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Hansaton Hearing Aids: A Complete Review
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Hansaton Hearing Aids: A Complete Review

Published On: June 19, 2019

Hansaton Hearing Aids: A Complete Review

Are you tired of nodding your head, even when you’re not sure what you’re agreeing to?

It’s no joke.

Wearing hearing aids that don’t provide clarity of sound along with volume are as good as useless. You may already find yourself tossing your current pair of hearing aids aside because they either making hearing worse or just plain painful.

There are better options out there for you. Many hearing aid manufacturers are hard at work to improve sound technology. So you can go back to enjoying the conversation instead of being a prisoner to it. 

Maybe even avoiding it altogether! 

Regain your social life with a new kind of hearing aid technology. Hansaton Hearing Aids might be the right choice for you. If you’ve had your eye on them, check out this complete review before you buy! 

Experience 3-Dimensional Sound

If you’re struggling with the sound from your hearing aids, you’re not alone. Some hearing aids will only raise the volume on sound. This makes sound unbearable in noisy and crowded places.

It also makes it more difficult to hear the people you want to listen to the most. Your friends and family. This is especially true in social events and places when a lot of people are talking all at once.

Regain Your Freedom

Hansaton says they have the solution. Their newest “sphere” technology captures sound in 3D. You get a surround sound experience no matter what kind of setting. There are also a variety of adjustments.

Depending on the model you choose, you will have a variety of settings to choose from. This will allow you to fine-tune sound in any situation.

There are 12 channels and 7 adjustments to choose from with the SHD 5 model. The SHD 9 model offers upwards of 20 channels. You’ll be able to have quality conversations with friends in a crowded restaurant or in quiet spaces with a small group.

They call this their “Auto Surround 6” platform. 

Hang On Every Word

But don’t worry about constantly fiddling with the settings. The technology inside these little devices is super smart. The “Situation Optimiser” is going to take care of remembering which settings worked best for each situation. 

The “Acclimatization Manager” lets you make the slightest changes to your settings so they’re just right. Plus, the “Conversation Lift” makes sure you catch every word and also keeps them clear of background noise. This includes wind, with its automated wind blocker!

Designed to Impress

The SHD models come in up to three battery sizes and 7 color shades, depending on the model. The smallest battery size, SHD 10 provides the most discreetness. Meanwhile, the largest battery, SHD 13, will offer users the longest battery life.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to locate the power button. The battery compartment can also be simply accessed. This saves you time fumbling around when you’re ready to start enjoying the day.

One of the most innovative things about Hansaton batteries is you don’t have to replace them. Which is perfect because a 6mm is hard to pick up, much less swap out of a tiny hearing aid.

Instead of replacing the actual battery, Hansaton created a charging station. You can charge your phone and your hearing aids together overnight. It’s that simple.

Choose Your Model

There are a few models of the Hansaton SHD line to choose from. Depending on your preferences, hearing loss, and budget, one might be better than another.

For example, the SHD 5 model costs $2,450 while the SHD 3 costs $2,000. However, there are a mere 8 settings for the SHD 3 as opposed to the SHD 5’s 12 settings. That means it doesn’t function with as much precision. 

So you won’t have the flexibility or clarity depending on where you are. Still, the SHD 3 could be enough variety for users who don’t rely as much on their devices.

The same can be said for the SHD 7 ($3,450) and SHD 9 ($4,300) models. SHD 9 is known for having the most premium quality sound. The SHD 7 offers 16 channels, while the SHD 9 offers 20.

Don’t let the price tag scare you away from the hearing aids you need. You may be able to spend less on your hearing aids with a recent law passed.

Who is Hansaton?

Hansaton Hearing Aids is a German hearing aid manufacturer that is known for its high-quality sound and comfortable design. Their newest SHD line is powerful enough to help people with mild to severe hearing loss.

This technology-based hearing aid line is able to provide device users with a more natural sound. It comes with three settings: Classic, Active, or Modern. The settings will determine the power of the sound and also come down to personal preference.

If you’re not familiar with this company, Hansaton has been a hearing aid manufacturer for more than 60 years. The family-owned business is highly regarded in the industry for its quality devices.

Throughout the years, their technological breakthroughs have won them many awards and accolades. They have become a big name around the world.

Supporters of Sustainability

You can feel good about buying from a large manufacturer like Hansaton. That’s because, despite their size, the business has participated in ethical and environmental practices throughout its existence.

In 2014, Hansaton started a plan to support the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative by planting one tree for every AQ hearing system purchased.

Giving Back

Hansaton has also been part of the Sonova Group since 2015. This organization provides hearing solutions for those in need. 

The Sonova Hear the World Foundation seeks to provide all those in need with the chance of good hearing. This is especially for those in low-income families.

Should You Buy Hansaton Hearing Aids?

Hansaton Hearing Aids has been around for a while and that’s for a good reason. Their technology and design offer undeniably clear sound and convenience. They also run in a variety of sizes, features, and price ranges to suit most needs.

Want to compare them with some other hearing aid brands? Take a look at our blog to find the right hearing aids for you.

Comment down below to share your thoughts about Hansaton Hearing Aids!