A Complete Review of the Unitron Hearing Aid
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A Complete Review of the Unitron Hearing Aid

Published On: April 23, 2019
Last Updated On: April 23, 2019

A Complete Review of the Unitron Hearing Aid

unitron hearing aid

There are more Americans dealing with hearing impairment or hearing loss than one might expect. In fact, approximately 2% of people in the 45-54 age gap are dealing with hearing loss. That number increases to 9% among those 55 to 64 years old.

That rate continues to rise as a person’s age increases. That means that your chances of needing a hearing aid when you are over the age of 65 could be 50/50.

Start with this Unitron hearing aid review to take control of your hearing needs for now, or in the future.

What Makes Unitron Hearing Aid So Special?

The Unitron hearing aid is special because there is an answer for everybody of any age struggling with the challenge of hearing loss. Once someone stops hearing life at any level, their quality of life is impaired immediately.

The makers of the Unitron hearing aids understand this. They have intuitively developed a hearing aid product for any hearing loss need.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the hearing impairment needs of America, and hearing impairment is not exclusive to the over 65 crowd. An Archives of Internal Medicine review estimated that approximately 30 million Americans have hearing loss in both ears. 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss in one ear.

There are as many causes of hearing loss as there are kinds of hearing aids.

Hearing loss can occur at any age, with approximately 2 out of 3 children for every 1,000 American children suffering from some kind of hearing loss. Before you pick a hearing aid for your child, find out what you need to know about children’s hearing aids before you make that investment.

It can be caused by chronic ear infections or even tumors in the ear canal which are considered brain tumors.

The National Institute on Deaf estimates that half of Americans over 75 need a hearing aid.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is what makes the Unitron hearing aid so special. In this family of intuitive hearing aids, there is a Unitron hearing aid for everyone, and for every kind of hearing loss.

The Unitron Hearing Aid Family

The Unitron family of hearing aids consists of a variety of products and groups. There is a hearing aid for everyone. Find out everything you need to know about hearing aids for children if you are looking for someone in that age range.

Hearing aids are divided into a number of categories, depending on the hearing loss need. Unitron has developed products for every need.

Hearing aids can fall in the Behind the Ear category, also known as BTE. There is also a Receiver In Canal category for all hearing aids. This is also known as a RIC model.

In the BTE category, the hearing aid essentially wraps around the ear and is visible to the naked eye. In the RIC category, the hearing aid goes right in the ear.

The kind that you may need will vary on your individual hearing needs, and also what your aesthetic preferences are.

Unitron is considered one of the best hearing aid companies in the world because they also offer models above and beyond your standard hearing aid options.

Unitron hearing aid innovations arise from Waterloo, Canada, a town considered Canada’s “Silicon Valley.” Their technology is so superior that they won a Red Dot Design Award 2014, 2015, and 2016, and an Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award. They’ve also won a 2014 Product Design Award.

Unitron is a member of Sonova Holding, considered on the top 15 list of “major players in the medical device market.” Thus, considered one of the leading hearing aid companies in the world.

If you become a member of the Unitron hearing aid family, you become a member of one of the most innovative and award-winning hearing aid companies in the world. There is no hearing loss need that the Unitron technology hasn’t considered.

Discover Unitron True North

Canadians consider themselves to be a member of the “True North,” and this is perhaps where the Unitron North group came from. This is considered among the highest-level technology of Unitron hearing aids.

The Unitron North brand of hearing aids offers a range that can enable decibel input up to 119 decibels. Sound handling is clean, and there are five features of the North group that allow for superior sound.

Sounds are picked up without any distortion and North group aids will cancel out existing sounds. You hear what you want to hear, no matter where you are.

SoundNav is a feature of the North group for Unitron that is ideal for music-lovers or for those that are out of the house a lot. Sound Nav technology adjusts the sound in seven different environments.

The environments that North differentiates from are music, noise, quiet, and various types of conversations. These include with noise, in crowds, in small groups, and quiet conversations.

Unitron knows that conversation drives life and quality of life. They’ve found a way to seamlessly blend your hearing needs with their hearing aids, no matter where you go.

Other features of the North group include Sound Zone and Sound Conductor. This technology allows for amplification for those that need it with 360-degree surround sound.

Microphone technology called SpeechZone is a speech recognition feature of the Unitron hearing aids. This will automatically adjust speech sounds coming to you from any direction or any noisy scenario.

Music lovers can enjoy a My Music feature in the North family, much like Apple users can on their phone!

Speaking of phones, Unitron North offers a Binaural Phone technology which will allow you to activate wireless streaming of any sound that your phone sends your way, from calls to music to videos.

The Unitron Moxi Group

Another popular group for Unitron is the Moxi group. They certainly do not fail in innovation after receiving the Red Dot Design Prize three years in a row. All of the Moxi hearing aids are RIC and use a processing platform connected to wireless technologies that address a number of different hearing loss needs.

Some processing forms in the Moxi group are considered faster than the North family of Unitron aids. But the Moxi family all come with the SoundCore group of technology that includes SoundNav, SpeechPro, SoundConductor, and Spatial Awareness brand of Unitron technology.

Moxi hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries that can give listening for 24 hours after a single charge while you sleep. Their lithium-ion batteries are also clean and green and are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The Moxi family is small, considering they are RIC, with the Moxi Fit Now being considered the smallest RIC product on the market. It’s approximately the size of two blueberries.

Unitron Max for Max Hearing Loss

Unitron has a hearing aid for every level of hearing loss and believes that every level of hearing loss can hear life better with one of their products. For patients suffering a maximum amount of hearing loss, Unitron offers the Unitron Max line of products.

This is a super-powered hearing aid, using Unitron’s Super Power technology, even for many people that can’t hear every little sound. The Max is said to provide the best amplification out of the Unitron line and is able to do so without distorting the sound.

The Max family of Unitron products are BTE products, with mini-BTE choices available. It offers three advanced hearing loss levels of technology.

In each level, the user has access to data logging, MyMusic, a wind noise management feature, and an automatic adaptation manager that enables the product to adapt on its own in specific noise settings.

Unitron Thinks of Everything

There isn’t a hearing aid need that Unitron hasn’t thought of. In addition to its wealth of features, it offers additional technology such as Speech zone, the Pinna effect, and special sound conductors.

Speech zone is a feature in these hearing aids that allows for you to hear comfortably in social settings. This is above and beyond Unitron conversation technologies in the North brands.

With Speech zone, you can determine where speech is coming from and then intuitively put your attention in that direction. For those that will be in noisy environments frequently, Speech zone features are a quality of life enhancer.

The anatomy of the ear includes the Pinna, which is the outside of the ear and it helps in hearing function. Unitron hearing aids with the Pinna effect to combat the interference of BTE hearing aids that impeded natural hearing.

With the Pinna effect, Unitron helps you to recreate natural sounds that the natural shape of your ear is picking up.

The Sound conductor feature in Unitron hearing aids helps the user to clarify speech without compromising on specific sound qualities. You get to hear as naturally as possible.

Sound conductor works to make automatic adjustments when you need to understand speech in a noisy setting. Not only can you hear better, but you will be able to do so comfortably in a way that makes the hearing of sounds natural.

When you enter the world of the Unitron hearing aid family, you’ll be amazed at what you can hear now, that you couldn’t before.

Unitron Technology…Wait for It

It’s very easy to feel like you’ve lost control of a part of your life when you’ve lost some hearing. Unitron doesn’t want you to feel that way.

Unitron technology puts you in total control of your hearing, and your life. In addition to state of the art hearing aids, Unitron offers technology to go along with it.

If you just want to try the hearing aid, Unitron Flex technology gives you a trial version to try before you buy. You get all of the advantages of their technology before making this investment.

Unitron also offers Log It All and True Fit Software that will help you to take control of your hearing aid needs. Log It All is exactly what it sounds like, and keeps your hearing preferences and needs stored, as well as any adjustments that you make.

You can Log It All, and share it with your medical professional using TrueFit program that can help your doctors or professionals make the adjustments you need to customize your hearing aid needs.

Additionally, the Unitron group offers a U Control app which puts you in the driver’s seat of your hearing aid needs. Watch videos to learn more about your new device, control your programs, and even the volume on your hearing aid.

Some Unitron products also come with Remote Control or Smart Control that allows you to control your hearing aid device remotely. You could do this say, from the shower while you are getting ready for work or for your grandchild’s graduation.

With all of this technology, you can become a part of the Unitron family with hearing aid prices that start in the low $1,000 range to $4,000 depending on your needs and requirements. It’s an investment you will only make once.

Become a Part of the Unitron Family

Becoming a part of the Unitron hearing aid family means becoming a part of something that ensures you’ll never have to worry again about missing sounds like that of your college professor, your favorite rock band, or the sweet gurgle of your first grandchild.

The National Institute on Deafness says that almost 29 million Americans need hearing aids, and don’t have them.

But there are also issues like tinnitus that impact every age of Americans, and prolonged tinnitus could impair hearing permanently. This impacts 25 million Americans a year.

Imagine being a new father of a toddler and not being able to hear their cries for you because all you can hear is the ringing in your ears.

Unitron hearing aids solve hearing impairment quality of life issues. For everyone.

Research your complete guide to hearing aids, and become a part of the Unitron hearing aid family today.

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