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Overall health is all about having a sound body, mind, soul and spirit. It can be achieved through healthy eating habits, proper care for each body part, sleeping well, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

If you want to know how hearing loss might affect you overall health, you have come to the right page!

Overall Health

EXCLUSIVE: New Invention By Married Doctors Improves Hearing by 87% Or More — Without Clunky Devices Or Spending a Fortune.

Read The Full Article To Discover Why It’s So Popular… Want to know 3 shocking hearing facts? Hearing loss is the #3 cause of dementia… In a recent study from Johns Hopkins Institute, hearing loss was linked to early cases...

Overall Health

Employees And Protection of Hearing Using Different Methods

When you work in the field or at an airport so, the noise affects more on your hearing. If you face hearing loss, you can feel pain in your head and ear. Hearing loss problem in a working environment is...

Overall Health

The role of hearing care in hospice

Hearing loss can affect a hospice patient’s quality of care and the connections that are so important with family, medical professionals and caregivers.

Overall Health

The link between migraines and hearing loss

Having an annual hearing evaluation is a good idea no matter how well you are hearing, but if you suffer from migraine headaches it may be even smarter to keep close tabs on your hearing health. Studies show that those...

Overall Health

Tinnitus spikes: solving a difficult problem

Glenn Schweitzer of Rewiring Tinnitus shares his tips and tools for dealing with tinnitus spikes and identifying your personal tinnitus triggers.

Overall Health

Seven reasons to stop putting off hearing health

Procrastination when it comes to your hearing loss can be mentally, physically and economically unhealthy. Of all the things you avoid doing this year, make sure tending to your hearing health isn’t one of them.

Overall Health

Brain training may help seniors understand better in noisy places

New study suggests brain can remap itself to help people with hearing loss deal with background noise.

Overall Health

Healthy Hearing conversation | Mary Carson Au.D.

Respect and care, coupled with best practices and the latest hearing aid technologies, is key to Clarity Audiology and Hearing Services’ success.

Overall Health

New Year’s resolutions and hearing health

Like the majority of Americans who will make at least one 2018 resolution, Healthy Hearing survey reveals health is their number one area of improvement and most acknowledge hearing health as important.

Overall Health

Advocacy increases the availability of loop systems

The availabilty of hearing loop systems is on the rise. Find out what you can do to bring this life-changing technology to a venue near you.

Overall Health

Healthy Hearing conversation | D.J. Demers

Comedian D.J. Demers uses his gift of humor to shatter stigmas and raise awareness about hearing loss on cross-country college campus tour.

Overall Health

Hearing loss and listening fatigue

Do you have nagging fatigue or low energy? You may be surprised to know the culprit could be hearing loss.

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