Employees And Protection of Hearing Using Different Methods

Employees And Protection of Hearing Using Different Methods

Published On: May 22, 2019

Employees And Protection of Hearing Using Different Methods

When you work in the field or at an airport so, the noise affects more on your hearing. If you face hearing loss, you can feel pain in your head and ear. Hearing loss problem in a working environment is common but to reduce this factor there are protectors available in the market to reduce the factor of damaged sensory cells.

In companies where is no sound but employees who have hearing loss face more challenges like communicating with colleagues and boss in the office meeting or while give a proposal to other company regarding new projects. There is a research is based on hearing the loss in the office environment they take 500 participants who face hearing loss and take interviews from them to find that what type of difficulties they face in during job.

Researcher finds that they face communication problems when they are in a meeting. After taking interviews, they guide to employees to use hearing aids in their daily routine to give an edge in their career.

For the organization it’s important to take care of hearing loss face by the employees they set up different programs and seminars to reduce the hearing loss in employees and also change the environment of their office like decrease the rate of vibration in it can help normal people or those who have hearing loss. When the vibration decreases in any area its relax the brain as well as relaxed the hearing muscles.

There are some regulations given by Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) for those employees who face hearing loss.

  • The protection of hearing loss employees is the responsibility of an organization.
  • If a worker is going to deafness so, the organization gives residual for their hearing.
  • If a worker in critical condition so, the organization support them completely.

Challenges faced by hearing loss person

When noise attracts the sensory cells, so the vibration of sound, confuse the person because he cannot identify that noise and the ear function work properly. There is a study done by Purdue University in the year 2012 they find that when you have hearing loss and you cannot use hearing aids so, the neurons in the ear cannot pass the message to the brain and people get confused and do not answer to the person.

When a person faces hearing loss even the quiet environment poses challenges to the person such as communication with colleagues or sometimes person cannot identify the sound, where is the sound coming from? In the industrial environment, the protection of hearing percentage increases because when hearing loss person working in the field he cannot work properly because he is not identified the noise of the machine as well as the colleague’s instruction or plant manager instructions.

When they use proper hearing aids and proper protection accessories so, it can help people to recover the hearing loss as well as he can identify the sound of machines and sirens while working in the field. However, occupational safety and health administration advice those people who have a mild hearing loss that person cannot use hearing aids with protection or the use of hearing aids if its compulsory so do not use it.

When you use hearing aids with protection in a mild hearing loss at that time hearing aids and hearing protection devices increase the noise which, exceed the normal limit. The normal limit of hearing is 90 decibels. If you cannot hear the sound of your co-worker so, the use earmuffs can help you in communicating with the use if hearing aids in the field.

Every person has a different hearing loss and the protection of hearing loss depends on different situations as well as the use hearing aids devices is different some people use normally but mostly the use of hearing aids in the field with ear guards or say that the use of earmuffs which is more protecting than ear guards.

It blocks the high noise level which is not good for your hearing loss and prevents it by heavy protection foams. Those employees, who have an increasing hearing loss, do not turn off their hearing aids or do not put off your hearing protecting guards.

How to determine hearing loss of the employee

There is a question raised how to recognize employee have hearing loss. Take one-step by the company to checkup their hearing by managing a campaign for the employees to take data how much employees face hearing loss and in which who face mild to moderate as well as in which department.

Those people who have severe hearing loss as well as in which department after finding this data you can identify the problem of hearing loss and then start working on it to reduce the rate of hearing the loss in your company by using different methods.

After determining the hearing loss, in your office, it is time to decrease this percentage by using hearing aids for employees and change the environment. You follow the test rule giving by occupational safety and health administration (OSHA).

They said that use a proper channel of the test as well as an instrument to identify the right issue and sensitivity of hearing loss. Make sure that you take the hearing test in a different situation and environment to get the 99 percent correct results.

Comfort and safety at the workplace

The company buys best hearing guards for those who face hearing loss and make sure that it is working properly as well as the comfortable. There are different types of protecting devices available in the market but the main objective is that the worker wears this protecting hearing device regularly and permanently in the office.

Workers face different problems and they do not produce their work properly efficiency of their work decreases and the company decreases the quality of work. If employees do not work properly, so, how company succeeded?

The use of smart earmuffs can help to increase the efficiency of work because in which built-in hearing aids as well as the noise cancellation option is there and those who are working on the plant this is more helpful to them to decrease the extra noise and work properly with communication with their colleagues.


Finally, the use of hearing aids in the working environment can help to increase the quality of work as well the company reputation.

But half responsibility on the company that the testing of hearing loss and providing the hearing aids or hearing guards and half responsibility belongs to employees they buy hearing aids and hearing guards to protect their hearing. When employees give complete support to the company as such as company support employees too.

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