A Complete Review of the Widex Hearing Aid
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A Complete Review of the Widex Hearing Aid

Published On: May 22, 2019

A Complete Review of the Widex Hearing Aid

widex hearing aid

Did you know that hearing loss isn’t tied to genetics? After all, around 90 percent of deaf children in the United States have parents that can hear.

There are a lot of reasons why people lose hearing, but adults around the 20-69 years are at most risk.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, there are things you need to consider when buying hearing aids. Are you thinking about purchasing a Widex hearing aid? If so, read on to discover a complete review of the Widex hearing aid.

Widex Beyond 440 Fusion 2 Hearing Aid

This hearing aid has a bigger wireless receiver-in-canal device. It also has a push button as well as a telecoil that runs on the battery size 312. The Fusion 2 can have four different types of receiver that it fits no matter how severe the hearing loss is.

Main Features

The Beyond hearing aid line is Widex’s flagship. It comes with the latest features that help make hearing much easier. You can ask your healthcare professional if these features work for you.

1. Sound Processing

The Beyond 440 has the newest U-platform chip that uses 15 channels to process sounds. Of all the best hearing aid brands, Widex’s top products have this number of channels. What sets it apart is the fact that it uses the Sound Class Technology.

This feature enables the device to know the kind of environment you’re in. It has nine pre-programmed sound environments. After its assessment, it adjusts the sound and maximizes the clarity of speech and sounds.

Some of the higher frequency sounds can get difficult to hear for some people. With this, the 440 has a High-Frequency Boost feature as well as the most channel range. This helps amplify high-frequency sounds as soon as the feature becomes operational.

These aren’t available to the lower Widex models since it’s one of the latest features released by Widex. What this means is that buying it will allow you to hear more when it’s applicable.

2. InterEar (IE) Technology

IE has instant wireless information exchange, allowing both hearing aids to function as a single system. That makes this device function as a true hearing aid pair. It allows perfect timing when reducing noise or compressing it.

It also synchronizes its directionality settings. This enhances its effectiveness while giving a more natural experience. The natural sound differences make it easier for you to become spatially aware of the sound.

The IE technology helps adjust the volume between the pair in a simultaneous manner. It even sounds an alarm when you lose the wireless connection between them. This feature is the Partner Monitor.

3. Sound Class Technology and Phone+

As said before, the Sound Class Technology detects and adapts to the pre-programmed sound environments. It helps to check and focus on the most dominant signal of speech within it. It’s complemented by the Phone + feature as a stand-alone app for your phone.

When your phone is close to your hearing aids, the Phone+ app streams the signals to both hearing aids. It helps you have better hearing while getting the maximum clarity possible.

4. Wind Noise Attenuation

The company claims that this new feature makes the hearing aid have the best wind noise reduction feature. They don’t make light of their claims since they deliver on their promises. With this, the Beyond 440 has more wind noise attenuation compared to other hearing aid brands in the market.

This technology ignores where the wind comes from, even in front. What you need to remember is that it’s an exclusive feature to the Beyond 440 models.

5. Background Noise Management

More than 5 percent of the entire world’s population suffers from hearing disability. Unfortunately, there is more than one type of hearing deficiency. Not all hearing aids cater to the different needs of each type, let alone deliver proper noise reduction.

While most manufacturers have great noise reduction features, Widex takes it one step further. Their new feature focuses on reducing the low-level background noise that you might find aggravating.

The company gives a lot of importance on soft noises from speech. Their philosophy is that understanding the soft speech sounds improves comprehension. But there are sounds out there that you don’t need to hear, like refrigerator noises.

6. Wider Dynamic Hearing Range

The Beyond product line has this feature to allow you to hear more than ever before. Most hearing aids will take sounds ranging from soft to loud. They then compress them into your remaining hearing capabilities.

This helps you get a boost on hearing a fuller range of sounds. Their main problem is that they tend to ignore the softest sounds. Also, this means that it has no good means of processing louder sounds.

The Widex Beyond hearing aid helps extend the range so that sounds up to 5dB can get processed. Normal hearing aids don’t pick up these sounds and thus ignore them. With this, you gain an edge and hear better even when things are quiet.

7. Tinnitus Management and Long Battery Life

Zen Tones is Widex’s proprietary feature. It helps a lot in decreasing tinnitus effects. If you’re suffering from this, you can use its non-repetitive but predictable sounds along with your counseling. It’s a great complement to relaxation techniques to find relief.

Compared to older models, the Beyond hearing aid has a 25 percent increase in terms of battery life. You can expect for it to have around 150 hours of battery life with a standard size 312 pack.

Get Your Widex Hearing Aid Today!

There are a lot of things you need to consider when buying a hearing aid. But with Widex, you have modern features that allow for direct connections and streaming with the use of certain Apple products.

At its current state, the Widex Beyond 440 has eight color options and four power levels. It’s a solid choice despite its high price. If you need a reliable means of hearing with clarity, the Widex hearing aid is the best.

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