hearing loss devices are listed below:

  • In order to keep your devices clean you must clean them using a cloth, tissue, hearing aid wipes or disinfecting sprays.
  • The hearing aids contain a microphone and speaker ports and the number of these ports various in different hearing aids. The opening of these ports can get blocked due to ear wax so you must keep it in mind while cleaning up your hearing aids so that the working of the electronic devices and make it difficult to communicate with people. The wax and debris accumulated on these ports and parts can be easily removed using a small brush.
  • You can also use a wax pick to clean the ports of the microphone and speakers. You must avoid sticking any cleaning tool for long on these ports as it can result in damaging their work capability. If required you can also replace the wax filter.
  • Locate the vent of the hearing aids which is an opening allowing air to travel from one side of the device to the other. The cleaning kits contain a vent cleaner which can be easily used in order to clear out the vent from dust, wax or other such blocking materials.
  • You can also store your hearing aid overnight in a dehumidifier in order to clear out the impurities.

Cleaning tips for BTE (behind-the-ear) wearing style hearing aids

The tips for cleaning hearing aids which belong to the type BTE are mentioned below:

  • Wipe your hearing aid mold or dome using a cloth, tissue, hearing aid wipes or disinfecting spray.
  • Locate the port of your hearing aid’s microphone and clean it too so that the surrounding sounds are easily detected and the person wearing these aids get to listen all sounds. Use a designated brush in order to clean out the wax or debris from these ports.
  • The wax pick can also be used to clear the holes present at the top of the dome or ear mold so that the working is maintained.
  • Put the humidifier in a bowl and place your hearing aids inside it for the whole night.

Other tips include:

  • Remove the tube from hearing aids of type BTE and use a vacuum cleaner in order to clear out the dirt, wax or debris stuck inside these devices.
  • Replace the dome for deep cleaning.
  • You can also replace the wax filter if it gets too dirty.
  • Also clean the opening of the hearing aid devices using a vacuum cleaner so that it can be cleaned properly.
  • Use a wipe or disinfecting spray frequently to ensure that your hearing aid is deep cleaned.

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