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Did you know that hearing aid is not just for the elderly people? Did you know that you can wear it in both ears without suffering from loud background noises?

Take a look at the truths about this device as we separate hearing aid facts from fiction in this page.

Hearing Aid Facts

The Top Pros and Cons of Invisible Hearing Aids

Nearly 20 percent of the American population report some form of hearing loss. That's 48 million Americans. Adult males ages 20-69 are twice as likely to experience hearing loss than females. Nearly 15% of children ages 6-19 experience some form...

Hearing Aid Facts

A Complete Review of the Phonak Hearing Aid

Did you know that a lot of American adults report they suffer from hearing loss? In factl, an approximate 15% of people aged 18 and above have this trouble. That's equivalent to 37.5 million people! Out of these, men are...

Hearing Aid Facts

7 Things You Need to Know About Infant Hearing Aids

People are well aware of senior citizens and their relationship with hearing aids. As a matter of fact, 1 out of every 3 people between 65 and 74 experiences hearing loss that aids may be able to help with. But...

Hearing Aid Facts

Do I Need a Hearing Aid? 9 Signs That Say You Do

You may think that most people would notice if they have some form of hearing loss. The truth is one quarter of people between age 20 and 69 show signs of hearing loss but simply don't realize it. Perhaps you're...

Hearing Aid Facts

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: How Do Hearing Aids Help to Reduce Tinnitus?

As we get older there's a lot of stuff that starts to change, hearing is one just one of those things. Tinnitus affects a lot of people, the CDC estimates around 15 percent of people suffer from it. The older...

Hearing Aid Facts

7 Signs You Shouldn’t Trust a Hearing Aid Brand

Are you thinking about buying a hearing aid? If so, you know how difficult it can be to pick the right one. Each hearing aid brand comes with different features, and the prices range more than you might expect. Hearing...

Hearing Aid Facts

A Complete Review of the Starkey Hearing Aid

There are many things to consider before buying hearing aids. One is which brand of hearing aid is right for you. Starkey has been one of the leading providers of hearing aids for over 50 years and continues to explore...

Hearing Aid Facts

Over the Counter Hearing Aids: What Are They and Should You Buy Them?

35 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. More than 25 million of them don't wear hearing aids. Why? Because they're expensive. A recent survey found that the average hearing aid costs $2,560. That does include the fitting, device, and follow-up...

Hearing Aid Facts

A Complete Review of the Widex Hearing Aid

Did you know that hearing loss isn't tied to genetics? After all, around 90 percent of deaf children in the United States have parents that can hear. There are a lot of reasons why people lose hearing, but adults around...

Hearing Aid Facts

Water Resistant vs. Waterproof Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?

48 million Americans have significant hearing loss. At least 10 million of these individuals wear hearing aids. While the majority of those who wear hearing aids are older adults, children also wear hearing aids. In fact, 90% of deaf or...

Hearing Aid Facts

A Complete Review of the Signia Hearing Aid

Are you considering getting a hearing aid? There are a lot of different ones on the market, and when it comes to your hearing, you want the best quality ones that you can get. Not only do you want them...

Hearing Aid Facts

Complete Review of Oticon Hearing Aids

Is your current hearing aid stressing you out? Are you having trouble understanding speech because you've got so much background noise? You're not alone. There are more than 450 million people dealing with hearing loss, struggling to find hearing aids...