Make Your Life Even Easier with Clever Hearing Aid Accessories
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Make Your Life Even Easier with Clever Hearing Aid Accessories

Published On: July 15, 2019

Make Your Life Even Easier with Clever Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids already make life easier for millions of seniors all across the US.  Did you know, however, that there are some accessories which can help to make things even simpler?

Whether you need to boost the performance of your hearing aids, or if you need some help in keeping them clean and well-maintained, there are plenty of optional add-ons to choose from.  Whether you are technologically-minded or not, these accessories are easy to use from day to day.  Here are some accessory ideas you may wish to bear in mind when buying hearing aids for the first time!

Smartphone Applications

We can do pretty much everything with our smartphones nowadays!  You can even control your hearing aids, too.  Many hearing aid models include free apps for you to download so that you can tune and set different programs for different environments.  For example, you may want to choose a program that is ideally suited for busy bars and restaurants.

You can also use smartphone apps to control your hearing aid volume and clarity, too.

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Remote Controls

If your hearing aids don’t come with a smartphone app, they may well arrive with a handy remote control.  Rather than having to fiddle with your hearing aid itself, you can control your volume and clarity with a simple, hand-held device.  Designed to be easy to use and hard to lose, it’s now easier than ever to take greater control of your hearing.  These accessories are extremely popular with hearing aid wearers of all ages.

Rechargeable Batteries

When buying hearing aids, do look out for models which accept rechargeable batteries!  Many hearing aids come with batteries which you need to replace, and that can get expensive over time.  With rechargeable hearing aids, plug in your device and let it charge up.  There’s no need to buy new batteries, and there’s certainly no need to fiddle around with the battery compartment.  Many hearing aids come with standard batteries but can allow you to switch rechargeable ones in if you prefer.

TV Transmitters

Much in the same way that an induction loop can boost sounds in a public place, these gadgets can boost TV signals to help you hear your TV and movies better.  Some hearing aid devices come with a simple loop which you can wear around your neck.  Pair this with a transmitter plugged into your TV, and you’ll be able to hear your favorite shows like never before.

Remote Microphones

While many hearing aids use boosted microphone technology to amplify conversation, remote microphones work even harder.  A remote mic worn as a separate accessory will boost one to one discussions.  Therefore, if you’re in a crowded place and need to speak one-on-one, the microphone will increase clarity and volume.

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