A Complete Review of the Phonak Hearing Aid
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A Complete Review of the Phonak Hearing Aid

Published On: May 22, 2019

A Complete Review of the Phonak Hearing Aid

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Did you know that a lot of American adults report they suffer from hearing loss? In factl, an approximate 15% of people aged 18 and above have this trouble. That’s equivalent to 37.5 million people!

Out of these, men are more prone to hearing loss compared to women. If you’re having trouble understanding what people say, you need hearing aids. Otherwise, do your best to take care of your ear health to maintain it.

One of the best hearing aids around is the Phonak hearing aid. It has a lot of advanced technology that helps improve your quality of life. Read on if you want to take advantage of what this hearing aid has to offer.

Key Features

The Phonak, specifically the Bolero B, has some perks that make it stand out. It has the Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing device that has noise reduction. BTE devices are the most popular hearing aid devices, with a global market share of $499 billion dollars.

It also has the capabilities of focusing on one person when they talk. You can do this even when you’re in a noisy, turbulent environment. It also helps optimize the ratio between the Signal and Noise to focus on the person you’re conversing with.

Its other features allow you to understand words no matter how windy it is. Depending on your environment, you can program and save it to adapt as needed. You also get relief from tinnitus with its Tinnitus Balance noise generators.

The Phonak Bolero B doesn’t use standard batteries–you can charge it wirelessly using its lithium-ion battery. One charge is enough to last within 24 hours. It’s an oddity considering the fact that other Bolero devices use zinc 312 or 13 batteries.

The Benefits of the Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak hearing aids can become less sophisticated. Some of the Bolero devices won’t have wireless charging or AutoSense. It might not have the latest binaural streaming system, but it can get cheaper compared to most brands with the same features.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Bolero hearing aid:

1. It’s Robust and Ready for Any Situation

The hearing aid’s housing encases the Phonak Bolero’s speaker inside it. It uses this setup instead of getting placed inside your ear canal. This gives the hearing aid a lot of advantages and some possible disadvantages.

The biggest draw of this setup is the fact that the Phonak device lasts for long periods of time. The reason behind it is due to its lack of exposure from your ear substances. The sound gets passed using a tube entering your ear.

The speaker has a lot of protective casing, extending the lifetime of this hearing aid even more. It’s the kind of hearing aid you want if you’re in a competitive work environment. It’s also best used in hot, humid environments where your sweat becomes a problem for most devices.

2. It has Improvements in Sound Quality

The Phonak Bolero has a more restricted range of frequency compared to some other devices made by the same company. For example, the Phonak Audeo doesn’t suffer from sound quality issues.

What this means is that you won’t hear higher or lower-frequency sounds that well. This can become a minor inconvenience since music becomes less enjoyable. This minor drawback isn’t often an issue for most people who use it to function in a workplace.

The hearing aid’s excellent speech handling functionalities more than compensate for this problem. This allows you to hear with more precision even when you’re stuck in a busy work environment. It gives you a sense of normalcy that helps you become more effective and productive.

3. It Benefits from Other Phonak Products

The great thing about the Phonak Bolero is that you can use it alongside other products. You can cover its shortcomings with the use of other Phonak devices. For example, you can use the TVLink II when you’re watching movies.

The Phonak Bolero and the TVLink II can work together to enhance your watching experience. After all, the TV sounds get sent straight to your hearing aids with the latter. There are other Phonak products that you can use like the RemoteControl App or the ComPilots.

You can research these complementary products and improve your hearing even more.

4. It’s Adaptable and has Advanced Features

Flexibility is one of the greatest strengths of the Phonak Bolero. The device’s engineering makes it adjust in a seamless manner no matter what kind of environment you’re in. This means that you won’t need to switch between hearing settings whenever you move to different places.

Its AutoSense feature helps by analyzing the environment you’re in. It works out where the different noises come from and adapt the hearing aid settings from there. It tailors its capabilities to suit your needs.

With the durability it possesses, your device becomes dependable. It becomes versatile for both work and leisure. It gives you the normalcy you deserve.

The Drawback

While it boasts these advantages, this Phonak device isn’t perfect. It has some issues that hold back this otherwise wonderful device. This is what you need to look out for:

1. It’s Hard to Repair Fast

If something goes wrong with your device, it becomes quite difficult to fix. In usual situations, technicians can remove and replace dysfunctional receivers since it’s placed directly inside your ear. It doesn’t need a long wait and you can get it within an hour or so.

However, this Phonak device needs dismantling due to the hard, protective casing it has. It’s not much of a worry for a long period of time since the Bolero’s reliability is great. But keep it in mind that it isn’t infallible.

Get the Phonak Hearing Aid Today!

Phonak is a hearing aid brand that gives you a lot of options. It allows you to choose the colors, styles, and designs to personalize your device.

But don’t stop here. Learning more about the Phonak hearing aid is only the beginning. Visit us today and discover more, like this post detailing the signs of early childhood hearing loss.

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