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Hearing Aid Reviews: A Complete Review of Bernafon Hearing Aids
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Hearing Aid Reviews: A Complete Review of Bernafon Hearing Aids

Published On: June 19, 2019

Hearing Aid Reviews: A Complete Review of Bernafon Hearing Aids

bernafon hearing aids

Is your hearing deteriorating with age? Are you looking to get the best hearing aids for yourself or a family member? Unsure about which brand will fit your lifestyle best?

An estimated 40 million adults in the US have hearing loss and hearing problems. The most common cause of this is old age. With as many as 40 million deaf people, life and communication can be difficult for them.

If you are one of them or you know someone, help them out. Check out our review of Bernafon hearing aids below. We wrote down all you need to know about Bernafon Hearing Aids and more.

1. The Bernafon Brand

Coming from Bern, Switzerland, Bernafon is a creator of high-quality hearing aids. The bran has more than 70 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. It introduced its first commercial hearing aid in 1964.

The Bernafon brand aims to empower communication between all individuals through their products. Its audiologists and product specialists create more than hearing aids. They strive to give better access to fitting software, connectivity devices, and apps.

Other than the US, the brand has a noticeable presence in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada. Its history gives the brand a reputation in creating superior hearing aid technology. Up until now, it continues to create innovative hearing aids with microchips to enable users to process sounds faster.

Now, they distribute products to more than 70 countries. Professional product distributors get access to its fitting tech and other useful features. The newest fitting software that Bernafon uses is Oasis.

2. Types of Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon hearing aids come in three hearing aid types. These are the receiver-in-the-ear type, in-ear type, and behind-the-ear type. Depending on the functional and aesthetic preferences, the recommended type differs for everyone.

The behind-the-ear or BTE fit behind your ear. They work for a wide range of hearing losses. A thin tube routes the sound into the ear canal with a custom-fit ear mold.

ITE or in-the-ear hearing aids are the ones you wear in your ear canal. Depending on the power, they vary in size. There are small, almost invisible Bernafon ITE hearing aids as well as more powerful but larger models.

The receiver-in-the-ear or RITE hearing aids take benefits from both BTE and ITE models. The smallest RITE models can almost be invisible.

3. Common Popular Product Features

Hearing loss happens most often to adults in the 60-69 age groups. When that happens to you, you want quality hearing aids that will cost less in the long run. Most people choose Bernafon hearing aids and the following are only some reasons.

What makes Bernafon hearing aids popular and reliable are the functional features. The hearing aids from Bernafon focus on speech understanding. Bernafon strives to create technology that will allow for communication in many situations.

Do you like to listen to music but have a hard time hearing? The hearing devices from Bernafon focus on excellent sound perception. Moreover, they have accessories that allow you to listen straight from your phone.

If you want to stop making adjustments every time you enter a room, Bernafon hearing aids will do it for you. They have automatic adjustments so you can focus more on what’s important.

Aesthetic features also allow Bernafon hearing aids to be subtle. The visible hearing aid parts are often transparent, like the wire for RITE models. There is also a variety of color choices to choose from and match different skin colors.

4. Pros and Cons of Hearing Aids from Bernafon

Many of the brand’s hearing aids have a wide range of needs. There are hearing aids that cater to basic hearing loss needs and those that are very technical. The Bernafon brand allows for discreet use of their products as well.

Bernafon created five categories for their hearing aids. The categories are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Each category caters to a different level of user benefits and hearing loss.

Another advantage is the wide array of Bernafon hearing aid accessories. Bernafon gives users more control with its apps and remote controls. The EasyControl-A app even has a helpful “Find my hearing instrument” function.

Included in Bernafon’s accessories is the TV-A or TV adapter. It allows users to watch and hear the TV directly. SoundClip-A is a multifunctional accessory for sound streaming for mobile phones.

There is ridicule for the brand for its ChannelFree amplification despite having 16 channels of directionality. The reason for this is to give the products a unique way to amplify speech. It was only the name that wasn’t on point.

5. Some of Bernafon’s Most Recommended Hearing Aids

Allow us to recommend some great hearing aids from Bernafon. The brand has a line of hearing aids that can fit any lifestyle. Some new hearing aids take inspiration from older innovations.

Bernafon’s Zerena delivers excellent and sound quality. The sound experience is natural and has great clarity. Furthermore, it isn’t distracting or obvious.

Its automatic program doesn’t use sound settings or situation parameters. Zerena has quick and seamless reactions when moving between different sound situations. Its performance in both noisy and quiet situations with speech is exceptional.

Do you often find yourself in challenging hearing situations? Viron 9 is Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing hearing aid line. It lets users hear sound in their environment and experience sound closer than ever to reality.

Its environment processing capacities are perfect for musicians. Included in this line are the miniRITE and BTE 105. They have dynamic feedback canceller, amplification control, and noise management features.

Like the Zerena, Viron 9 hearing aids have a significant improvement in speech understanding. Should there be loud background music, the devices focus on important sounds. This allows users to give less listening effort.

Listen Better with Bernafon

That’s it for our guide on Bernafon hearing aids.

Looking for more hearing aid reviews? Check out our blog for more posts like this on hearing aids and hearing loss.

Are you afraid you’re losing your hearing? It’s important that you get hearing loss treated right away. Get your ears checked by an otolaryngologist and see an audiologist for recommended hearing aids.