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Hearing loss happens when your ability to hear clearly is reduced. Its primary causes are noise and ageing. Apart from inability to hear speech and other sounds, hearing loss could result in speech delay especially among children.

Learn more about hearing loss – its types, symptoms, causes and treatment –in this page.

Hearing Loss

Signs it Might be Time for Hearing Aid

Do you have trouble distinguishing voices from background noise? Do your family members complain that you always turn the television up too loud? Do you use the words “what?” “huh?” and “pardon me?” way too often? If you’re struggling with...

Hearing Loss

How People Becoming Hard of Hearing: 5 Ways People Lose Their Hearing Abilities

Hearing loss doesn't single out anyone. Whether you're a child, a teenager or a senior, loss of hearing abilities knows no boundaries. Do you know how to protect you and your family from the loss of hearing? Don’t let them become part...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Remedies That Really Work

Thirty million American adults have hearing loss in both ears. And hearing aids could help over 28 million of those people. Hearing loss left untreated is a huge health issue costing the U.S. over $130 billion dollars per year. Yet...

Hearing Loss

The Most Common Hearing Loss Causes and How They’re Treated

15% of adults in America have some level of hearing loss that is detectable. This may come as a rude awakening for some. Don't panic, hearing loss doesn't have to mean a drastic change in how you experience life. The...

Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss: Causes and Treatments for Conduction Deafness

Have you noticed your hearing isn't what it used to be? You aren't alone. Around 37.5% of all adults in the United States alone report hearing problems of some kind. With numbers like that, there have been several options created...

Hearing Loss

Age-Related Hearing Loss: Just How Common Is It?

Did you hear something? No? What if someone just entered the yard, or opened the front door? Maybe it wasn't an alert, but a heart-melting connection moment you missed instead. What if your grandkid just whispered 'I love you'. What...

Hearing Loss

Tinnitus: The Everything Guide to Managing the Ringing in Your Ears

According to research, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of tinnitus. This condition, known as "ringing in the ears," can be quite debilitating and affect your quality of life.  Not only does tinnitus affect your well-being, it also leads...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Treatment: Why It Can’t Wait

Roughly 40 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of hearing loss. But, only about one-third of these people actually seek help to correct their hearing problems. There are lots of reasons why people hesitate to seek...

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in Children: Everything You Need to Know

3 out of every 1,000 children in the US have a detectable level of hearing loss. As adults, we consider hearing to be an invaluable part of our lives. It’s one of the main senses that we rely on to...

Hearing Loss

What Did You Just Say?: Tips for Communicating Better With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a significant disability in the United States. Around 15% of adults report experiencing some kind of hearing loss issue. Hearing loss can significantly impact the way you live your life. It makes communication difficult and might lead to you...

Hearing Loss

Strength in Numbers: The Benefits of Joining Hearing Loss Support Groups

Are you among the 30 million American adults who struggle with some form of hearing loss? If so, then we understand that you may sometimes feel isolated. Hearing people may feel nervous about communicating with you to the point that...

Hearing Loss

I Think I Have Hearing Loss: Now What?

Around the world, approximately 466 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. Do you feel that your hearing is starting to go? Do you find yourself turning up the volume on the TV or asking for comments and questions to...