How 2 Americans Are Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with This New Amazing Device
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How 2 Americans Are Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with This New Amazing Device

Published On: July 15, 2019

How 2 Americans Are Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with This New Amazing Device

Fact: 48 million Americans over age 65 have hearing loss, yet over 80% don’t currently have hearing aids because the price is simply too expensive! Until now…

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend $5,000 on traditional clunky hearing aids anymore…

Dr Robert Carlson and Paul Johnson are changing the hearing aid industry as we know it.

Born and raised in Beijing, they both proudly love inventing American-made technology, supporting American jobs, and disrupting monopolized industries…

Now they lead nanohearingaids.com the fastest growing hearing aid company in America. This is their story…

Let’s be honest, very few people want to wear big, clunky, over-priced hearing aids.

Dr. Robert Carlson and Paul Johnson wanted to change this perception by inventing a revolutionary new device that’s invisible, cool to wear, and actually affordable…

After many years of research and development, Nano’s team of engineers came up with game-changing hearing technology.

The result: A hearing device that packs cutting-edge technology in a design so small, it disappears completely behind the ear. It’s called the Nano X2. Priced at 90% less than traditional hearing aids, this is now the #1 selling hearing device on the internet!

Virtually invisible, the Nano X2 sits comfortably behind your ear. In fact, many users say “My family and friends can’t even tell I’m wearing a hearing aid. But they are happy I can hear them now!”

The High-Tech Hearing Aids of the Future Are Finally Here:

Nano’s new hearing technology is so amazing, it’s actually cool and fun to wear (kinda like Apple’s iPod).

Just imagine the next dinner you have with any of your family members or friends. They will be super impressed! Why?

Not because they can tell you’re wearing anything (they won’t be able to), but because you’ll impress them with how well you understand every single word in the conversation without having to read lips or ask “what?”…

But it gets even better. Continue reading…

In addition, Nano’s new X2 device uses a patent-pending algorithm to cancel out background noise, thus delivering better than normal hearing capabilities.

You will notice remarkable improvements in your ability to clearly understand speech, even in noisy environments like a busy restaurant.

Tens-of-thousands of Nano customers are flocking to Nano’s website every single day to purchase hearing aids online. Nano ships the hearing aids directly to you with no middleman and no hearing test required!

How is that possible?

Nano’s new technology eliminates background noise and lets you easily pick the settings that are best for your hearing loss.

Plus, each order comes with enough ear-dome sizes so it’s guaranteed to fit your ear size.

Thus, Nano works perfectly for 99.8% of all customers straight out of the box with no custom fitting required!

Thousands of customers are leaving 5-star reviews like this:

“I can finally hear the TV on low volume! My family and friends like spending more time with me now that I actually understand them. Now I’m not missing out on big memories anymore. In fact, thanks to Nano, I heard my granddaughter’s sweet soft voice clearly for the very first time, and I started crying tears of joy!”

The Nano X2 doesn’t look like any other hearing aid out there. It offers the best speech clarity and affordable price on the market.

It’s really no surprise that with this level of innovation, nanohearingaids.com is now the #1 selling hearing aid sold exclusively online and shipped directly to your front door.

Nano has graciously given our readers like you a special limited time offer:

Get 2 hearing aids for the price of 1! ($800+ value)

And the next 250 action-takers who order today will also get the following two bonuses:

  • FREE 1-year warranty ($100 value)
  • FREE shipping ($10 value)!

Due to lots of readers taking advantage of Nano’s limited time 2 for 1 sale, Nano is ending the sale at midnight on July 15, 2019. Please click here to take advantage of this sale before it ends.

With so many positive customer comments online, there’s no doubt that Nano is doing something right.

Check now if you qualify to test this new hearing aid. Are you:

  • 50 years or older
  • Having trouble hearing
  • Living in Beijing

If you answered yes to the questions above, then CLICK HERE to get Nano.

You can check if you qualify for this risk-free trial below.



Doris Del Verde

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can hear so clearly!! Yipee

I was somewhat hesitant to buy these but then I decided for the price I just couldn’t go without trying them. I’m 83 and could not afford 5-6000 dollars for hearing aids. So I got these and oh my goodness they are the best. So comfortable, and I hear every little word now. It’s totally amazing this little tiny thing that fits in your ears but wow they may be little but what a punch they pack. I love love them!! I would absolutely buy again. Thank you Nano, you have made me very happy. Thank You So Much!!! I’m a faithful customer, Doris Del Verde and I thank you again Nano

Gene Eskew

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Miracle!

I have to admit when my wife purchased these Nano hearing aids for me I was a bit perturbed and stubborn about wearing them. My hearing has been bad for over thirty years and I am sure my wife was tired of me always saying, “What?” So, she took the initiative and ordered the Nano hearing aids. When I put them in she asked me how they sounded. I recoiled and asked her why she was talking so loud! I am amazed at what I have not been hearing all these years! They are not perfect, but pretty darn impressive. Take a chance and order these at this fantastic price. You won’t be sorry!

Jennifer Royston

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pleasantly Surprised

I needed help with my hearing for a while. After looking at so many hearing aids, I knew they were all out of my price range so I was certainly skeptical when I saw the ads for these little guys. I decided to try them anyway and I am delighted with them. They really do help I’m realizing my hearing was worse than I thought, I notice the turn signal sound in my car now and little things like that. Does the job for me anyway. I even asked someone to turn the music down yesterday. HaHa

Robert Allen Paige

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I Changed To NANO

I purchased a pair of hearing aids from Sams Club final cost almost $4000.00; they were great, but the cost was killing me. After 2 months, I called NANO, and purchased a pair of hearing aids from them. I wore them for 2 weeks, and was so satisfied I returned my Sams Club pair for a full refund. My NANO hearing aids are as good as my Sam’s Club brand, and they even fit better. I highly recommend them.

Jerry Schwartz

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Replacement!

My wife bought them for me. I love them. I also give a big thumbs up to company. I had one come out of my ear and did not know where. I had only had them for a short time. I backtracked but could not find. My wife decided to call and see if I could get a replacement for a fair price. They are great and are sending a replacement free of charge. Great company!!



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