Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Published On: 17th February 2019
Last Updated On: 18th February 2019

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States. Administered by Centers for Medicaid together with the Medicare Service also known as CMS of the federal government. CMS is a component of United State department of health and human services.

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Way back 1956 Medicare was originally programmed given to the families of the military as part of their dependent. During 1961 it was created to a health program for social security beneficiary passed in 1965.

Its original plan is to provide a health insurance for people 65 above regardless of its income or medical record. Before Medicare was built, research shows that approximately 60% of the people 65 years old above had expensive insurance, and others can’t afford. Since older people pay almost thrice the price of insurance from younger people.

Finally, in 1966 under the social security administration, it becomes law. It is now funded by the taxes of the people, general revenue, and premiums and taxes of the beneficiary. Now its main purpose is to provide health insurance for young people with disability and people with end-stage kidney disease and lateral sclerosis. In 2015 the record shows that Medicare pays up to 55 million to 46 million. Covering half of the amount of admitted patient in the hospital while the other half is shouldered by the patient or other health insurance of the patient.

But not everyone is eligible for the Medicare unless you’re 65 years old above, U.S citizen or legal resident of the United state for the last five years.

If you are under 65 years old with the disability or member of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you may be eligible to have one. People with the specific medical condition can also be enrolled but need further assessment.

Medicare is now divided into two parts Medicare part A and Medicare part B.


Part A

Cover admitted the patient in the hospital, including semi-private room, foods, and laboratory. It pays up to 90 days hospitalization of the patient where the first 60 days was paid by the Medicare in full but after that the remaining 30 days shoulder half of the bill by the beneficiary.

Part B

Is health insurance this part b helps in paying the unpaid service that is not provided by the part A generally this is on the outpatient basis? But this is optional unless some other member of the family is still working and had a family or group medical insurance coverage by the employer.

There is a wide range of services, and preventive benefit included in the national health insurance card but does Medicare cover hearing aids?

The answer is, unfortunately, No, hearing loss affects almost 9 million older people in the U.S today and 5% of the world are affected by it over 360 million people suffered by hearing loss and almost 38 million people in the United State are calling their government to include it in the Medicare.

Since it a really quite expensive device it cost around 4,000 dollars and not everyone can afford it. But did you know there are some organization offer it for free or make it at least affordable to many?

Here are the lists of Organization that can help you:

Sertoma is one of the oldest service clubs in the United States, They operate nationwide, connect with the people around communities, serve the locals and helping other to accomplish more by charitable programs and hearing assistant.

The Better Hearing Institute- they focus on an individual journey to better hearing.

Lion Club is well known around the world, some member runs the Affordable Hearing Aid Project, which distributes three types of affordable hearing aids to help people with hearing impaired.

Humanity is restored through the help of this organization or other people to have a better hearing for those who are suffering. But let us know what hearing loss is?

Hearing loss- occurs gradually as you age older people within 55 to 64 have some degree for hearing loss. When turned to 65 years old one out of 2 people are now affected.

Aging and chronic exposure loud sound may be some of the factors that can cause hearing loss. Other factors may cause by certain medication like some antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, Aspirin or several medicines for erectile dysfunction.

Illness like cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure can put ears at risk by interfering with the blood supply in the ear. Trauma or skull fracture may affect the ear that can cause hearing loss. Infection or ear wax can block the ear canals that may affect hearing.

Symptoms of hearing loss may include:

Unable to hear the moderate sound, difficulty understanding words, trouble hearing consonant, muffling of speech and other noise, often ask others to speak more slowly or loudly.

Hearing  loss level  and Classification

  • Mild hearing loss- often tests one on one conversation which is fine but hard to hear another word when there’s a background sound.
  • Moderate hearing loss- is classified if the person often needs to ask other people to repeat the words or conversation in person or by phone.
  • Severe Hearing loss- are the total loss or impossible to hear the other person within the conversation.
  • Profound Hearing loss- you can’t hear other people talking unless they are shouting or extremely loud.

There are lots of Risk factors that may result in the hearing loss:

  1. Hereditary – genetic or family history, you have a higher chance to have genetic ear damage from sound or deterioration when aging.
  2. Loud sound – exposure to extremely loud sound can damage the cell in the inner ear or affect the ear with long-term used of loud noise like a gunshot.
  3. Aging – Degeneration of inner ear as we get an older deficiency in supplement of vitamins for the ear.
  4. Hazardous job noise – a job that may be hazardous to ears, where loud noise is a regular part of everyday life.

Diagnosis of Hearing loss:


Physical exams – the doctor will check your ear for the possible causes of hearing loss, like infection, ear wax, or inflammation.

General Screening test – The doctor will assist you to cover one ear at a time to see how well you are hearing the words given and see your response.

Tuning fork test – Tuning fork is like a fork shape with a two-pronged device, a metal instrument that produces the sound when move. This type of examination wills evaluation the causes of hearing loss.

Audiometer tests – You will wear an earphone and hear the sound from one ear to another. The doctor will see the range of sound and ask you to indicate each sound you hear.

Treatment for Hearing loss

  • Removing the earwax- remove the earwax that may cause a blockage that may cause hearing loss. This type is reversible.
  • Surgical Procedures- Surgery is advice to people who suffered from trauma or ear injury. This is also required for people who often get the ear infection that requires inserting a small tube to drain the ear.
  • Cochlear implant- if you are suffering from hearing loss this implant may be the best for you. Cochlear implant deals with the damaged part of the ear.
  • Hearing Aids- people who are affected of hearing loss due to damage of inner ear can hear again thought the help of hearing aid by making sound stronger and easier to hear.
  • These types of treatment will give a big impact to affect one, the result may give a positive outcome that might boost their self- confident, improved the overview for life, fight depression or anxiety and more be able to get a closer relationship with their loved ones. But let’s not hope to end up suffering from hearing loss we can now prevent it and here are the following ways how.
  • Have your ear check up- regular hearing exams are advisable especially if you have a family history or working in a noisy environment.
  • Protect your ear- Limit the use of equipment or material that may damage your inner ear like extremely loud music using headphones. Cover your ear with cotton or foam to protect your ear from loud noise.
  • Avoid risky recreational- activities that may harm you like riding in a skateboard or gun shooting may result in trauma or worst hearing loss, prevent those to happen.

Final Thought

Hearing loss is no joke, it can affect not just our physical aspect but more our emotion towards everything. People who are suffering from it should at least get free or affordable hearing aid, for them to continue fighting for life.

The journey they are right now is hard and need constant support especially with their loved one. Once the government of United, State declare the free or affordable hearing aid or at least include it in their national health care will result in so much positive outcome.

Mostly old people who are suffering from it will not just be happy but also grateful. A big Thank you to those organizations who keep helping other people who feel so alone. Never stop them from dreaming, let’s build the world equally for them free the hearing aid for them.

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