A Complete Review of the Starkey Hearing Aid
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A Complete Review of the Starkey Hearing Aid

Published On: July 15, 2019

A Complete Review of the Starkey Hearing Aid

starkey hearing aid

There are many things to consider before buying hearing aids. One is which brand of hearing aid is right for you.

Starkey has been one of the leading providers of hearing aids for over 50 years and continues to explore new technological advances for hearing aids.

We created this complete review of their hearing aids to help you decide if a Starkey hearing aid is right for you. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this company and the hearing aids they make.


These are the most prominent features that Starkey hearing aids have. Keep in mind while reading these that not every style of hearing aid will have all of these features.

Built to Last

There’s no getting around how expensive hearing aids are. That’s why Starkey uses expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials to build their hearing aids. They want to ensure that you won’t need to replace your hearing aids every year.

Water Resistant

A huge part of what allows these hearing aids to outlast much of the competition is that they’re water resistant. Humidity from your body and the environment can wreak havoc on a hearing aid’s tiny parts which is why it’s so important to keep them dry.

With Starkey’s anti-moisture technology in place, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Although you still can’t go swimming with them, at least you don’t have to panic when you get caught in the rain.

Direct Audio Streaming

One of the hardest parts of having hearing aids is trying to hear people when talking on the phone.

The problem is that most hearing aids focus on sounds further away from your ear than a phone. That leads to poor sound quality and makes it impossible or frustrating to talk on the phone.

Starkey solved that problem by adding direct audio streaming technology to their devices. Now, you can connect your smartphone to your hearing aid and have the sound delivered right to your eardrum.

Wireless TV Streaming

Watching TV with hearing aids can cause a similar problem as talking on the phone, though this is caused by hearing aids being designed to hear human voices rather than recorded audio.

Fortunately, Starkey hearing aids also come with technology that allows you to get the sound from your television streamed right into your ears. This also helps you avoid accidentally turning the volume up too high when you have guests.

Tinnitus Management Technology

Around 50 million people suffer from tinnitus, and Starkey is working hard to help them reclaim their lives. If you’re one of these numerous people that have intermittent tinnitus, a hearing aid may be the answer.

Hearing aids can help solve the problem of tinnitus in a couple ways. First of all, hearing aids bring back the background noises that you may have been missing. Sometimes, this alone is enough to drown out the ringing.

The second way is through creating white noise. Starkey hearing aids offer a variety of sounds you can play in your hearing aid. These will then provide you with something obvious to listen to so you can forget about your tinnitus.

What’s nice about Starkey hearing aids is their ability to make changes to the tinnitus management settings. You can turn it up or down depending on your needs and experiment with different types of sounds.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you’re tired of buying and replacing batteries for your hearing aids, then why not get a pair that has rechargeable batteries? Instead of needing to constantly check the battery life, you can simply charge them every night.

CROS and BiCROS Options

When you have complete hearing loss in one ear, it can be difficult to find hearing aids that will work for you. That’s where CROS and BiCROS options come in.

This technology includes a receiving device for your completely impaired ear, then sends it to your good ear. CROS is used for people that have normal hearing in one ear, and BiCROS is used when you have moderate to severe hearing loss in your “good” ear.

The benefit to using this technology is that you’re able to pick up sounds from your right and left sides. The biggest downside is that you’ll only hear them in one ear.

Hearing Aid Styles

Let’s take a look at some of the hearing aid styles that Starkey has to offer. Your audiologist will recommend certain styles based on your degree of hearing loss, then you can choose your favorite from those.


The smallest of the Starkey family, the completely-in-canal hearing aids nestle around the bend in the ear canal. This makes them completely invisible from the outside.


Next up are the in-the-canal hearing aids. These fit nicely in the ear canal and only protrude slightly from the ear, making them discreet and comfortable.


For moderate hearing loss, an in-the-ear hearing aid may be the answer. This device fills the outer ear. Because you can get it in a matching skin tone color, these can be a subtle option for a hearing aid.


When a single-piece device just doesn’t offer enough power, you’ll need to step up to the receiver-in-canal hearing aids. These have a small piece that sits behind the ear and another small piece that tucks into the ear.


These are what most people think about when they picture hearing aids. They’re tucked behind the ear and at least partly fill the ear canal. These are the only option for those with severe hearing.

Hearing Amplifiers

If you’re not yet ready for hearing aids, hearing amplifiers work like reading glasses by slightly amplifying all sounds for you. Most of these are the size of in-the-canal hearing aids and can be worn as such.

Want More Starkey Hearing Aid Reviews?

In this Starkey hearing aid review, we focused on the company and the technology they provide. However, they have a whole line of hearing aids to choose from so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

If you want more hearing aid reviews to help you find a hearing aid, check out our blog. There, you’ll find posts packed with information on the numerous options you have available to you.

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