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Hearing loss happens when your ability to hear clearly is reduced. Its primary causes are noise and ageing. Apart from inability to hear speech and other sounds, hearing loss could result in speech delay especially among children.

Learn more about hearing loss – its types, symptoms, causes and treatment –in this page.

Hearing Loss

How to host hearing loss friendly holiday parties

With some pre-planning and common sense, these tips will help you host holiday parties that are hearing loss friendly.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and the holiday blues

Hearing loss can contribute to the holiday blues. We have some tips and resources to make your season merry and bright.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss statistics at a glance

If you wonder about the prevalence and impact of hearing loss, check out these quick facts and statistics.

Hearing Loss

The dangerous link between smoking and hearing loss

Whether you smoke or live with someone who does, your hearing health is at risk. Learn why smoking is dangerous to your hearing health and get advice on kicking the habit for good.