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Elkon Hearing Aids: Your Ultimate Review
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Elkon Hearing Aids: Your Ultimate Review

Published On: June 19, 2019

Elkon Hearing Aids: Your Ultimate Review

elkon hearing aids

If you’re between the ages of 65 and 74, there is a 33% chance that you have hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a common health issue, but it feels different when you’re the one that gets the diagnosis. You might feel confused, frustrated, or emotional.

You also might feel overwhelmed by all of the hearing aid choices and technologies on the market. To help you in your search for the best hearing aids, we’ve reviewed Elkon hearing aids.

Keep reading to learn about Elkon’s two styles of hearing aids as well as the important components in these hearing devices.

Components of Elkon Hearing Aids

If you’ve just received a diagnosis, you might not know much about hearing aid parts. Knowing about the technology of hearing devices will help you get the most out of our product review below.

  • Telecoil – This is is a small wire that acts as an antenna and is also called a T-coil. When you are in a place with an induction loop system, your hearing aid will act as a personal speaker. With a telecoil, you’ll be able to hear the sound of a concert, movie, or religious service without hearing background noises.
  • Earphone – This is the piece that is inserted into your ear canal. It is usually only used with amplifiers (like the Pocket Hearing Aid below).
  • Trimmers – These are small screws in a hearing aid that allow you to adjust the sound and fix feedback issues. The H trimmer controls high frequencies and the L trimmer controls low frequencies. The P trimmer controls the overall volume of sound that you hear.
  • Earmold – This is the plastic part of a hearing aid that sits inside of your ear.
  • Case and Ear Hook– In BTE or behind the ear aids, the case is what houses the microphone and amplifier. It’s the most important part of your hearing aid. The ear hook keeps the case in place behind your ear and connects the earmold to the case.
  • Connecting Tube – This tube sends sound from the case, through the earmold, and into your ear.

Elkon PHA (Pocket Hearing Aids)

The Elkon Pocket Hearing Aid is a portable sound amplifier.

The pocket device looks similar to a portable radio. It can be clipped onto your clothes or carried in your pocket. The pocket device uses a microphone and/or a telecoil to transmit sound through an earphone.

Elkon PHAs come in five different models. Four out of the five PHA models include a telecoil in addition to a microphone. One model uses only a microphone.

There are 5 Models of Pocket Elkon Hearing Aids:

  • EL-98 – T-coil, Microphone. It is suggested for sensorineural hearing loss, the most common form of hearing loss.
  • EL-93 – No T-coil, only microphone amplification. It is suggested for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • EL-81 – T-coil, Microphone. It is suggested for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • EL-79 – T-coil, Microphone. It is suggested for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • EL-78 – T-coil, Microphone. It is suggested for profound hearing loss.

Pros –  These devices use AA batteries, which are inexpensive and easy to replace. It’s easy to use because most models only have a volume dial and a switch to choose an input (microphone or T-coil). PHAs are good for quiet situations like a conversation with a small group of people.

Cons – The Elkon PHA amplifies all sounds, even sounds that you don’t have a problem hearing. Because of this, it’s not great for noisy environments like restaurants. Also, you can only use one earphone which is a problem if you have hearing issues in both ears.

The Verdict 

The PHA can provide basic amplification for some moderate types of hearing loss. Compared to other options, the PHA provides inexpensive hearing assistance.

This product doesn’t require custom fitting so the frequency range can’t be tailored to your specific hearing loss. You can only choose the model that is closest to your needs, which means results may be mixed. Since the PHA is a hearing amplifier that makes all sounds louder, it might cause more hearing damage.

If you are considering some type of hearing assistance but aren’t ready to commit to a hearing aid, the PHA is an easy way to test the waters.

Elkon Semi-Digital Behind the Ear (BTE) Model

The Elkon Semi-Digital BTE is a trimmer-based semi-digital hearing aid. BTE (Behind the Ear) aids are a good choice for those with severe hearing loss because they offer the best amplification and are easy to use.

This product uses four channels to help you separate noise from speech. Rather than hearing all sounds at the same volume, the four channel system gives priority to speech instead of noise. For example, it will be easier for you to hear a conversation in a noisy restaurant.

There are 4 Models of Elkon Semi-Digital BTE:

  • Elkon 110 – Low-Frequency Trimmer.
  • Elkon 220 – Programs: Basic, Noise. Low-Frequency Trimmer.
  • Elkon 330 – Programs: Basic, Noise, T-coil. High and Low-Frequency Trimmer.
  • Elkon 330XP – Programs: Basic, Noise, T-coil, DAI (Direct Audio Input). Low Frequency Trimmer.

Pros –  The Semi-Digital model can be adjusted manually, so it doesn’t require a computer for adjustment. It has 4 channels, so if you are in a lot of different listening situations, you will be able to focus on speech instead of noise. It will last longer than in-ear aids because it is not affected by earwax or moisture.

Cons – BTE models are very visible so people will be able to see your hearing aid. Also, some of the more expensive models have extra features that might be difficult to learn how to use.

The Verdict

There’s a lot of variation in the four levels of this product so your experience will vary depending on which one you choose. For example, the 110 is a very different product than the 330XP. Keep in mind that the more options you have to customize something, the harder it can be to choose the right settings.

This product can be custom fit so you can get personalized hearing assistance. If you’re looking for a customized hearing aid that will last, these Semi-Digital BTE Elkon hearing aids should be on your list of choices.

Buying Hearing Aids

Getting a diagnosis of hearing loss can be frustrating and confusing. The good news is, there are a lot of hearing aid resources available to help.

Choosing the best hearing aids for you is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed. It’s a big financial investment, so take the time to read more hearing aid reviews before you make your decision.

If you’d like some helpful guidance on this major decision, give us a call at (800) 378-6001.