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Hearing loss happens when your ability to hear clearly is reduced. Its primary causes are noise and ageing. Apart from inability to hear speech and other sounds, hearing loss could result in speech delay especially among children.

Learn more about hearing loss – its types, symptoms, causes and treatment –in this page.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss And Effect on Government Economic Policies

Now a day’s most of the countries are faces different types of health issues such as cancer, hepatitis and hearing loss. The second biggest health issue in the developing country is that of hearing loss, according to a study was...

Hearing Loss

Gadgets To Help With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not affiliate with older people only it causes with a younger person as well if you are not interested wearing hearing aids in the public and do not communicate with other persons, there are many devices which...

Hearing Loss

How The Government Overcomes Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most of critical issue now a day’s many people are face hearing loss because of the loud noise, ageing, heredity, and recreational noises that are untreated but we will live in all circumstances. Some...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss And Different Treatments

Hearing Loss Hearing loss is the most common disease now, the common reason of hearing loss in people is aging. According to the study held in the United States who older than 65 years old has, hearing loss the percentage...

Hearing Loss

High Frequency Hearing Loss And Customized Open Fit Hearing Aids

High-frequency hearing loss These hearing aids are made for those who have high-frequency hearing loss. Open fit hearing aids are not just tube fittings, high frequency hearing loss can be caused  by high noise and ageing and lots of people...

Hearing Loss

Confrontation Faced by People Who Loss Hearing & the Use of Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss It reduces the sound of hearing, hearing caused by damage in sensory cells, which cause hearing loss. It also has an impact on daily lifestyle if you work in the office, you do not communicate properly with your...

Hearing Loss

How to Aid Hearing Loss? Remedies & Best Practices for Hearing Health

Want to embed this Infographic on your website? Just copy & paste the code below: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="How to Aid Hearing Loss? [Infographic] | Best Hearing Aid Reviews" /></a> Losing one of your sensories is always...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss is not an easy thing to deal with, not with an adult and especially, not with babies and children. There are many cases where hearing loss starts in conception giving birth to hearing impaired babies. How do parents...

Hearing Loss

How to talk to your spouse about hearing loss

Communication is key when hearing health is at stake. Set the stage for a productive discussion about hearing health, whether it's about your spouse's hearing or your own.

Hearing Loss

The Super Bowl and hearing loss

The Super Bowl has several connections to hearing loss, including potential threats to hearing health and inspiring stories of success.

Hearing Loss

Temporary hearing loss causes

Even temporary hearing loss can be alarming. Here's why it can happen and what you can do.

Hearing Loss

What drugs cause hearing loss

Hearing loss side effects of ototoxic medication and drugs. Find out which drugs can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.