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Overall health is all about having a sound body, mind, soul and spirit. It can be achieved through healthy eating habits, proper care for each body part, sleeping well, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

If you want to know how hearing loss might affect you overall health, you have come to the right page!

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What Your Ear Wax Color Says About Your Hearing Health

Did you know that earwax buildup in older ears can pose serious problems for over 2 million people that live in nursing homes? It's no wonder that as people clean their ears if they notice a different color they want...

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Meniere’s Disease: Understanding Meniere’s Causes and Symptoms

Meniere's disease affects approximately 0.2 percent of U.S. citizens. That's roughly 615,000 individuals. Meniere's may not be a very common disease, but its symptoms can seriously diminish a person's quality of life. Many people may be suffering from Meniere's disease and...

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Help, My Ears Feel Clogged: 9 Remedies When Your Ears Feel Full

Have you ever gotten off a plane and realized you couldn't hear well anymore? And no matter what you did, you couldn't seem to pop your ears? Or have you ever had a cold that turned into an ear infection?...

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A Glass of Wine Keeps the Audiologist Away?: The Link Between Hearing Health and Wine

The health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation are well-documented. Certain compounds in wine can offer protection from damaging free radicals and inflammation. But is there a link between hearing health and red wine? Red wine consumption may help...

Overall Health

The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Mental Health

Losing your hearing can be a difficult, and stressful time in your life.  Many people find themselves struggling with a number of emotional and mental issues as a result of hearing loss.  Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why so...

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Hearing Loss and Depression in Adults and Seniors

Hearing loss is no fun for anyone – that much is true.  However, for many Americans, the condition can be linked to both mild and severe depression.  It is a sad fact that both hearing loss and mental health issues...

Overall Health

The Hearing Loss and Heart Disease Connection

Hearing loss can arise as a result of a number of associated conditions. It can also lead to some conditions and illnesses occurring on their own, too. Research has shown that heart disease may be one of many factors linked...

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Why and How Untreated Hearing Loss and Dementia Are Linked

Hearing loss, when untreated, can lead to a number of other difficulties that can affect sufferers greatly in later life.  It is, of course, always recommend that you seek treatment or advice if you are struggling to hear.  It has...

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How to Clean Ears Without Damaging Them

When they were first introduced in 1923, cotton swabs were aimed at the beauty market. The packaging has always warned against sticking them in your ears. It's 2018 and people are still using them to "clean" their ears. Most of us...

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss: Is There a Connection?

Hearing loss can arise as a result of a number of different ailments and long-term conditions. Unfortunately, for many Americans, those who may be at risk of diabetes may also be at risk of losing significant hearing ability. Diabetes is...

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Best Foods for Hearing Health

Over 37 million adults currently suffer from some form of hearing impairment or loss. If you're among them - or if you want to get proactive about protecting your hearing - then we know that you're always looking for ways to improve your...

Overall Health

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Ear Health

Approximately 466 million people worldwide have some type of disabling hearing loss. The prevalence of earbuds during the last two decades will likely cause this number to grow. If you suffer from hearing loss or use a hearing aid, you...