HOLIDAY FEAST OF SAVINGS BEGINS! Read On To Discover How To Save Up 85% OFF And As Much As $3,400 On Revolutionary Nano Hearing Aids This Holiday Season!
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HOLIDAY FEAST OF SAVINGS BEGINS! Read On To Discover How To Save Up 85% OFF And As Much As $3,400 On Revolutionary Nano Hearing Aids This Holiday Season!

Date: November 12, 2021

HOLIDAY FEAST OF SAVINGS BEGINS! Read On To Discover How To Save Up 85% OFF And As Much As $3,400 On Revolutionary Nano Hearing Aids This Holiday Season!

It all started innocently enough when one year, our company’s founder was visiting his Grandma.

 It was Christmas time, just a few years ago. And the Christmas dinner and festivities were at Grandma’s house.

 The smell of Grandma’s famous, delicious chocolate chip cookies was in the air…

 His parents were there.

Aunts and uncles…

Cousins, nieces and nephews galore…

It was a BIG deal. It was almost like a family reunion.

Everyone was laughing and enjoying the family conversations around the dinner table…except unfortunately, his Grandma.

 He noticed she wasn’t talking much. 

That wasn’t like grandma at all. She has always been so full of stories. She could literally talk your ear off for hours.

But now when he asked her a question, she didn’t reply. 

Then his Grandpa interjected and said rather loudly…

“Honey, do you have your hearing aids in?”

His grandma, clearly upset to the point of tears, said “No, I lost them. And we can’t afford $5,000 for a new pair… I’ve looked everywhere. And insurance won’t cover anything.”

Now you have to appreciate. Grandma was usually the life of the party.

So caring. So friendly. Just so “out there” and full of life.

Now she seemed down, withdrawn, and lonely.

He felt so sorry for her.

All this joy around her and here she was, emotionally upset… putting on a brave face… but clearly ready to weep.

Why? His grandma knew she was missing out on the joy, the laughter, the conversations and this year’s memories. Ones she’ll never get back.

For only one reason.

Simply because the price of traditional hearing aids was too high.

At that moment, he saw an opportunity… A HUGE opportunity.

A chance to help not only his dear Grandma, but also MILLIONS of other people who are on a limited income and can’t afford hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars.

He saw a need in the market for a super-affordable hearing aid almost anyone can afford.

So he teamed up with some of the best engineers around the world, and after months of prototyping, programming, and trial and error, was born.

Three years later here we are… in honor of our Founder’s grandma, we’re about to launch our biggest holiday sales event ever!

We call it…

The Nano “Feast of Savings”!

And on sale today Monday, 23rd May 2022, is one of Nano’s most popular and affordable hearing aids ever…

The Nano CIC “Completely In Canal” Recharge Hearing Aid!

What makes it special is the size of the hearing aid itself. It’s so small, it fits comfortably inside the ear canal.

No one can see it. It’s totally discreet.

No one will ever know it’s there, except you of course.

Plus, the CIC hearing aids are RECHARGEABLE. Your hearing aids are eco-friendly and you’ll save HUNDREDS of dollars a year on batteries.

And TODAY, you can get a pair of Nano CIC “Completely In Canal” Hearing Aids for…

85% OFF! TODAY ONLY Monday, 23rd May 2022

So go ahead, and reserve your CIC “Completely In Canal” Hearing Aids NOW while you can. If you are seeing this page, your hearing aids are ready to ship to your door in less than 7 days…

Maybe the best part about the CIC “Completely In Canal” Hearing Aids is THE SOUND.

You’re going to experience crystal clear sound.

Plus you get:

  • 45-Day Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping in 7 Days
  • Easy Payment Plans Available
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

  • Super affordability (85% OFF!)
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • No One will Know You’re Wearing Them

So HAPPY HOLIDAYS and we’ll see you soon!

Good Hearing and Good Health,

Nano Hearing Aids

P.S. Please understand. There’s no doubt this holiday season, we will sell out.

The only question is will you be quick enough to snap up these hearing aids at 85% OFF?

We encourage you to hurry.

As most people know, supply chain problems are keeping products like hearing aids in short supply. Not only that, but it’s driving the prices up.

So lock in your savings now while you can.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Monday, 23rd May 2022

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