American College Student Invents New Invisible Hearing Technology for 75 Year Old Grandma…

American College Student Invents New Invisible Hearing Technology for 75 Year Old Grandma…

Published On: July 15, 2019

American College Student Invents New Invisible Hearing Technology for 75 Year Old Grandma…

This Story Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy…

It was a cold, brisk -10 degree Christmas and dinner starts promptly at 5pm…

Robert Carlson is driving up to his Grandma Lisa’s house, excited to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner with family members he hasn’t seen in almost 2 years since going away to college…

Robert walks through a foot of snow to get to the door,




Grandma Lisa opened the door,

“Robert, how amazing to see you!” Grandma exclaimed!

Robert enthusiastically replied, “You too! I love you Grandma!”

“What was that honey?” Grandma asked.

“I love you Grandma!!!” Robert said louder.

“Come inside Robert, it’s cold out there” Grandma said, clearly not understanding him.

Robert felt shocked and sad that his Grandma couldn’t hear him, but walked in and began hugging all family members one by one…

Thus, the wonderful Christmas festivities began…

Robert and the whole family were laughing and having wonderful conversations… except Grandma who seemed to be secluded and embarrassed for some reason that Robert wouldn’t find out until later…

“What’s that amazing smell?” Robert asked everyone at the table…

“You should know Robert, that’s Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, you’re going to love it!” Said Grandpa from the other side of the room…

“Wow Grandpa, how did you hear my question all the way over there?” Robert asked…

“I have my Swiss hearing aids in,” Grandpa said with a proud look.

“Interesting. If it’s from Switzerland it must be expensive. How much did they cost?” Robert asked…

“Well, about $5,750 for the entire pair. It really drained a big chunk of our retirement money, but that’s unfortunately the average price for hearing aids these days.” Grandpa said.


Grandpa and Robert as a boy (on right)

“Wow, when did you buy these hearing aids?” Robert asked.

“Oh, about 2 years ago. Grandma and I were driving home from the grocery store in my Ford pickup truck.” Grandpa continued…

“We almost crashed into an ambulance because I couldn’t hear the siren and didn’t pull over to the right side of the road.” Grandpa said…

“Then a police officer noticed, pulled us over, and gave me a ticket.” Grandpa looked a little embarrassed and continued…

“The officer sternly warned me and Grandma that my drivers license would be taken away I could go to prison for 15 days if I ever didn’t stop for an emergency vehicle again”.

Grandpa looked even more embarrassed and continued…

“I really should have bought hearing aids 5 years ago when Grandma first started nagging me that I couldn’t hear the high frequency sounds of her sweet soft voice.” Grandpa continued…

“It caused all sorts of pointless arguments and unhappiness between us, but I was too stubborn and put it off.” Grandpa continued…

“I realized later, you don’t even need a hearing test from an audiologist to know if you really need hearing aids. There are three super simple tests,” Grandpa continued…

Robert leaned in on the edge of his seat, “What are the tests?”

Grandpa continued,

“First: If anyone in your life has ever nagged you that you need to get hearing aids — then you need hearing aids”

“Second: If you listen to the TV on medium or high volume, then you clearly need hearing aids.”

“Third: if you ever have to ask “What?” or read lips, then you clearly need hearing aids.” Grandpa said.

Robert chimed in, “I love the simplicity and absolutely agree.”

Grandpa continued “Do you want to know the biggest reason why I got hearing aids?”

“Yes!” Robert replied…

Grandpa continued “I had an epiphany one night…

“I realized that I’m hurting the most important people in my life by not being able to hear them. I’m missing out on life. Retirement is pointless if I can’t hear properly”

“Thus, I need to buy hearing aids not only to benefit myself, but to benefit everyone I interact with because they don’t want to hang out with me if I can’t hear them.” Grandpa explained.

“Ah, that totally makes sense” Robert said. “Thank you for being honest Grandpa.”

Grandpa replied, “You’re welcome Robert, if there’s only one thing you learn from me it’s that being honest with yourself is the key to living a great life. Don’t live in pride.”

Just then, Grandma walked over to the dinner table and sat down with a large plate of her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Robert took one whiff and started salivating…

Everyone started digging in and they disappeared quickly! The cookies tasted heavenly. The chocolate chips were incredibly soft and juicy…

Robert took one bite and feelings of warmth and happiness overtook him.

He started seeing joyful flashbacks of his childhood summers when he and Grandma would bake chocolate chip cookies on a warm summer day and dip them into milk.

Grandma always used to tell Robert, “The secret ingredient is LOVE!” Robert would always smile and agree.

Robert looked straight at Grandma sitting across the table and exclaimed, “Hey Grandma, you could win awards for these cookies! Is the secret ingredient still LOVE?”

She didn’t respond.

Everyone at the table was shocked, realizing what just happened…

Grandpa is sitting next to her and yells “Hey Honey, do you have your hearing aids in?”

Grandma responds “Oh, no. Remember, I lost my left ear hearing aid last month, and last week I accidentally wore my right ear hearing aid in the shower, and it broke.”

Grandma continued “When I went back to the audiologist he said I would need to buy an entire new pair, since they don’t cover loss or damage.”

Robert stepped in, “Wow, so insurance doesn’t covert hearing aids? That’s crazy. But why don’t you just buy another pair out of pocket?” Robert asked…

Grandma frowned and replied “Correct, insurance doesn’t cover anything, so it’s all out-of-pocket. I’m very sad, but we simply can’t afford to spend another $5,000 on hearing aids right now.”

Grandma continued, “I’m missing out on all sorts of amazing things in my life. My friends call me less. I can only listen to the TV on loud volume which annoys everyone around me. It’s a real shame.”

At that moment, Robert looked at Grandma — tears were dripping from her eyes…

Grandpa handed Grandma a napkin, and she took off her glasses and started cleaning off her tears…

Robert exclaimed, “Wow that’s ridiculous! These big hearing aid companies must have a monopoly and are artificially raising prices!”

Grandpa agreed, “Yes, think about a state-of-the-art TV. It only costs around $500-$700. Tiny hearing aids should cost the same or less, not $5,000.”

“Exactly! Plus, there are a lot of middlemen involved. You have audiologists’ salaries, rent, and monopolized over-priced hearing aids.” Robert said…

“Why doesn’t someone invent a hearing aid that automatically adjusts to your environment, and can be sold on the internet? Thus eliminating the middlemen and lowering prices to $500?” Robert asked…

Everyone looked back at Robert in agreement.

Then Robert had an epiphany…

“With my advanced engineering background I have the skills to invent the worlds first hearing aid to automatically adjust to any environment, fit everyone with no need for a hearing test, and sell it directly to consumers online for 1/10th the price of traditional hearing aids!”

Everyone agreed. “Robert, that’s a wonderful idea!” Grandma exclaimed!

“Grandma, I’ll create the best hearing aids on the market. Since I’m going to create the world’s best hearing aids, what other features do you want?” Robert asked.

“Well, I wear glasses, so I want CIC hearing aids that fit completely in my ear so they don’t get in the way of my glasses” Grandma said.

Grandpa chimed in, “But my Swiss hearing aids sit behind my ear — not in my canal — and I wear glasses without too much discomfort.”

Grandpa continued, “Behind-the-ear hearing aids are superior in power, sound quality, and battery life. But if you can make the world’s smallest, most powerful, invisible behind-the-ear hearing aid, it would fit everyone with glasses — making it very attractive, especially if you can keep the price point around $500 per pair.”

Robert chimed in, “Yes! It’s totally possible with my engineering and manufacturing background, I’ll invent the world’s best hearing aid. Just give me 6 months to prepare a prototype…”

Robert firmly held his Grandma’s hand and looked her deep in the eyes and said,

“Grandma, when I come back to visit you for July 4th, I’ll bring more than just fireworks. I’ll have two pairs of hearing aids ready for you and Grandpa to try on. And the sound quality and fit will be better than anything you’ve ever experienced. How does that sound?”

Grandma tried to hold back the tears, but she couldn’t. They began pouring out…

Grandma spoke amidst her tears “Wow, that sounds truly amazing Robert. Being able to hear again will truly change my life! I won’t be missing out on any more memories.”

Robert went home that night and immediately began sketching designs for the ultimate hearing aids.

Over the next 6 months, Robert traveled all over the world speaking with the best audio and technology engineers to figure out how to do the impossible — creating the ultimate hearing aids — with nearly invisible design, background noise canceling technology for incredible sound quality, and all for less than the price of a new TV.

But it wasn’t easy. Audiologists and big hearing aid stores yelled at Robert and told him his idea was impossible. But he didn’t give up. In fact, it drove him to work harder! Nothing will stop him from helping his Grandma!

Finally Robert had a breakthrough! A local hearing technology manufacturing facility in St. Paul Minnesota was able to produce his “impossible” prototype.

Sometimes, it just takes hard working American sweat, blood, and tears to change the world.

Robert was glad he didn’t give up. He also is proud to be keeping jobs in America, not overseas.

Robert is now prepared to fight the monopolies head on. But first, he needs to visit Grandma…

It’s now a sunny July 4th at 4pm with a wonderful breeze and the entire family was gathered together to enjoy a lovely holiday together.

Robert had shipped Grandma and Grandpa each a pair of his new hearing aids two weeks prior so they could get used to wearing them before he arrived and be ready to give him feedback on the sound quality.

Robert pulls up to his Grandma’s house in his new-smelling rental car, gets out, and gently closes his car door.

Before he can open the front door, Grandma opens it and exclaims, “Welcome home Robert! It’s so wonderful to see you!”

Robert is shocked and replies, “Wow! Grandma, how did you know I was here? Did you see me through your window?”

Grandma confidently smiled and replied, “No Robert, you should know! I have your hearing aids in! They work so wonderfully I heard your car pull up and I even heard you close your car door all the way from the kitchen!”

Robert replied, “Incredible! I’m so happy the hearing aids are working so well for you!”

Robert smiled with joy and said, “Grandma, I love you!”

Grandma’s heart almost melted as she replied, “I love you too Robert!”

Robert froze.

At that moment, Robert realized what just happened and remembered Grandma couldn’t even hear him say the same exact thing during his Christmas visit just 7 months prior.

Robert felt an incredible tingling sensation run down his entire spine as if a lightning bolt of joy just struck him. Normally Robert never allows himself to cry, but this time he couldn’t hold it in. Tears of joy started running down his eyes…

Robert exclaimed, “Wait! Wow! Grandma, you can actually hear now!”

Grandma replied, “Yes Robert! I’m hearing sounds I haven’t heard since I was a young 22 year-old in college!”

Just then, Robert and Grandma both heard a beep! Grandma quickly said “That’s the oven Robert. The cookies are done! Let’s go inside!”

Robert replied, “Wow that’s amazing, you even heard the oven beep all the way from the front door!”

Grandma replied, “Yes, your hearing aids have truly changed my life. All my friends are complementing on how much more involved I am in conversations now that I hear everything.” Grandma continued,

“I enjoy Church and Sunday brunch way more than ever before…

“Our TV is on low volume…

“Grandpa and never argue anymore now that we can actually hear each other…

“And I never let anything burn in the oven now that I can hear the timer go off!” Grandma exclaimed,

“But do you want to know the best part Robert?” Grandma asked with a big smile,

“Yes!” Robert replied,

Grandma proudly continued,

“The best part is that no one knows I’m even wearing hearing aids!”

“I like to wear my hair short, and I wear glasses, so I love these tiny invisible hearing aids of yours because they fit all the way inside my ear canal. I often forget I’m wearing them at all!”

Grandma proceeded to walk into the kitchen and check on the cookies.

Now Grandpa walked in the living room and chimed in,

“Robert, I must say young lad, I didn’t think it was possible…

“But your tiny little hearing aids are better than my big expensive Swiss hearing aids.

“I don’t think Grandma can hear me from here, but you must have gotten the “smart genes” from my side of the family!”

Everyone started laughing uncontrollably!

Just then Grandma walked into living room with a plate of fresh cookies oozing with chocolate chips making everyone’s mouth water…

“Everyone gets my chocolate chip cookies except you dear — as she looked at Grandpa with a naughty grin and said, “I heard you! You should know better! Now that I’m wearing Nano, I can hear a pin drop!”

Everyone started laughing again!

Grandpa happily apologized and said “I love you dear, I was only kidding”. Grandma smiled and kissed Grandpa on the cheek and said “I know dear.”

Everyone started talking, laughing, and enjoying the chocolate chip cookies.

Grandpa said, “Robert, when are you going to release your new invisible hearing aids to the public?”

Robert replied, “It’s funny you ask. I opened our website for pre-orders last month and we sold out in 3 hours! Now we are finally just getting back in stock. The demand is so high it’s incredible!”

Grandpa replied, “Wow, that’s impressive. You’ve done it Robert. You’re living the American dream, supporting American jobs, supporting American manufacturing, inventing American technology, and helping folks like me and Grandma get hearing aids for 90% less than the cost of traditional hearing aids!”

Grandpa continued, “Robert, you make me proud to be your grandpa!”

Grandma smiled and agreed, “Yes! Robert, we’re so proud of you. You’re such a wonderful grandson!”

Robert’s heart melted with joy, love, and affirmation.

Grandma asked, “Robert, is there anything we can do to support you?”

“Sure!” Robert replied, “We just got back in stock, and we sell exclusively on our website, so please tell your friends about us.”

Robert continued, “In fact, we’re doing a limited time “buy 1 ear get 1 ear free” sale for the next 250 customers. It’s going absolutely viral right now, so we’re going to end the sale within 24 hours before we run out of stock.”

“So please tell your friends to buy tonight before our sale ends so they can save even more money. Savvy shoppers are actually buying TWO pairs of hearing aids for their spouse or a friend to really take advantage of our huge sale.”

Grandma replied, “Awesome! We’ll tell all our friends! What’s your website name?”

Robert replied, NanoHearingAids.com.

Later that evening, Robert hugged Grandma and Grandpa goodbye and went home feeling accomplished.

To support Robert, American jobs, American technology, and to help the underdog fight the big monopolies, visit NanoHearingAids.com to get your pair of America’s #1 selling hearing technology for a fraction of the price of traditional hearing aids.

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