Cheapest Hearing Aids that Actually Work
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Cheapest Hearing Aids that Actually Work

Published On: July 15, 2019

Cheapest Hearing Aids that Actually Work

cheapest hearing aids

Whether you are old or young not being able to hear can affect many areas of life. Your marriage and other vital relationships can suffer due to hearing loss. It can hinder how effective you are at your job.

The solution to hearing loss has been available since 1898. That is when the first electric hearing aid called the Akouphone was invented.

We have come a long way since then. If you need a hearing aid, you know the price has come along way too.

Many insurance companies do not cover hearing aids. So the search for the cheapest hearing aids is ongoing.

With the internet, that search is more natural than it has ever been. Continue reading to learn more about cheap hearing aids that work.

Searching for The Cheapest Hearing Aids

The word cheap and hearing aids generally do not go together. Depending on the brand and model you want to buy the low end can start at 1,600 dollars and only goes up from there.

If you have retired and have a limited budget that can be asking for a lot.
You have options to find and buy cheap hearing aids that work. Below is a list of 5 of the cheapest hearing aid that works.

1. Mini-Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (mBTE)

mBTE is a favorite design. You’ll find many brands in this style at a reasonable price and can save you money on batteries if it is rechargeable. It works well for moderate to severe hearing loss and is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

2. Traditional Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (BTE)

All electronic components are housed in the plastic case that fits behind the ear. It is a good fit for a wide range of hearing loss. The controls are easy to adjust. The telecoil mode is easy to select and use.

3. Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid (CIC)

Fits deep into the ear canal and is tight fitting. Feedback is minimal if used with a telephone. It is low visibility because where it sets in the ear canal and is removed with a string. It performs well in the wind because it has less sensitivity to wind noise.

4. In-the-Canal Hearing Aid (ITC)

If you are looking for discreteness, this may be the cheapest hearing aid for you. It is barely visible, and you’ll experience less of a feeling of being plugged up. Feeling less plugged up is due to how deep it sets in the ear canal. You can even have a directional microphone with larger ITC units.

5. Traditional In-the-Ear Hearing Aid (ITE)

The ITE is a larger hearing aid. It allows for all the electronic components to fit into the case which rests in the bowl of our outer ear. Because of its size, it offers more room for features such as a telecoil, wireless streaming, and directional microphone.

You will experience less of a plugged-up feeling if you vent it and it is easily inserted.

What Hearing Aid is The Right One for You

Shopping for a hearing aid isn’t just about which one is the cheapest hearing aid. Some features are important to you. Take the time to get the features that are important to you.

Features include:

  • Rechargeable Batteries – one of the most popular features because it saves on having to buy batteries.
  • Smartphone capabilities – stream audio such as driving directions directly to your hearing aid.
  • Tinnitus masking – a white noise generator emitting noise at low levels designed to mask the presence of tinnitus.
  • Automatic noise level adjustment – made possible by circuits that recognize music and adjust the settings. Adjust for loud noises like a slamming door with impact sensors.
  • Multiple program settings – allows adjustment for a variety of environments such as quiet rooms or loud restaurants.
  • Telecoil – it allows the audio source such as a telephone to connect to the hearing aid. Making it easier for the wearer to hear the sound coming through the phone.
  • Low battery indicator – when the battery gets low your hearing aid will play a melody at a pre-set interval, usually every 15 minutes. This will continue until the unit shuts off automatically.

Which One is The Cheapest Hearing Aid

So I have listed the 5 styles of cheap hearing aids that work. But which is the cheapest one? That all depends on where you purchase it, so the prices will range depending on many factors.

What you may find is the top price might seem a little expensive. However, it does not come close to the thousands you would pay for a similar hearing aid through a more traditional purchasing method.

The truth is that most everything electronic has only gotten cheaper over time. Cell phones, pocket calculators and DVD players for example.

There is no good reason that hearing aids continue to get more expensive.

But you don’t have to pay high prices when there are places to buy the cheapest hearing aid that works for you.

Where to Get Your Hearing Aid

We have discussed the different kinds of hearing aids and listed some of the main features that you may want to consider. The question is, however, where do you get the cheapest hearing aids?

You can do a search online for any of the 5 cheap hearing aids that work, and you will have many choices, options and prices to review.

You may be tempted by the extremely low priced options that you will see.

But unless you know what you are looking for and what makes for a proper hearing aid that is priced low, you will want some help.

To help you sort through all the options and features consider taking the advice of a professional. They would help clear up a lot of questions you may have.

Come and check out our website and there you will find informative articles, recommendations, news, and other helpful resources so that you don’t need to go anywhere else!

We can answer your questions and help you find the cheap hearing aids that work, so visit our website today.

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