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Why I Finally Got Hearing Aids After 10 Years of Procrastination…
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Why I Finally Got Hearing Aids After 10 Years of Procrastination…

Published On: June 19, 2019

Why I Finally Got Hearing Aids After 10 Years of Procrastination…

A former skeptic with tinnitus explains why he’s now a fan of Nano’s new RX2000 rechargeable hearing aids…

Nano RX2000 happy customers

Neil Wertheimer with his guitar, pictured above. He’s wearing Nano’s nearly invisible RX2000 hearing aids but you can’t even tell!

My wife has been asking me to get my hearing checked for the past 10 years…

I understand her frustration; I fail to respond to her voice a few times each day — and no, I’m not talking about the selective hearing of a long-married husband.

I have tinnitus, a perpetual ringing in the ears that, in my case, sounds like cicadas and crickets during an August twilight. It’s not soothing, but irritating and constant, diminishing my hearing and distracting my thinking.

In recent years, the problem grew worse; it became almost impossible to grasp conversations in a crowded room or noisy situation, no matter how close I stood to the speaker.

Still, I avoided the trip to the hearing specialist. In part, I wasn’t psychologically ready to consider getting hearing aids online while only being age 57. And to be honest, I’m just one of those guys who too often ignore noncritical health matters.

But a few months ago, I decided to take action. And — ta-da! — today, I have hearing aids. I’m here to report that the experience has been terrific.

It hasn’t been perfect: I still have symptoms of tinnitus (which affects roughly 1 in 7 Americans, according to the American Tinnitus Association); even with the hearing aids, the perpetual high-pitched static still carries on in the background.

Apparently, though, I’m in the minority; one survey showed that roughly 60 percent of tinnitus patients got some relief after they started to wear hearing aids.

In many other ways, though, the devices have improved my hearing — and my world.

If you have hearing issues and are skeptical about getting advanced new hearing technology online for 1/10 the price of traditional $5,000 hearing aids (with no hearing test required and equal or better sound quality), there are several reasons you should consider giving them a try and stop procrastinating:

1. You don’t need a “traditional” hearing test.

New research shows that you don’t even need traditional hearing tests with an audiologist because online hearing tests are just as effective.

Plus, all you really need to know is that your hearing isn’t perfect because now you can get a hearing aid online that automatically cancel out background noise and give you the sounds you want to hear.

I know, that seems mind blowing right? It’s working for me, and I’m a big skeptic, so I’m confident it could work for you too.

I got my hearing aids from a company called that sells exclusively online (cutting out the middleman and saving you money).

2. Choosing and fitting hearing aids doesn’t need to be complicated.

It’s kind of like choosing a smartphone. Both devices are packed with technology and options, but what really matters is that they work well, are easy to use, are durable, and — yes — look the way you want them to look.

You can dive deeply into the science and the options in your own research, or you can just trust that I’ve done all the most important research for you (over 72 hours) and that Nano is the most affordable option on the market with the best quality.

3. Hearing aids can help you enjoy music again.

I am an avid music fan and lifelong guitarist.

I knew my declining hearing was affecting my perception of music, but I didn’t realize to what extent until I got hearing aids.

My troubles are all in the high end — I have difficulty hearing tones above 2,000 hertz (those are the notes on the right fifth of a piano keyboard or higher).

Now, I hear the ringing of the cymbals, the full sound of a sax or trumpet, and the nuance of a great female vocal. It’s heaven. When I play now I feel like Michael Hedges, Richard Thompson, and James Taylor!

I can guarantee you’ll hear amazing sounds you haven’t heard in years. I was shocked. You really don’t know what you’re missing until you experience these hearing aids for yourself.

And yes, hearing in these higher regions does help me hear my wife better.

4. No one sees them. 

The greatest relief was realizing how small hearing aids have become.

A one-inch-long curved plastic unit tucks above each ear, and a thin clear wire with a soft-plastic bud at the end feeds into my ear canal; if I tuck the wire close to my ear, it’s nearly invisible.

In the few months I’ve worn the hearing aids, no one yet has asked me about the wires, and I have not noticed anyone turning their gaze to my ears.

5. They’re easy to wear and maintain.

The RX2000 hearing aids I bought from Nano are rechargeable! No expensive $200/year battery costs! No more replacing batteries every four to seven days, depending on your usage habits.

You just wake up in the morning, you tuck the units above your ears, push in the buds, adjust the wire, and away you go.

In the first few days, they tickled; now I’m used to them. The ritual of wearing them is about as challenging as wearing glasses — which is not challenging at all.

Speaking of glasses, my RX2000s fit perfectly behind my ear with my glasses, there’s no discomfort. I forget I’m even wearing them. So don’t let “will these work if I wear glasses” be an excuse for procrastination.

6. The technology is impressive.

I thought that for 1/10 the price, I’d be giving up sound quality. It was the opposite.

I have a friend (who’s kind of a smart computer geek) and he dipped into his retirement savings and paid $5,397 for the latest traditional hearing aids with 72 different modes and all sorts of bells and whistles.

I went to his house for dinner, and we swapped hearing aids just for a couple hours just for fun. The funny part? I liked my Nano RX2000s more than his $5,397 pair and so did he!

The sound quality of the RX2000 is amazing, and it comes with all the essential modes you’d ever want for each environment (noisy restaurants, watching TV at home etc.) and it comes with all the different volume levels you’d ever need.

Bottom line: My wife still speaks too quietly sometimes. My son still mutters incomprehensibly at dinner when I ask him what he accomplished that day. And a loud bar is still a loud bar. But overall?

Hearing aids have improved my daily function, and the drawbacks have been few.

In my own mind, I still struggle with the inevitable thoughts — “I’m getting old” — that hearing aids trigger. But I wear them every day, morning to night. I never thought I’d hear myself say those words.

Most people either don’t know how bad their hearing problem really is, or they are too prideful to actually test wearing hearing aids. Don’t let that be you. Warren Buffet wears hearing aids. I know some hard working farmers and military men that wear hearing aids.

It’s not something to be ashamed of. What I’ve learned is that it’s something to be proud of. It’s almost like battle scars that you love showing off to prove you were there on the front lines fighting.

Hearing aids are like glasses – no one will make fun of you for wearing glasses, so just get over the darn hearing aid thing and try them!

I’m not getting paid for this recommendation, so if you want my unbiased advice, get the RX2000 from Nano and save the extra $5,000 for a vacation with your wife. You’ll thank me later — and so will your wife!

You can get your Nano RX2000 on sale Buy 1 Get 1 FREE with this special link.

P.S. Trust me guys. Hearing aids have really allowed me to hear and listen to my wife better, and that makes her VERY happy. Our relationship is better than ever guys — even our love life — you know what I mean! Happy wife DOES = happy life. This will be the best investment you make all year guaranteed. Just do it!